Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Lovely Valentine Roses

I know St. Valentine's Day is over
 and I hope you will indulge me just one more time.

There are a few things I didn't share
 and it's just too pretty to put away without
first showing you!

Here are my long stemmed dozen red roses my dearest
gave to me for St. Valentine's Day!

And three cards my sweet tea society sisters sent me:
Dawn, Marina - and a lovely hand-made one from Pat B.!

Can you see it in the middle?
 It's a denim "jeans" pocket full of hearts.


And I absolutely had to bring out
 some lovely red and pink vintage rose tea ware!

So even though I am super late in getting this post done,
I hope you know my ♥ is in the right place.

And thinking of you!

Hope you all really had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day!


PS: If you haven't seen my younger daughter's
brand new engagement ring be sure to visit
my last post. : - )


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Special Day With Katie

Today it was bright and sunny and just plain

My younger daughter had a day off and so we spent it together.

The entire day.

We went to a favorite seafood restaurant and had lobster
and crab....mimosas...giggles and laughs and such FUN!

Then afterwards we went for her first time trying on 

Oh, this is going to be such fun!!!!!

And she is going to be such a beautiful bride. 

As always, thank you for your visit!



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

It was an important icon during WW2 in England,
 and it remains as iconic today.

It helped keep a hungry, frightened and tired nation's eyes focused;

reminding them they were defending freedom.

Oh, but what fun we're having with it now!

I decided to put together a bunch of the alternative
 "Keep Calms" for our amusement.

There's two that are just perfect for me:

(Keep Calm, stand on one leg and carry on
listening to Jethro Tull - Ian Andersen, the flutist for the rock band
stood on one leg often whilst playing his flute.)

Here's two for my tea society sisters & fellow bloggers:

Here's the perfect one for my MIL:

There's the perfect one for my husband:

And one for my brother-in-law Pat:

And one for my older sister :

Here's the perfect one for my niece Delaney:

Here is one (at this crazy busy time of her life) for my little sis:

And what she should wear
 when doing what REALLY makes her keep calm:

There's one for my sister-in-law Jenn:

And two perfect ones for my niece Darien:

Here's an awesome one for all my teaching friends, such as  Dina:

And a good one for my nephew Tony:

Here's a good one for my niece Reagan:

For my elder daughter:

Here's a good one for my brother-in-law Tony:

There one for my younger daughter:

And my younger brother:

Here's a perfect one for my son-in-law and older brother too:

And here's one for all you crazy GOOFY 50 Shades fans:

I hope to have made you smile just a little bit!

Lastly, if I was able, I'd make one that says:

As always, thank you for your  visit!

Stay warm, safe and dry!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Teatime for One - and some NEWS!!

Taking some time for tea with a lovely Royal Albert teacup
 and a few sweet pieces of candy conversation hearts today.

It's a good time to grab my newest Victoria magazine-
with pretty soft pink macarons and a great article about
the costume designer for Downton Abbey.

Isn't the cover absolutely gorgeous?!

I love this old crocheted and linen tea tray liner, 
it's the perfect rectangle shape for any tray - 
and it helps make tea time extra girlie and special...
even if it is just me and only a simple half hour to myself.

It's a nice time to gaze at the beautiful white tulips
my sweet hubs brought me, too. 

(He knows they're one of my very favvie favs!)

I have them in one of the vintage milk glass nobbed vases
that our eldest had on her tables at her wedding reception.

(This is where I had it prior to bringing it over to the table.)

I love that pop of fresh green - especially on such a bright
sunny and cheerful winter's day!

It reminds me spring isn't completely far off, though
this freeze and all this snow would certainly make
it seem much too far away......

Sometimes just tea and  a few simple pieces of candy
is the perfect little tea time break!

And who needs more sweets when I just received the
SWEETEST NEWS last night!!

I was at my civic women's club meeting last night
when I received the greatest text with a picture
from my younger daughter.

All it said was.......................

"Momma, I said yes!"

So, we're all sooooooo happy!

Today I took her to lunch at one of our fav special occasion
girlie luncheon places to celebrate and see the ring.

This pic doesn't do it justice, it is incredible.
It is a STUNNING RING and a stunning couple, too.

No date set, they want to enjoy this a while. 
But of course I will keep you all informed! Hugs!

Yes, the season of love.....oh, and it happened yesterday to be
HIS birthday.

He said that she saying yes
 was "the best gift he could ever hope for."


BTW: I did a post yesterday showing my 
neutral hearts collection
and some cupid things around the nest.

As always, thank you for you visit!



Monday, February 10, 2014

A Neutral Nod to Cupid and St. Valentine

I have tubs of pinks and reds
 for St. Valentine's Day decorating, 
but this year I went almost all white/neutral...
just a touch, just a subtle nod to cupid and his Day of Love.

Here is my beloved metal and glass chippy terrarium box
 I keep out year round and just change up what's inside.

 Sometimes it contains pinecones, champagne corks, little herbs,  decorative glass or it is filled with cute mini
 Frenchie heart-shaped linen pillows.

Sometimes it can be as easy as placing cut wooden hearts
 inside a favorite container.

I found these wooden hearts at GW last year
 and was saving to do some Valentine craftingwith them.....
put them away and forgot all about them...
so they're doing the job in their cute raw state this time!

I like it so much I may just keep it that way. : - )

It's still completely deeply snowy outside
 so I have kept back a few winter's pine cones in my decor -
here's a few tiny ones inside a vintage porcelain
 cherub "shell" vessel along with a little angel heart.

My sweet tea society sister-friend Mary D
 gave me these sweet cherub porcelain containers.

(She's too good to me, seriously.)

They're quite romantic and "French inspired!"

Last year I shared how Cupid stamped French triple-milled soaps
on a plate can look - simply delightful - but it is an old pic because I
used them right up - and cannot find new ones anywhere!

As always, your visit is appreciated.