Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankful for Friends Tea Party

It's funny, but I am just noticing how many tea parties
 and extra special occasions
 that I haven't ever shared on my blog.

 One of them includes a 
Thankful for Friends Tea
 I hosted for my very bestie best tea-sister friends last year.

So, yes, it's an old party but it's never been shared on my blog!

(Glad I noticed it.)

I do wish I had noticed earlier in the season. Oh well.
Better late than never, I suppose!

I hand-made my napkin holders from thrift-store
 wooden napkin rings wrapped in burlap
 and hot-glue gunned silk flowers I already had in my stash
from a practically free end of season sale earlier.

The menu graphics matched the name label graphics.

I used my little clay pumpkin card holders too.

The table runner I used, and my teapot cozy match.

I didn't have a pick of the teapot from the party
so I am sharing where I have it stashed this year.

Top shelf to the right is where you will find it.

Add cheese and a sprinkle of pepper or paprika or curry
on your soups for a nice look and extra bit of flavor!

I think this is gruyere I used here.

What autumn salad is complete
without some seasonal apples and pears?

Nature provided the simple centerpiece, 
keeping it low so everyone could see one another well
from across the table.

Everything for this tea was easy
 so dishes could go in the dishwasher after.

When hosting a slumber party weekend
the teas have to be low-maintenance clean up!

At least on weekends when my wonderful hubs
isn't around to help.

Because he is a God-send most tea parties -
invaluable help for me to be able to put them on in style.

I remember last year he had plans, so that's why I used
stoneware and glass dishes!

Most of you know I'd always prefer to use
 my pretty china for tea parties. ♥

I *adore* decorated sugar cubes.

The source I used stopped making them.

I think it's time I learned how to make my own now -
 I spent a small fortune on them for years!

I found a pic of the favors I gave away, but I can't really 
remember what I filled inside of them anymore.

I know there was a cute decoupaged birdie ornament
and some Thanksgiving napkins, and knowing me probably
a Yankee candle and perhaps a sachet.....

These favor gift baskets were so much prettier in person!

Yep, not the best lighting for these last minute pics.
No time, fuss, tripod or special tricks - just fast shots.

Good friends, good food, good fellowship...
(and a calm and happy hostess)
 make for the successful and memorable party!

That, for sure, is what we had that day.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Hugs and prayers!



Monday, November 6, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange Reveal!

Once again I have the pleasure of sharing yet another
 wonderful experience joining Stephanie's semi annual 
The Enchanting Rose blog TEA CUP EXCHANGE!

Steph has allowed some time before the big reveal day
because swappers from all over the world are involved.

It takes a little time to travel the globe!

So with joy and delight I am happy to reveal
my wonderful exchange experience with you all!

What fun being a part of this exchange is -
 and making a new friend or two in the process
is the very best part!

This time I was blessed being paired with
a Canadian, Kelly Harris-Graham, of the sweet blog

Just look at this lovely teacup she sent to me!
Isn't it absolutely beautiful?!?

Her package to me was loaded with awesomeness!

Inside were beautiful note cards, box of candy, delicious chocolate
Tuile (rolled tender crunchy sticks,) tea, a sweet laminated birdie Bible verse, a birdie notebook, an adorable handmade teacup coaster,
and two absolutely wonderful poured candles
 in tiny vintage baking tins.

Oh Kelly, thank you so much for everything - 
I will treasure it always!
(Except for Smarties, as you know my hubs got a hold of those!)

Isn't that butterfly sticker pretty on the envelope
 of the cute Sunflower card she enclosed?

BTW- Kelly told me she got her tutorial on making the fabric
tea cup coaster from Stephanie's blog right here

I have it in my office and use it several times a day.
It will always remind me of Kelly AND Stephanie! 


A little birdie must've told her how much I love bird things.

I have already been using my sweet notebook!

It's become a permanent part of my purse arsenal now.

Kelly really spoiled me!

These two wee candles are just so adorable!

I just love these teacup exchanges!

If you haven't joined in the fun, I highly recommend it!

Hopefully Stephanie will host a spring swap as well,
but the work load to host it is intense....
I cannot even fathom how much work goes into it!

(She is such a blessing to the blog world!)

I all set for a short respite from the world
using my pretty new teacup, sitting with a favorite magazine
and getting ready to nosh one of these yummy chocolate tuile sticks.

It's the perfect little tea time for one!

I did share some of my chocolate sticks in this tea time
with a friend I blogged about not too long ago.

Playing with PicMonkey in black and white here.

This year I was also blessed being able to send my tea things
 to a sweet blogger, Cindy, from Consider It All Joy blog.

This is the very first swap I remembered to actually take pics
 of what I sent before I boxed everything up. I was happy I did so.
I stuck with an autumn theme for the package I joyfully sent:

Napkins, marmelaide, pumpkin candle, cookies, soap, sachet,
pumpkin decor, a handmade card and a yellow rose teacup.

I tell ya it is just as much fun picking things out
 for our swap mates than it is opening up our
 treasures from another.

I *highly* recommend doing the next swap -
it is SO much fun!

And as I have said before, the best part is making
a new friend or two.

Big thanks goes out to Stephanie who works so hard
 putting these swaps together.

She is a blessing and a dear heart,
 and is so sincerely appreciated!

Please visit her blog and check all the swaps!

****If you missed my home tour feature at 
Poofing the Pillows blog you can  find it here.

As always, thanks for your visit!

