Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Whether you are Irish or not -
wishing you all a very
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It is a special day to honor the Irish
 and those who WISH they were on March 17th!

I am also appreciating the eldest daughter
 who gave me this teacup many years ago...
I shall cherish it always.

I would also like thank Deborah from the blog
The Beautiful Matter - on my blog this time-
for honoring me with such sweet St. Pat's gifts 
 upon her visit a few weeks back.

I love Irish Breakfast tea!
 And the two pairs of socks and wee sequined
leprechaun hat are just adorable!

Thanks also to Marina, Mary Beth and Margaret for the cards!

Click here for a beautiful and safe Ireland video.

Also, there is a Netflix series shot in England called
"Escape to the Country" - it's really great, full of
wonderful historical cottages for sale. 

You may enjoy it as much as we are currently.

Been having a very crazy roller-coaster patch of life lately.

In the last 2 weeks we've lost a newborn infant in our family, 
had another nephew born without any complications, 
discovered we had tax fraud. 

(Oh, merciful Lord, please grant me patience!)

And then last night my older brother had a mild stroke.

That's 3 bad things that happened, and it tends to come in threes -
so let's hope and pray it's all behind us now.

Your prayers are appreciated.

I am so sorry if I haven't been around to visit - once things
taper off to be normal - God willing - I will make it up to you
and read, read, read, and comment, comment, comment!

Thanks for your understanding.

