Saturday, July 6, 2019

Red, White, Blue....and PINK!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Hope your entire week has been great!

Yes, she is wearing a pink shirt....
even on a red, white and blue holiday!
 Just in case you missed my last post
 about her obsession with pink
you may find it here.

And yes, that is a Jessie doll from Toy Story in the background.

Jessie is her favorite toy - even Elsa and Hello Kitty
 have taken a back seat to Jessie.

Oh my, how she loves her Jessie!!!

468x768 Check Out Clip Art

The other day she was visiting just before Toy Story 4 came out
and my hubs asked her if she was excited to be seeing it...
she looked at him excitedly and then lost her little mind! 
She ran around the house smiling and screaming
JESSSSSIIIIIEEEEEE at the top of her little lungs.

She is a quiet child. This was unusual behavior.

She really DID lose her mind when he asked her about it.

And she ran so fast around the house she had forgotten
 the lip transition  where hardwood meets kitchen tile

Now, she isn't a crier and she's really pretty tough - she looked up
 at her grandpa (she's not even three folks)  and said:

"Well, maybe freaking out about Jessie wasn't such a good idea."

We still aren't over laughing about her saying that.
She is so hilarious and so precocious!
Glad she wasn't truly hurt!

825x729 Toy Story Clip Art

So - opening night of Toy Story 4 two weeks ago
 momma, daddy and toddler went to see it together as a family.

On the way there V was happily showing off her new
 "Tiny Baby Jessie" toy from her happy meal treat.

She outgrew her boots, so it was hot pink Wellies to the rescue!
(A cowgirl's gotta wear her boots!)

She dressed up in her rootin' tootin' cowgirl outfit for the premier.

(She won the hearts of the entire theater I am told.)

She didn't take her eyes off the screen the entire time!

So if you haven't seen Toy Story 4 yet be sure to go see it soon -
but ONLY if you've seen the other three first!

It's not our very favorite - as my grand says:
 "There just wasn't enough Jessie in it."

300x300 Toy Story Clipart Pixar

[Clip art sources]

But it is like visiting old friends - 
Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep - the whole gang was there!

We just loved it.
But no one loves Toy Story more than our grand.

I also loved the new movie "Yesterday" that's out!
Best movie I have seen in a long long time 

As always, thanks for visiting!

Hugs and smiles!