Hugs and prayers,


Friday, November 3, 2017

Poofing the Pillows - Finch Rest Home Tour

I'd like to thank Stacey from Poofing the Pillows
 for inviting me to be featured
on her First Friday Home Tour this month.

I am absolutely delighted to have shared my Autumn decor.

I hope you visit Stacey's awesome blog -
 her kitchen alone is to-die-for perfect!

Stacey is a long-time blogger (over 10 years!) who is the sweetest gal,
 and is very dear to blogdom.

I always enjoy her posts and am very happy
 to be her loyal follower.

Please visit her and let her know you did. ♥

And have a fabulous weekend!



Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

My sister hosted this year's annual family pumpkin carving party 
and really went all out for it.

Our family really loves a fun theme party!

My sister finished an amazing back deck this past summer
and wanted so badly to carve them out there....
but it got very cold and rainy, so indoors it was held!

The upper right one is Ariel the Little Mermaid-
made by my niece Delaney, who looks exactly like Ariel.

The spear one in the middle was carved by my sister whose
son Tony is a Junior at Arizona State - (The Sun Devils.) The cat is by my eldest over-carver Evelyn who is an art school graduate.

The paw print was made by my brother-in-law - it is the logo of
his a.m. Ohio University. The top left many-toothed one was carved by my younger daughter Katie.

The Minion one-eyed one was carved by my older brother Danny,
the one with a football looking mouth at bottom right
was carved by my son-in-law Dan, the Jack Skellington one
middle left is from Nightmare Before Christmas and was done by my eldest niece Darien, and the sweet happy one on lower bottom was done by my youngest niece Reagan.

My husband didn't carve one this year because he had Grandpa Duty!
Here he is "holding" that very heavy pumpkin up that wee
Vivian thought she could lift herself.

I think you all now have established for yourselves that
this tiny 15-month old girl is a very headstrong girl.

Grandpa said she was genius because she kept going up to a long large Trick or Treat sign on the wall pointing to her orange shirt, then to the orange part of the sign....then would point to her black pants, and then back to the black part of the sign.

Oh, that face, that precious sweet face!

Now unfortunately you won't find a Jack O' Lantern carved by me
this year, because I had to stay home due to being sick.

As much as I wanted to be there, getting anyone else sick
as I have been with a nasty deep cough, well, that's just bad.

So our camera was passed around
 and I don't know who took pics-
 it was a family affair!

All the decorations put up by my niece Darien.

(She is their family go-to Holiday Girl Extraordinaire!)

It took the baby some getting used to the scary stuff- 
but once she discovered how delicious Halloween can be,
 she lost all interest in being scared and chose being fed.

Check out these fun festive foods:

Pepper Popper Eyeballs

With cute mummified hot dogs...

Spider-webbed condiments...

I sent sloppy joes, and there was baked
 mac and cheese but no pics of them, 'cuz they're boring.

In my sister's house there is always a nod to some nutrition:

And my sister made some fun Halloween whimsical desserts
such as vampire mouth cookies
and German chocolate cake "brains!"...

And rice krispie treat pumpkins...

My eldest brought a perfect Autumn dessert with apples....
Caramel Apple Bars, which I hear were really delicious, too.

She found her yummy recipe here

But after a fun, full and busy night and past bedtime, 
nothing is more satisfying for a tired baby than a calming bottle....

So another year's pumpkin carving party is now behind us.....
so let the Trick or Treating Begin!

Tonight is the night when dead leaves fly...
the witches on switches across the sky.....


Be safe and watch out for those wee goblins and ghouls!

Hugs and haunts,


Friday, October 27, 2017

Tea for Two Easy as 1 -2 -3!

It's getting close to tea time.

You have a few sweets on hand.

How easy it would be to just call

 a friend/neighbor/co-worker/relative

 to enjoy tea time with you.

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea

Yes, I know......the house isn't perfectly clean......
the laundry needs to be done.... the bills need to be paid.....
you need to think about fixing dinner.....

There are infinite really good excuses in our heads.
But that's all they really are: excuses. 

In the meantime, you still want some tea.

And you still have a few sweets on hand
that you may have baked recently.

And you still plan on heating up your kettle....


It needn't require getting out fancy linens, fine china,
 or even loose-leaf tea. (gasp!)

 Save all that for another time, maybe a special afternoon tea.

But for now a simple hot cuppa in a mug, a nosh or two
 and a friend is all that is required for tea-for-two! 

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea
[google image]

TEA FOR TWO - AS EASY AS  1 - 2 - 3

1.) Call up a friend and invite

2.) Brew some tea

3.) Grab some sweets

You cannot know what joy that simple gesture of friendship
 may bring to someone who may be feeling lonely or blue.

Or perhaps it is YOU who may be feeling those things.

Trust me, I understand!

 I have also learned that enjoying an hour visit
 can make the biggest difference.

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea
[google image]

By the way  if you haven't tried this super cheap
French Vanilla Bigelow decaff - it's really good tasting tea!

I seldom use tea bags but this is one I highly recommend
when a simple cuppa needs to be just that:  plain easy.

Disclaimer: first graphic art pic from google images
Disclaimer: Bigelow tea doesn't know me.

BEST banana bread recipe
 I have ever made: here

BEST fluffy sugar cookie recipe
 I ever made: here

The above sweets I made the other day that I had on hand -
along with some yummy chocolate sticks
that I recently received as a gift.
 And yes, you may have noticed that one of those chocolate sticks
is missing in my pics.... because I ATE it
 while waiting for my neighbor friend Dee to come to tea.

As always, thanks for your visit!