Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beautiful Early Spring Blooms

Oh, isn't it wonderful to have spring "sprung" at long last!

We've had a nice weather combination recently that has given us
 sunny warmer days followed by rain -
the perfect combination
 to bring life back to our once sleeping earth!

The below photo isn't color enhanced whatsoever -
everything is that intense!

Our grass is so lush and green that
 it's had to be mowed three times already! 

You will note that I didn't say I mowed it, though, right?
Heh. I'm dependable like that.

My hubs surprised me on Easter
 with these amazingly colorful healthy pansies!

It's such a blessing to see the world come alive again.

Everything smells so fresh and fragrant......

And to find little garden statuary regaling us once again............

I wish the blooms could stay just a little bit  longer, but they never do.

Some are already waning and others are just getting ready to open.

And the garden stores are chock full of vibrant color -
 what an absolute delight to one's senses!

(I am so so glad I don't suffer from allergies!)

I always feel so close to God when I take special notice of all his gifts.

Beautiful flowers are certainly that!

I especially give thanks to mericiful Him
 for the miracle of our kitty's recovery.

Seriously, we had fairly much said goodbye to our furry friend
only just a few days ago.

And now - after so many prayers
 from so many caring friends and family- he is OK!

He is going to be fine! 
At least for now, and joy to my heart!

Praise be to God in the Highest, indeed!

So I am so sorry I've been missing in action. 
Had a very sick kitty who had my attentions!

I have missed you and have SO much to share soon!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Beautiful Confirmation Day

Please allow me to share our beautiful niece
 (and also my God daughter)
on her very special Confirmation Day.

She asked me to be her sponsor. 
Of course I was touched and honored to accept!

This is beautiful Delaney on her special day.

Her Confirmation name is Cecelia.

Here is our red-head getting ready to go up to the altar
 for her turn to be Confirmed.

I hope this is a reflective Delaney and not a bored one, lol.

There were 187 candidates in this class!
We couldn't even fit them all in the pic!

This is about as happy as I can be- 
I love our faith and our oneness together.

Here's my dear sister and her beautiful family.
You can see such a strong family resemblance.

Tony on the left goes to college in August!

This is our sweet cheerleader - both in school
for football, and in competitive cheer.

I shared some of her cheer action shots here.
They're older pics - now she is travelling all over the country 
to competitions but I haven't been going.

Here is a recent INCREDIBLE solo stunt mini vid
showing her flying through the air as though it is easy!
(You won't be disappointed if you see it, I promise!)

We're proud of her on so many levels.

In the past couple weeks in our family we've had several birthdays,
an emergency birth, an out-of-town baby shower, a sad miscarriage, two Confirmations,
even double stress leg fractures, 
and of course wedding shower planning....


Delaney's sister Darien with double stress fractures
plays Varisty Lacross as a freshman-
or I should say DID before this happened.

I apologize for not being around much lately.

I REALLY want to be - and hopefully things will be settling down 
again very soon, as I love and miss Blogland!

I ask that you keep our family in your prayers.
We need them right now, and we believe in the 

As always, thank you for your visit.

God's Light shine upon each of you today and always.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easy Easter Dining Tablescape/s

I know so many of you are busy as bees
 preparing for your joyful Easter feasts!

I am among you who is fervently working her To Do list!

I didn't want this pretty holiday to pass by
 without sharing my dining room
and kitchen tablescapes with you, however!

This is the main dining room for 8.
it can hold 10 in a pinch but is crowded.

I love my new metal zinc cake plate from Decor Steals-
it is holding up an egg wreath with a nest inside a rusty
crown to display it nicely as a simple centerpiece.

It's fun to mix things up occasionally.

You will find bits of Easter-themed decor
 on our painted buffet table.

Ceramic. Paper. Metal. Twine.

These cuties are tucked up high on a stone shelf
 in the foyer area to welcome our guests.

Paper mache. Willow. Stone. Silk.

Here is the kitchen tablescape this year.

Two sets of parents to sit with their two little toddlers -
with room on both ends of the table for the high chairs!

(And tile floor for the inevitable mess, right?)  : - )

I ended up changing things a bit on this table and
moved the centerpiece into the dining room.

It kinda overwhelmed this smaller table.

It was raining when I took this shot so it is very dark.

I have a large white ironstone pitcher with cut yellow daffodils
on it now but no pics and no time to add it now. Sorry.

I wanted everything casual versus formal this year - 
it's been such a busy and a long week!
I wanted to only use things that can easily 
go into a dishwasher this time:

No silverplate, no china, no crystal.

Simple. Easy. Done.

By doing so it has given me more time
 for prayer and reflection.

 It's made a very big difference to me.

And then, inevitably, for my family in the long run.

Have a blessed and joyful Easter, everyone!