Monday, September 30, 2013

New Autumn Finds at the Emporium!

It's that time again to share some new items at the Emporium!

Last week I shared wonderful Autumn/Fall items
 that are for sale here.

This week I have added even more great finds!
 Stop by the store and see for yourself!

 Embroidered set of 4 gorgeous autumn leaves napkins

Can you even believe we're pretty much at October already?

Metallic painted mini pumpkin figurines

We'll all be setting our Thanksgiving table in no time!

Set of 4 harvest gold beaded napkin rings

It's fun to get festive with a few new items
to welcome a new change of season!

Whimsical extra-large woven lined basket - perfect for Halloween candy!

The Emporium is a great place to find nice items
 at affordable prices 
to freshen up your home in style!

                                                 Darling pumpkins lidded sugar and creamer

As always, thank you for your visit!


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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Blessings

Thinking of you all and wishing you a truly blessed day-
filled with love and laughter and peace and beauty
and all good things that bring you joy.

Autumn's Descent

In dusty blues and rustic hues
Her steps at first descend
Then her hand sweeps all the land
As glorious colors blend
And, as we gaze at autumn's blaze
Which sets the world a-fire
It's like a breath of Heaven on earth
To calm us and inspire

The red and gold that we behold
O'er-takes the green and brown
And each hillside so far and wide
Is decked in autumn's gown
The geese that fly across the sky
In spite of autumn's smile
Have felt the call of chilling fall
Within each lofty mile

Man can't use or ever choose
This perfect artistry
Although they've have tried with skillful pride
To paint her pure beauty
For up above a God of love
Is in perfect control
His touch will crown this glorious gown
Which claims all nature's soul

                                                   ~ J. Martin

As always, thank you for your visit!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Kitchen Tea Vignettes

I've finally warmed things up a bit
in our kitchen
with the luscious colours of autumn.

I am so excited to share these
 seasonal changes
 with all of you today!

To me autumn harvest season 
is best when its bounty
 fills up an old wicker basket.

Of course you will find tea things
around here "flavored"
 with the rich colours of fall!

Like many of you I keep moving and tweaking
till things "feel" as they are in the right spot.

This is how it looked (below pic) first thing this morning- 
See? Change, change, changing all the time.

I moved the runner already since this post
and am now using it on the dining room table.

I have issues, I realize.

"Hello. My name is Michele
 and I am a over-tweaking decor enthusiast."

Ah, I see many of your familiar faces at the OTDE meetings.

My husband will probably say that if I don't move things
 at least 10 times till it looks just right 
 that I am not being myself.

To love me is to know me-
To know me is to tolerate love me.
(Who am I kidding? To really know me is to run in a blind panic the opposite way. )

The little beige pumpkin and gourd with leaf 
on bottom rack are salt and pepper shakers.

I don't think I've ever seen a set
 that was different shapes like that.


The below pic is a simple burlap strips pumpkin
sitting on the very top of my kitchen hutch. 

I sorta "blind photographed" it - 
too scared lazy disinterested to climb up
 on a dining chair to get a  better view.

 Glad it was at least in focus.

Well, that's about it for now:
 the autumn kitchen as it stands today.

I will share the living room soon.


There's still  time for my humble

little autumn giveaway:

Click on pic 

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fare Thee Well, Ruby Pear Tea House!

Last week I shared my trip to Indy
 to visit some of my very favorite friends
and long-time Tea Society sisters.

 You can find the post of our wonderful
luncheon hosted by Dawn here if you missed it.

After that awesome experience, and after
 spending the night with Marina,
 the very next morning I was treated
 to the most amazing breakfast by she!

Sure wish we hadn't stayed up till 2 am
 the night before visiting that I 
completely forgot to snap pics in my sleepy daze!

Her breakfast was truly blog worthy.

 (Sorry about that, Marina!)

Time to leave for our lovely Afternoon Tea outing!

Isn't Marina's antique family heirloom dresser with marble in her foyer gorgeous?

We all met at The Ruby Pear -
 a beautiful old "Painted Lady" Victorian home
 and long-time tea house.

After many wonderful years of being the greatest tea house
it is closing its doors for business this Saturday.

I should also share that it is NOT due to the economy or poor business
why they are closing-
it is due to some serious health concerns with the Proprietors.

Oh,  dear sweet Ruby Pear, you shall be missed by many!

