Monday, September 26, 2016

Before/After Home Office Cabinets

It strikes me as odd how things work out sometimes.

I have never been one of those
 save-that-vintage piece
dumpster-diver-break-for-garage-sales kind of gals.

Nope, not me, not ever.

 I have been called a "shopping snob"often enough
 that I must admit there may be some truth in it.

I know, right?

  Me - the Secondhand queen...
the bargain-loving gal who nearly never pays full price
 for anything to decorate and upgrade her home?

Me - who LOVES to create the look-for-less
and can usually spot potential in every possibility?

A shopping snob?

WELL, truth be know, I have always drawn the line at curbside.
That doesn't make me a shopping snob, though, SIS! lol

I always simply think the next person should grab the curb items-
they'll be better and certainly QUICKER than I, for instance.

I talk myself out of it every single time I see it -
and I see it often.

(My neighbors throw out some really awesome stuff, just sayin'.)

I see its bright future, sometimes I want it, yet I always ignore it.

I hear my mother's sweet voice saying in her soft lady-like way
 "that's just not what we do, sweetie."

Yet I feel my heart pound when driving past these potential saves; 
I know deep down inside a part of me is shouting out 


So today, I bid thee welcome
 for a big reveal of something salvaged
from the curb in my neighborhood.


Last summer my daughter left our house to return to her home
and she called from her car, to insist that I walk down to the house whose owners had already bought another and had recently moved.

(I DID go to their garage sale and found wonderful vintage linens.)

I am friends with the mother of the gal who moved.
I know her from my local civic women's club.

SHE even told me (before they moved) to come down
and make an offer on anything they left so far in the house-
they'd probably just give it to me.

And I really meant to do so, I really did - but I didn't.
It's just too awkward for me, so I just put it off till it was too late.

But knowing me SO well, my youngest daughter said:
"Mom. Don't delay this.
  Just walk down there, it's dark, it's at their curb
 and it won't be there long. No one will even care."

So I walked down.
 Took me only two minutes to see them.

Two old dirty and dated wooden base cabinets.

But, like so many of you, I did see potential.

I walked back home and told my husband.

 I asked him if he'd help me retrieve them,
as I can no longer lift heavy items 
 since breaking my arms years ago.

Were we embarassed? Yes, perhaps a little. 

Did we ACT noticable? Probably.
 Hubs brought his wheeled cart thing.
We aren't ninja trash pickers. We were loud, I know it.

Was it worth it in spite of the situation to save those cabinets?

You be the judge:


 - two nicely cleaned up black floor cabinets flanking
 a gifted antique dresser my son no longer wanted. 
(Still dirty with primer, another task for another time.)

Sometimes one must see past the icky grimy dirt (and bugs.)

I think these may have been living in their garage,
 as their home was stunning.

The probably started their lives from a bathroom
 that had been upgraded along the way.

I am sure they were quite handy in their less-than-lovely new use.

The only thing we had to go buy was 4 new pull nobs,
 as one of them was missing.

We had the primer, the paint, the sealer and the
 silver spray paint for the bottom pull nobs.

We had to run out and get another can of the paint -
 so for around $28 we now have "new" cabinets in our office.

The paint matched closely enough for freebie paint, eh?

I am happy we could salvage those bottom pulls
I absolutely love them.

I run a business out of this space at home. 
Behind those cabinets you will find scanners,
 and scales and packing tape and stickers
 and reams of paper and printers ink, everything
common for a home office is kept tidy and unseen.

I may dabble with embellishing them a bit more
but for now I just wanted them placed
and was too excited not to share with you!

This is a wonderful and haunting print of my sister's - on loan.
She lives in New England for years running an ad agency.

One of her art staff took this winning shot of his aged father
who played violin his entire life and won many contests.

I adore this print and it currently and happily resides
in my home office with its black, grey and white decore.

My pic of the pic doesn't do the shadows justice.

As always, thank you for your visit!



Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweet Wink Kitty and Derby's New Toy

Greetings, dear friends!

You must be thinking I have fallen off the face of the Earth!

However, I just HAD to pop in today
 to share my granddog Derby's 

It's a cute pink doughnut!

You see, last week my daughter and her husband
 lost their very first fur baby;
their tiny, beautiful, rotten 18.5 year-old kitty cat WINK.

She was the runt of her litter,
 and fully grown maybe weighed 9 pounds.

She was itty bittiness.

She was so pretty, with the best markings.

That is when she allowed you to even SEE her.

She spent her life hiding upstairs-
she was super shy and scared, even living with my daughter,
The Animal Whisperer.

