Friday, December 22, 2023

Christmas Tea and Cookies




I recently invited an elderly friend over for tea and knew

 I'd get busy and forget to take pictures! 

So I set up a tea for one after she left so I could share.

This is the third wee tea and cookies I hosted this month.

It is easy and intimate and quite pleasant

 to have one-on-one times with old friends.

I made peanut butter fudge and raspberry brownie bites 

and bought iced sugar cookies because I didn't bake mine

until today....and I made Santa's Favorite Cookies!

You see, I was a very lucky winner of a giveaway

from Mary - with her awesome blog Home Is Where The Boat Is.

(Click on her blog name to get her cookie recipe!!)

There are some really surprising ingredients. :-)

If you've never been to her blog you really need to asap!

I know I am late is sharing this so close to Christmas

but in case you want to make them anytime, do. YUM!

I won that amazing shallow cookie tray and cooling rack.

I also won those two nifty heavy-duty Christmas rubber spatulas

and those fancy cookie sprinkles!

I was beyond delighted!

(Thank you, Mary!!!)

I still adore my Christmas cozy I bought from 

my old blogger friend from her Etsy shop

Bernideen's Tea Time

Music and bird theme. Sigh.

I always get compliments about it.

I hope to post my home tour this Christmas.
 I have had such good intentions.

So if I am able, I will try to do so.
But I am soooo running out of time.
If I do it, it may be late. Ugh. 

I have had some tough health issues that's kept me from blogging. 
I have surgery scheduled in January.
 I hope and pray that it remedies the situation.

But I have NEVER stopped thinking about you all!
I haven't stopped wanting to blog post!
 I have so much to share, but so little energy to do so.

So I am sure hoping for better in 2024!!

In the meantime heat up your kettle,
 make yourself a nice hot cuppa,
and try to enjoy the peace and joy celebrating
 The Reason for the Season!


Hugs, prayers and smiles to my very precious readers.
Thanks for not giving up on me!