Monday, October 31, 2016

Great Pumpkin Carving Party


My younger daughter hosted her annual Pumpkin Carving party
 last night and I thought I'd pop in a share it before it gets too late!

It was such fun!

 My daughter has always loved Halloween best,
 and decorated every square inch of their festive home!

 It was dark and busy and crowded and fun and soooo cute!

Happily for me I was holding my grand daughter most of the time
so it's a miracle I snapped pics at ALL!

Here are all of our awesome Jack O'Lanterns!

(The one with writing says Go Celts -
it's difficult to tell because it is behind a tall stem.

My niece is a high school varsity cheerleader
 for a team called Celtics. That family has great team spirit!

In case you are wondering, mine is the lower right one.
I nearly always do happy sweet ones.

The one next to mine is difficult to tell-
but it is a Marvel Comic character called Two Face
so it has two faces.

I think my favorite is my daughter's mother-in-law's:

She painted it black and it's face is all BATS!

That one is 2nd from right, second row from top.

Another really awesome one is my eldest daughter
(private art college degree paid off) who carved the
cat on upper left. 

We thought it was neat we ended up with two cat ones this year!

Here's my festive goofy little sister being all witchy and scary -
 she's a beautiful platinum blonde normally. : -)

She's not evil - she's prolly just saying 

OK, my pics of the party just don't do it justice -
everything looked so neat in candlelight...
but makes for poor picture quality. Sorry.

This is a pic of the table early before all the food was out-
I knew if I didn't snap a pic right then 
I'd probably not get one of the table at all.

My youngest daughter collects Dia de Muertos sugar scull art-
so when I find fun things like this little pail I have to buy for her.

Read a little about the history of this ancient celebration here.

Sugar scull art is usually quite ornate and colorful.

Sometimes just in black and white it looks cool too.

This table held just a few yummy snacks and was cute!

The Oreo surprise bottom cupcakes with oreo buttercreme frosting.

But BY FAR the cutest thing last night was our wee pumpkin!
Here's our Baby Bug grand-daughter all dressed up for the occassion. 

Her cute pumpkin hat was knitted by a friend of her moomy's.

So, already tomorrow is November 1st!

Where has this year gone!?

As always, thank you for your visit!

You are all such ghoul friends, oops, I mean GOOD,
 yes that is you are all such GOOD FRIENDS!

Hope you had a hauntingly good Halloween.

See you soon. Big hugs! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


With gift-giving season right around the corner
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Thank you for indulging me 
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As always, thank you for your visit!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Bits of Happiness and Family

My sweet granddaughter Vivian visited her
 with her Momma, Daddy, Aunt Eve (pronounced Evie) and Uncle Dan. 

It was a beautiful day and they had lots of fun.

This is a bit of an action shot (above)
 but I wanted to show everyone the way she holds her thumbs
 - she always does this - 
her wee thumbs are almost always tucked inside her fingers.

 We think it is way cute.

(Also the baby sticks her tongue out a LOT.
 It is her way of saying she's hungry.)

And she is ALWAYS hungry, haha!


Here is the cute and fun outdoor-sy family.

(They could so easily live on a farm.)

Here are my three awesome & wonderful girls!

I just adore this pic of them together!

Today is Katie's birthday - she's the momma of wee Vivian.


Today is also Baby Bug's 3 month birthday, too!

This was taken last Wednesday
but today she is 3 months exactly.

There's that little tongue sticking out, kinda.

Happy Grandpa Mike in a very rare smiling pic:

As always, thank you for your visit!

Have a wonderful and blessed week -
our weather is just so perfect
 that I am out in it as much as possible!

I am so sorry that I have been MIA lately!

I haven't forgotten you, I promise!