Saturday, July 6, 2019

Red, White, Blue....and PINK!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Hope your entire week has been great!

Yes, she is wearing a pink shirt....
even on a red, white and blue holiday!
 Just in case you missed my last post
 about her obsession with pink
you may find it here.

And yes, that is a Jessie doll from Toy Story in the background.

Jessie is her favorite toy - even Elsa and Hello Kitty
 have taken a back seat to Jessie.

Oh my, how she loves her Jessie!!!

468x768 Check Out Clip Art

The other day she was visiting just before Toy Story 4 came out
and my hubs asked her if she was excited to be seeing it...
she looked at him excitedly and then lost her little mind! 
She ran around the house smiling and screaming
JESSSSSIIIIIEEEEEE at the top of her little lungs.

She is a quiet child. This was unusual behavior.

She really DID lose her mind when he asked her about it.

And she ran so fast around the house she had forgotten
 the lip transition  where hardwood meets kitchen tile

Now, she isn't a crier and she's really pretty tough - she looked up
 at her grandpa (she's not even three folks)  and said:

"Well, maybe freaking out about Jessie wasn't such a good idea."

We still aren't over laughing about her saying that.
She is so hilarious and so precocious!
Glad she wasn't truly hurt!

825x729 Toy Story Clip Art

So - opening night of Toy Story 4 two weeks ago
 momma, daddy and toddler went to see it together as a family.

On the way there V was happily showing off her new
 "Tiny Baby Jessie" toy from her happy meal treat.

She outgrew her boots, so it was hot pink Wellies to the rescue!
(A cowgirl's gotta wear her boots!)

She dressed up in her rootin' tootin' cowgirl outfit for the premier.

(She won the hearts of the entire theater I am told.)

She didn't take her eyes off the screen the entire time!

So if you haven't seen Toy Story 4 yet be sure to go see it soon -
but ONLY if you've seen the other three first!

It's not our very favorite - as my grand says:
 "There just wasn't enough Jessie in it."

300x300 Toy Story Clipart Pixar

[Clip art sources]

But it is like visiting old friends - 
Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep - the whole gang was there!

We just loved it.
But no one loves Toy Story more than our grand.

I also loved the new movie "Yesterday" that's out!
Best movie I have seen in a long long time 

As always, thanks for visiting!

Hugs and smiles!



Sunday, May 26, 2019

Her Favorite Color is PINK!

Hi, friends! Remember me?

Well, I sure hope so 'cuz I certainly remember you!

In fact,  I think about my blog friends every single day.


I thought it was long overdue that I update you on some pics
 of my sweet grand girl in some of her special pink moments.

(I honestly don't think I have many pics of her NOT wearing pink.)

Let's just say this is a pink pic heavy post of catching up. : - )

Her bedroom is a pink explosion. 
Her shoes, coats, boots, jammies, tops, pants, headware -
all pink and pretty much the only color she ever wants to wear!!!! 

She's grown a bit since the last time you saw pics of her, hasn't she?

She wore pink at her very first movie theater experience:

And when she dresses up as a princess and attends the symphony:
(Yeeeees, she is wearing a tiara. She's a princess!)

When choosing a new suit with unicorns on it for a trip to Florida
she must pick pink, and bonus for pink with unicorns:
(and has matching flip flops shown later)

And it is imperative that she wear pink whenever riding a unicorn!

Or when simply being the happiest kid on the planet:

Oh, wow - actually wearing something non-pink!
(Oh, wait, no, there's that pink bow!!)

Ah, here are those matching unicorn flipflops!
(She absolutely loved that scooter seen parked in Fla.)
And yes, she is wearing shiny pink beads. Every day is a holiday.)

Another fav - her pink sloth jammies
(with her matching pals Pierre and Snowball!)
I guess sloths are a thing now. Who knew?

She wears pink when being a diva studying her pretty face 
whilst looking into a pink hand held magnifying mirror
 while wearing her very special Hello Kitty glasses.

I just realized those glasses are about the same size
as the ones I wore in the late 70s, haha.
Mine weren't quite as "fabulous," though!

This one is from way back in December -
 but gotta love she wanted to hug the soft pink blanket at the store:

And yes, she played in the snow with pink head-to-toe!

And wore pink when she went to see the Zoo lights:

When she woke up soooooo early in the morning at her house
 to learn there really IS a Santa;
and brought her pretty pink ballet tutus because she is a
 good little girl, and asked so nicely for one!

 And maybe Mom let the rules slide and let a little girl 
have chocolate from her stocking before breakfast
and then a little girl got that chocolate mostly all on her face and tutu
but it was Christmas and it just didn't even matter! 

She yes, she mostly wears pink when she's hanging upside.
And her face turns really bright pink when doing so too long!

There is almost always pink showing up at a tea party:

Or when eating the brightest pink ice cream in the world:
(I cannot believe my daughter allowed it, haha.)

Some of you may remember how much this grand daughter's momma hates the color pink, right?
My daughter prefers to wear moody earth tones - yet has finally realized she cannot win this pink war for now. V's favorite color will change soon enough to something not nearly as fun...sniff...

But I must share the funniest thing my grand daughter said recently:

I asked her what her favorite color was (cuz it is so fun to hear her shout a resounding "PINK!"
So then I asked her what her Momma's favorite color is and she shouted louder "NOT PINK!"

As always, thank you for your visit!

Hugs and prayers to each and every one of you!




Monday, April 1, 2019

Must See Series - you will thank me!

I couldn't sleep so I did the ebay/etsy/Pinterest/email thing.....and decided to listen to You Tube music albums while I tried to get sleepy.

I accidentally (call it a blessing) ran across the most amazing thing. At first I thought it was just another gross and shocking hoarder story..........but folks, trust me - this is a treasure and you are going to want to watch the entire series and then some! I know you will be happy you did. It is  absolutely amazing on so many levels. You're welcome.

BTW - treat it like a weekly series - and watch every once in a while - or do as I and marathon all of them. Yes, I did end up finally getting sleepy about when the sun came up, haha.

Also - the YouTube videos have a few commercials now and then, after a few seconds you can "skip" them - Alex can afford to upload the vids to share with us by accepting commercials on his vlog - but I know we all hate commercials.....

Love love love Curiosity, Incorporated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the play list:

Starts out as The Hoarder House and ends up The Potter's House!

Part one sets the scene - bear with this series, you will be so hooked - worth your time, don't give up on it! It's gross - just try to be patient - but my OCD cleaner in me had to walk away a few times and wash my hands
and just breathe in fresh air - so gross at first- but stay with the journey, this is such an amazing story!

I will say you could almost skip part one and just go to part 2 - this one is way slower, but the pace picks up faster in later episodes......

Part 2 gets more interesting and a better quality video.

After watching a few come back and watch this link below about the lady who had the house, and you will discover why it was such a hoarder's den. Try not to watch the link below until you are fully vested in the series or it won't mean 
as much to you as it will otherwise.

Interview with pottery artist, Mary Borgstrom: < click there 

As of April 9th there are 13 parts - should be a few more coming up, keep check back. Don't forget to "Like" thumbs up each one, and to subscribe so you can follow Alex's journey with this house.

Sorry no pics on this post- but I had to share this with my readers in case
you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Alex. You will totally fall in love with this wonderful man, his awesome family and friends. ♥

Hugs and love,