And, as always, thank you for your visit.

~~~May St. Patrick pray for you all today and always~~~

Friday, March 3, 2017

Random Ramblins

Hi, folks!

Happy Weekend to you all!

I am sharing some random ramblins with you today
just to let you know I am alive and I have not forgotten you!

My son-in-law is a world traveller who just recently
 returned from a visit to Peru.
(He really loved Machu Pichu.)

He brought back this cute knitted hat
that he bought off a sweet little old lady who makes them
to give to baby Vivian-the-niece.

  Here she is modeling it, and showing off her first 2 teeth
(and her cute chubby cheeks!)

Five minutes after they put it on her head
 she bit those cute wee pom poms off the ties. 

We had some 70 degree weather recently
 that brought the crocus into bloom....and
many buds on the trees start to show......
and I just got SO excited about it
 and brought out some transitional spring decor...

HOWEVER, this IS Ohio and I KNOW I cannot go too crazy
 with the early spring decor because

 I took this snap this morning.

HOWEVER, I am not letting that little bit of snow
stop me from dreaming of spring's arrival!

I got the pretty glass tray below in the last teacup exchange

I was in - from a dear lady named Margaret.

Here is my post about it, in case you missed it.

Be sure to check my sidebar for the current teacup exchange -
and I posted something about it on my last post.

I bought tulips this week for myself to pacify my need for springtime!

And yes, for here it's much too soon for pussy willows,
but I brought them out anyway!

I wonder if it will ever be warm enough 
 to get out our nests, bunnies, baskets and eggs!!?

(Soon, but not too soon.)

But Lent has begun and it is all just a matter of time, right?

This wee fella from my friend Karen stays out all year.

I had such a busy, whirlwind week!

One of the best things that happened was on Tuesday!
 I met a dear fellow blogging friend;
 Deborah from The Beautiful Matters!

She posted all about our meeting in detail here

I invited my friend Melinda for coffee on Thursday (she hates tea,)
and my friend Dee for teatime today.

(So, yes, I technically had three tea parties this week.)

Mel and Dee knew they were only getting leftovers sweets,
but they acted as though the humble offerings were fit for royalty.

I like the way the teacups have the floral inside.

As always, thank you for visiting!



Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stephanie's Springtime Teacup Exchange!

It's that wonderful time again!

The Enchanting Rose

This is an amazingly fun event!

You needn't be a blogger, either!

Go to The Enchanting Rose to sign up -
trust me, you will be SO GLAD you did!

Some of my most favorite blogging friends
started as exchange partners.......

I think you may just find it be the case for you as well. ♥

Hugs always-


I made this post "no comment"
 so you don't have to waste any time
to sign up!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pretty Pink Valentine Decor

Well, St. Valentine's Day has come and gone for another year
but I couldn't stand the thought of putting my romantic pinks
away for another year till I shared just a few of my pretties.

I have used red many times over the years,
but this year I did subtle, I did less, and I did soft pretty pinks.

I don't know, perhaps I used only pink this time
because usually it is snowing in February here in Ohio;
this time it was warm..... reminding me of sweet spring
just around the corner!

I had a pretty tablescape for six all ready for 
a lovely afternoon tea that never happened.

Life has me so busy lately, and I am sorry for that,
as I so love to host an afternoon tea for my friends.

I grab a cuppa on the go
or sip while working these days.

I must remedy that soon....spring is around the corner....
oh, truly that is the very best of tea party seasons.....
at least for us pink lovers!

As always, thank you for visiting!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Val Day & Winner of Teacup!


Sure hope your day has been going fabulously!

♥♥♥ Love is in the air ♥♥♥

As promised, I am announcing my teacup giveaway winner
~by Random Generator~

The winner this time is Mona Gabriel

Mona - just let me know where to ship this
and I will get it out for you asap!

Thanks for all who entered the giveaway!

Hugs and prayers!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kelton House Valentine's Tea

I attended the Kelton House Valentine's Afternoon Tea last week, 
and thought I'd share it with you today before Val Day comes and goes!

Each month this wonderful old downtown historic
 Victorian mansion hosts a truly wonderful themed tea.

I try to always attend the Valentine tea,
 there's just something about tea in February that makes me happy. 

Perhaps I need a reason to dress up and possibly because I seem to need a pick-me-up during these winter grey days, who knows.

Oddly, what we thought we'd like least on the menu 
we ended up liking most.

Can anyone guess what it was?

It was unanimous to us six at our table.*

I really liked my seat this year - the hosts always have two more
giant tables there - which made it dangerously crowded.

It always has been so difficult to move to get food or fill cups of tea.

This year they seem to have less coming by 12 count-
 so it sold out FAST.

Two long tables of 6 of either side are gone now.

I sat in that seat empty right above where the plates are stacked.
(see first foodie pic)

Easy in and out - loved that.

Little tiny doughnuts was quite a surprise,
very unusual.

The caterer who does the Kelton teas
has long been retired and moved to a different city-
but comes back every month to give this gift to
the city and Kelton House.

It is run on donations and charitable work,
and is the #1 philanthropy of the city's
Junior Women's League.

There's always a raffle to off-set the cost
of running the house and such.

I always bring a box of themed gifts for them to raffle off.

It makes me feel good to see the smiles.

No one ever knows it's me, which makes it even more fun.

Valentine's Day and chocolate
 just seem to play well together,
do they not?

They don't over-do the decor, keeping it simple.

These pretty heart tealight holders were on the tables.

For information on Kelton House <click there.
(great info on this important Underground Railroad home)

There is always a program after the tea.

This year is was all about the history and maker's
of Art Deco jewelry.
Fascinating bit of history there.
I learned a great deal.

Also on the back of our menus was all sorts of interesting 
trivia about St. Valentine's Day.

The info was found here if you care to read it.
There's a lot of info but it is fascinating!

If you haven't yet signed up to win my teacup giveaway
I pick the random winner on Tuesday!

Click here to take you to the post!

As always, thank you for visiting!



* The pickled radish and sweet butter tea sandwiches is the answer.
 And there is a misspelling on the menu for it.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pretty Teacup Giveaway!

T'is the season of romance and loveliness and beauty.

So to celebrate this special time of year -
 with St. Valentine's Day, spring, Mother's Day
and tea party season all just around the corner...

 I am offering up this lovely vintage Japanese
to a follower of this blog.

Who doesn't love pink roses
 with pretty lavender sprays tucked in around them?

I just love pretty floral teacups.

(Especially ones with a pedestal and lovely handle.)

Random drawing on Feb. 14th.

You needn't have a blog to enter.

I only ask that you are a follower of my blog,
(and maybe double check you are, it's easy to fall off, not sure why.)

Please leave a comment saying you wish to enter.

Did you know that you are able to leave comments
on blogs even if you are a non-blogger?!? 

You can do it in "anonymous" form!

Just remember to include your first name so we all know who visited!

My teacup giveaway is open only to US and Canada,
 due to the high cost of shipping. I'm so sorry.

As always, thank you for your visit!

It really makes my day when you stop by!