Thursday, October 31, 2013



(Witches need their tea time, too!)

I guess you'd say they're drinking WITCHES BREW!

(Insert audio witches cackle)

My friend Mary D, whom I visited last weekend
 put these first few things together in her gorgeous home!
Doesn't she had mad skillz?

The above adorable vignette was sitting on her
front porch stone bench. 


The pic below is hanging on one of her wreaths,too!

What a GREAT sentiment, one I bet we all wish
 we could say out loud sometimes, eh?

Of course no All Hallow's Eve is complete here at the nest
 without our FRANKIE!!

He was painted by my daughter's mother-in-law.

I blogged about her talents before.

She is absolutely amazing - and very generous.

Aren't his skinny
 hairy legs just adorable?

His shirt says:

"My belongs to you, Witchie Poo!"

I think he's ready for some treats, don't you?

He actually makes me giggle out loud
every year I bring him out to play on the porch.

And his goofy toothy grin, he gets me every time.

She painted this cute tall skinny ghost/bat too!

I sure hope all the boys and ghouls
 have fun tonight!

The above pic was edited a bunch on Pic Monkey
to be macabre and scary looking.

Here is the untouched photo to compare-
showing you how a picture can totally change with tweaking it!

(All it was -a bright orange cheap plastic spider
hanging on a wine glass stem!)

We had such perfect fall weather all week long
but now we're expecting bad storms....
High winds, rain and possibly even lightening tonight.

I feel so bad for the little beggars
for Trick or Treat. 

Oh boy. Sure hope the storm holds off!

By the time I was ready to hit publish it
began to pour rain - not looking good for the kids.

That makes me so sad for them.
Everything here with Ohio weather can never be counted on.

(And I realllllllly shouldn't be trusted with so much leftover candy.)


 They really should have postponed.
Would have been a lot  more fun too for everyone being on a FRIDAY!

 Today - Nov. 1st - not a cloud in the sky and nothing but sunshine. Seriously, poor kids.

And in  closing, once again it is time to share:

My favorite Halloween  song of all time
singing it every year since the 3rd grade:

"It's Halloween"
~by Harry Behn

Tonight is the night
when dead leaves fly
like witches on switches
across the sky.
When elf and sprite flit
through the night on a moony sheen...

It's Halloween!

Tonight is the night
when leaves make a sound
like a gnome in his home under the ground
when spooks and trolls
creep out of their holes,
all mossy and green...
It's Halloween!

Tonight is the night
when pumpkins stare
through sheaves and leaves everywhere
when ghoul and ghost and gobline host
dance round their queen...
It's Halloween!

(And extremely creative!)

Happy Haunting, everyone!


Be Inspired  *  Fabulously Creative

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Each year for years I have hosted an annual family
pumpkin carving party.

Last year was my first year blogging so I shared it
with you all on this post here.

(Warning: photo heavy post!)

But THIS year, oh happy happy day! 

My youngest daughter wanted to host it
(with her bf at his house) and it was an amazing party!

She fussed soooo much!
(We're talking Martha-kind-of wonderful!)

Naturally I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. Ugh.

I realize while I was working on this post how much I missed
from her awesome party -

 I didn't even take pics of her haunted hallway! : - /

She made pigs in a blanket wrapped like mummies
that she put in the black spider web bowl.

She placed orange cheese puff-balls in the middle scull bowl
for some fun orange color.

She made the most tender ribs
 (boyfriend's father's recipe)
 that were absolutely to DIE for delish! 

She also made glow in the dark ice cubes
 and had all sorts of autumn drinks from which to choose.

The carrots on the tray are from the garden there!

In the wooden bowl she placed baked and spiced pumpkin seeds
from the pumpkins they carved earlier that week
preparing for the party (first pic, for example.)

Party hint she tried:  Sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon
and push whole cloves into the top of the lid
and as it heats up it diffuses the house with a wonderful
Autumn spicy scent - is just wonderful!

Here is a close up of the awesome
 port wine pumpkin shaped cheese ball she made-
and the herbs on it are from the garden there.

Here is the table where she kept the prizes until needed.
The ghosts hide hot chocolate latte packets. 

The black scull lollipop wrapped gift bags are parting gifts.

This pic doesn't do the cute graveyard justice
but hopefully you get the idea.