My daughter has a way with animals,
and she actually prefers them over most humans.

There are days I can't blame her, either, haha.

She is a sometimes foster-home to resuced English setters,
as Derby is a rescue.

She really and truly does love her fur babies.

Perhaps a little too much, in my opinion. lol.

There aren't many pics of Wink when she was young-
way before digital cameras and iphones
 and even before most of us began using email.

I really had a love-hate relationship with Wink.
Most of you know how much I love cats.

We always joked Wink truly did have 9 lives.
She came close quite a few times to dying so many time, but didn't.

She was horribly anti-social - wouldn't let anyone ever come close to her, and no way was she going to allow anyone to hold her.

She was the only cat that ever bit me, all I did was say HI
and try to pet her. (Big mistake!) So we all learned to just leave her be.

But slowly the last few years -
 since Derby Dog's arrival and her old age illnesses started setting
she started to sit on the landing of their stairs
to "assess the situation."

Maybe she could see all the fun Derbydoo was having
and she was missing!
Perhaps she was a tiny bit jealous or just curious
Or it probably was to come and give us the Stinky Wink Eye
for everyone to just tone it down so an old gal can rest.

Regardless of what it was she did come around.

You cannot know what the meant to my daughter.

And you cannot know what a shock it was to us all.

Wink the Kitty Cat actually became lovable. 

Well, kinda.

At least to those who loved her so much.

Who knew it would ever become so!?


I have to wonder if God planned this,
All Knowing what it meant
to Eve and Dan -and even Derby and Katie too-
who loved that cat so much;
they were able to really get close to Wink
before they had to say goodbye to that old friend.

Wink was in their first apartment way back in the college days.

Wink knew Yoske, their roommate years ago from Japan.

Wink saw many moves with careers were winding in gear
and better living conditions were part of the success.

Wink was there for all the good times and the sad times.
She was close by, just a silent presence of all that is dependable:
Those Loved Ones Remaining -regardless of the demands of life.

Wink was there for the move to their first real "home," too-
 and that is where she grew old...
with them loving her every single day....
and she, in her own odd strange way, loving them right back, too.

Yes, Derby misses Wink terribly.

The ended up pretty much inseparable.

She's been so sad,  and depressed and doesn't understand
where her tiny fur ball kitty sister went.

But we know she is simply waiting at Rainbow Bridge.


A cute pic of my eldest daughter Evelyn
sitting with her sweet fur babies and brand new niece
on the very first game day of the football season watching 
The Ohio State Buckeyes win!

Go Scarlet and Grey!

I notice that DERBY is the ONLY ONE paying
any attention to the game, though!

She's wondering why no one noticed that fumble!

However, sometimes the babies sleep through the games, too.

Won't this sweet grandbaby look cute when she's a toddler
wearing a little OSU cheerleading costume?!

Till then we'll just let her dream about it.

And yes, Vivian, your momma really DID make you awesome.

As always, thank you for visiting!

Hugs, prayers and love!



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Teacup Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Announcing the winner
 of my little teacup and creamer giveaway!

I apologize for the announcement being a week late -
 I simply just lost track of time!

The winner is:
Debby Ray
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Congrats Deb - and thank you all for entering
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Late Summer

Oh,  for almost the entire summer 
Ohio outdoor life truly has been unbearable!

It's been much too hot to want to even go out in it.

(I'm a baby and can't take that kind of high heat and humidity.)

But Glory Be -  yesterday turned a mite cooler. 

It's is absolutely GLORIOUS weather right now:
bright blue cloudless sky, cool breeze - just nearly perfect.

Poem source here.

I just really needed it to get cooler!

It's still SUMMER, but there's that hint in the air right
 now that tells us that autumn won't be TOO terribly far off.

The days are slowly getting shorter and shadows are getting longer.

Yes, it is definately WAY too soon to be decorating for fall...
but transitioning, well, yes, it is happening at the nest slowly.

Leave it to the retail bloggers, retail stores and the magazines
to fill us with autumn - for us reg'lar folks it's just way too soon.

Yes, I do mean to savor summer
 now that (thankfully) it isn't unbearable now to enjoy it.

(At least for right the time being, anyway, this too can revert!)


Summer's bright hues all too soon give way to the muted
fading transitional colors of autumn....

I was able to tackle a bit of overgrown weeds in the garden,
 I washed the kitchen windows inside and out. 

 I even opened up the master bedroom windows
to let in some wonderful fresh air!