(I daresay Dawn and Marina most acutely shall be hurting!)

They serve & sell all our favorite Harney & Sons teas there. 

One never knows what pretty china one will get
 at a visit to The Ruby Pear!

But one knows that every single bite/sip/nibble
 will always be REALLY TASTY!

Sorry all my pics are so grainy; low lighting, back lit 
and trying to enjoy a tea
plus my settings got messed up earlier and I hadn't taken the time to notice to fix
all added to not--close-to-stellar pics.  At least the day was documented to share, though!

Indy Chapter of STS Tea Society (not red hat ladies)
 from L to R top to bottom:

Pam, Mary D, Marina
Karen, me (Ohio chapter), Dawn

(I will share favors from that day at a later date.)


For more info on The Ruby Pear go here.

As always, thank you for your visit!



Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn at Finch Rest Emporium!

Oh how I adore autumn!

It's my absolute favorite season!

To celebrate the beginning of this new season
 I am featuring some wonderful seasonal items
 available in my ebay shop!

I have quite a bit more seasonal I shall be adding,
this is showing just a taste of what's available!

Personal sized mini teapot - great misc decor item!

 Gorgeous hand wheel-thrown stoneware speckled bowl

 Set of 4 harvest fruit salad plates

Hand painted/glazed extra large apple figurine

Hand sponge-painted leaves ceramic taper candlesticks -set of 2

Set of 2 vintage metal serve-n-store bowls with harvest veggies

Extra tall cat figurine autumn rose chintz print

For my blog readers
 please take a 10% purchase price discount
 on any of the items shown in this post.

Use discount code: AUTM104 when referencing pls.

Please write me via shop and let me know you are a reader
and WAIT TO PAY first so I can invoice you with the discount.

Offer expires Oct. 4th, 2013 - first come, first served.


(Click on pic below)




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Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Autumn- GIVEAWAY!

Happy first day of Autumn!

We are currently having the most perfect weather!

 (And we nearly never have perfect weather here!)

In honor of this awesome day
( and to celebrate the first day of fall)

 I am hosting another


I have this sweet little vintage
 hand painted, artist-signed chippy & shabby
 metal basket of harvest fruit wall hook*
 to give away to one of my readers!

Important info on giveaway:

To qualify, please leave a comment below 
stating your interest in winning.....but

Naturally ALL comments are joyfully appreciated
regardless of interest in entering giveaway.
OK, it's true:  I kinda live for your comments! 

Please do not have won anything
 from any other blogger within the last 30 days.

Please be a follower of Finch Rest.

Not restricted to US only.

As usual, random  generator will pick the number 
on my birthday, Oct. 4th.


I started a tiny bit of autumn decorating this weekend,
 teased you on a few things on my last post in case you missed it!

As always, thank you for your visit!


* The wall hook is propped up on a stand for easier viewing, but it just is wall art with a simple little hook on the bottom - can you see it? It measures approx 9 x 6.5 inches total. The flat painted part measures approx.
6.5 x 7 inches, hook is 2 inches. Hook is metal with green patina from age.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Hints of Autumn Decor and Full Moon

It was teasingly and wonderfully cooler here for a week,
 but now it is back to being very hot and humid again -
 and tonight it started raining, too!

Had a REALLY super busy week but did manage
 to start going through our 4 huge storage bins
 of Autumn decor - some I am keeping
 and some I am giving away.....

Each month I am trying to pear down just a little bit more. 

I put this rooster vignette together to inspire me.

 (I promise to share more soon!)

Opening up my seasonal bins always feels like Christmas gift opening.

I always forget what I have and am always so happily surprised -

Such as finding our fall Tuscan harvest place mats...  

And sweet handmade paper flowers my daughter made me.

Or the first of many pumpkin shapes to come...

A nice sunflower pitcher vase....

And it is always so cheering to bring some colour
 back into a fading garden.....

BTW did anyone catch that amazing full moon the other night?

We had crystal clear skies and that moon was so bright!

Hubs took another award-winning pic of it!

Just look at this amazing moon!

My husband really can take amazing shots.
 He truly has the skill and patience.
This moon shot looks absolutely unreal. 

He was really playing with the camera settings and he nailed this one perfectly!

Random post today, just wanted you all
 to know I was thinking about you!

I am so happy I am working on
 seasonal changes here
 and can't wait to show you.