Here's my tin I won (below pic) - filled with Halloween candy -
a little candle, a latte coffee mix packet, cute tissue pack, etc. 

I had fun playing with Pic Monkey with it, haha.

Every single square inch of the house was decorated - 
inside and out - even the bathrooms!

The coffee table has a spooky scull candle and 
creepy floating eyeball candles.

The throw is black and white skellies. 

She had those skeletons placemats all over, too.

Katie just loves her skellies!

The left pic shows a huge banner she had on the wall.

Top right on down:

Guest towels
Close up of vinyl placemats
Close up of the skellie throw on couch
Handmade stamped drink coasters
Tin with candy

And what Halloween party is complete
 without  JACK SKELLINGTON????

If you don't know him here is Jack's lament
song from the Nighmare Before Christmas.

It's a really cute movie.

Isn't this artwork on the chalkboard painted wall neat?

(She is a very talented artist, actually.)

I darkened the board so it had more contrast
and the art popped a little better.

Her older sister made the cutest theme desserts!


Here are our wonderful Jack O'Lanterns!

Was a truly GREAT time had by all!

(Poor Reagan's kept going out - needed more ventilation I think.)

Pat and Tony opted out this time, Delaney was at cheer practice,
and Katie was too busy being Hostess of the Year 
to carve pumpkins, so hopefully next year she/they will!

Darien and Reagan are my nieces
Evelyn is my eldest daughter
Jeff is my youngest daughter's boyfriend (we were at his home)
Michael is DH (dear husband)
T is my little sister
Daniel is my son-in-law married to eldest, Evelyn

As always, thanks for visiting!

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our fun - it's always so nice to share with all of you!



Friday, October 25, 2013

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Heading out in a little while
to happily spend the weekend
 with my Indy Tea Society sisters!

We have lots of fun planned -
 can't wait to share it with you all soon!

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend.

Laugh, love, show random acts of kindness - 
and be sure to take time for a nice hot cuppa tea!

It warms your body, heart and soul!


Sending hugs to each of you.

And as always, thanks for your visit!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Look what we woke to
 this crisp fall morning!

It snowed!

And half our leaves haven't even changed colour yet!

I am in the middle of Ohio! This is shocking!

The stark difference between last week and now
is truly startling!

Guess there's really no going back now.

I have really missed blogland (you)
 and have a ton of catching up to do!

Can't wait to share lots more asap with you all!


Stay warm. Big hugs.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Finds at Finch Rest Emporium

My word and by-golly-WOW
 has October already proven to be insanely busy for me!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you all
being away from Blogland - oh, how I have missed you!

Thank you for the birthday wishes - 
had a wonderful birthday and you helped make it so!

(big hugs to you!)

I sincerely have every intention of catching up
with my blog reading all this week!

Until then, I wanted to share some nice autumn items
that are still available at my shoppe!

Some you've seen, some you haven't!

 I like to join the "blog marketplace" linky parties hosted each week!
I highly recommend you check them out too if you have
anything you wish to make available to sell!

Oak leaf large dish with ceramic and metal spreader/little fork

Whimsical pumpkin lidded sugar and creamer

October is always my busiest month -
 people love to dress up their homes for fall!-
especially for their Thanksgiving tablescapes!

(Plus, there are those who truly DO shop early for the holidays!)

Set of 4 cotton embroidered leaves dinner napkins

Even if you aren't in the market to buy anything new
 these items are kinda nifty to share.

Exquisite hand-loomed woven runner

And maybe, just maybe something here will catch your eye
 that could dress up your lovely home just a tiny bit more.

Sometimes a little-something-new-to-you is just the ticket
to bring a smile to your face.

(You DO know you deserve it, don't you?!!?)

Of course, if you are going somewhere ELSE for your
Thanksgiving feast
why not pick up a thoughtful hostess gift for the one hosting you?

She or he will be thrilled you did!

Gilded pumpkin salt and pepper shakers

Nothing like a little shine and "bling" to classy-up
your Thanksgiving tablescape!

Bronze painted ceramic with metal embossed leaf mini pumpkin

Extra-large deep lined orange basket

Not everything in the store is seasonal - 
many things can be used year 'round!

Gorgeous yet whimsical unique salad plates

Flat centerpiece basket - oooohhhh the possibilities with this one ♥

Artisan made stoneware bowl

Shop Finch Rest Emporium

As always, thank you for your visit!



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