Hubs washed our new car inside and out,
shared some of our garden bounty with neighbors
and planted THREE Limelight Hydrangea bushes
 in the back corner of our yard for me.  

The deer or something munched on 'em pretty badly last night,
or I'd have been delighted to show you pics. 

But we're NOT giving up on those lovely bushes.

Thing is, our insatiable and starving deer herds have never
 eaten up any of our other hydrangea before
so not sure what's goin' on...very upsetting....

but we is "aimin' to succeed" wif 'dem Limelights
and when there's a will, there is a way!

Anyway, the lavender always seems to do quite well here. 

We sure needed a break from that heat
 to get back outside and stretch and work and breathe in oxygen....
Fresh Oxygen. Does a mind AND soul well.....

How about you?

Have you any reprieve from the blasting heat
of summer yet,  in your neck of the woods?


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(No purchase necessary, lol!)

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Isn't Nature Amazing?!?

Hi friends - just sharing very some lucky pics
I was able to capture showing nature around me.


Sometimes it's a brilliant blue sky & green grass
 with the lovely color of pink set against it......

......And sometimes it's incredible winged life
thrilling me to no end!

I took these bird pics from inside my house
 with the window closed!
 I simply was doing the dishes!

I like to watch the birds
 at the most popular seed feeder closest to the kitchen;
we have many kinds of birds flying in and out all day long!

 The cardinals and jays are larger and more aggressive,
  we hardly see goldfinches anymore.

I miss them. They're just GONE.

However I noticed a red finch at the feeder today,
 so that is a fairly good sign they just may return one day.

There's always a place for finches here.

We put up the hummingbird feeder
 literally next to the kitchen window this summer, 
 and boy has it ever been fun watching them!

 We have a gorgeous green who  visits that feeder most often. 

It has a bright shimmery red ring around its neck
 that really sparkles in the sun...
yet he is fast and elusive so I have yet to catch him on the camera! 


I daresay it's a challenge and I play to win, birdie bird! Haha.

~~Buzz, buZz, buzZ~~

So our birds are such messy, wasteful and super sloppy eaters
 who spill most of the a great deal of their seed on the ground, right?

Well, I guess we now have our very own

 "Clean up on Aisle 6 Crew!" 


 Literally just a few steps from our kitchen window
 this hungry mommy dear and her two fawns
were munching on the spilled seed
 from the feeder you just saw above. 

I think they're neat, but I don't want them in my yard. Just sayin'.

We didn't have any rain for WEEKS and it's been so unbelievably hot and humid - enough to not be able to go outdoors nearly at all unless in early morning. Later when the sun is setting is a bit better, but then the skeeters eat me alive.

BUT we did - and have - been getting big-time rain. In fact now because of the heat it is a bit swampy and one can smell moulds and other foul odors. Sheesh. Feast or famine, right?

And it's funny because when the rains first started it would rain, then the sun would return, then the rain again, then be sunny again- we kept having strange odd pockets of storms.

Or there wouldn't be a single cloud in the sky except one little grey one, and it would be right over me and rain down for a minute or two.

But the neatest time of all was it would be super sunny,
 then would pour BUCKETS of rain while the sun was still shining!

I was able to capture it on the camera -
 but I cannot capture how ODD it all was to witness. 

My husband was outside when it started to rain, grilling chicken.

Being ME, I stood inside the doorway and took these pics-
 nice and dry and comfy!

Being HIM - he quickly grabbed one of our market umbrellas
 and wasn't daunted by that rain in the least!

He was a hungry man on a mission; no amount of water
was going to keep him from having this chicken.

We really expected a rainbow to appear during this,
 but then the sun was low in the sky enough that it didn't happen.

So....we just ate our dinner....AFTER he dried himself off, of course. 

By the way, we've lived here for 14 years and have bought THREE very expensive stainless steel gas grills. We have outdoor gas hookup so have never had to rent gas cylinder things.....however at about $700 each, those dang grills just don't hold up at all! They're stainless steel, yes, but they aren't ALL s/s!!!! The handles, interior, joints, etc. rust out in what seems in one season.

We'd been thinking of replacing our last one until shopping for it my husband found this one on the cheap- and he absolutely loves it.  SO for now we're back to an old fashioned charcoal grill.

He is content enough. He's the grillmaster, so when he's happy, I am happy as well.

It really is a nifty-neat barbeque, 
and will make an excellent firepit
] for our cooler autumn nights around the corner.

The garden roses are starting to be bloom again -
 but the daisies seem happiest lately.

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As always, thank you for stopping by!

Big hugs!