Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bridal Shower ~ Brewery Style

A while ago my eldest daughter 
hosted a very unique bridal shower for her younger sister.
Their mutual "bestie" friend Sara co-hosted this fun event.

To truly know my youngest - you'd know 
she just doesn't fit into a cookie cutter world.

(Both my girls are artsy, urbane, eclectic and unique.)

My bride-to-be daughter really doesn't like things
too frilly or fussy.

(In all honesty, she even had to be talked into having a shower!)

Both of my girls' mates - along with Sara's
 ♥ locally made artisan brews,
 and they often triple date and frequent a favorite:
The Seventh Son Brewery.

Here is a pic of the front bar portion.

Don't you just adore their industrial vibe?

The floors are painted concrete.
The tables are real wood.

Everything is just perfectly rustic and shabby.

The shower began when guests came up to this fabulous old 
reclaimed-wood sliding barn door and went inside:

The brewery's spaceous private event area is brick,
with exposed ductwork, windows to let in natural light
and a huge glass garage door that opens onto a patio.

(But was much too hot to open that day, but we had hoped to do so.)

The colors of the shower were pink, white, black and gold
to match the invitations.

Painted bottles, vintage silverplate forks, pink cloth napkins, gold chargers, glass dinner plates,
fun white and black runner, fun "engagement ring" favors and
tons of color-perfect jars on candies on the tables.

Pink flowers all over the place. Love the sweet roses!

Pink lemonade at the dessert table,
with pink plastic flutes with black and white paper straws.

Black white chevron paper cake plates
 and gold plastic cake forks were used for dessert.

A fast and simple clean-up at the end was ideal.

Sorry I had to keep private info private on the invites with smudge-
but that's the way of the internet, one cannot be too careful these days.

A tradition my sister started with HER bridal shower
 and now one that both my daughters used for their showers:

Inside the invitation was a matching recipe card
asking when the guest attended to have filled it out
with a favorite recipe to add to the bride-to-be's collection.

It was so great to see all the wonderful favorite recipes!

My sister brought one in my mother's handwriting
and my cousin brought one in her mother's handwriting-
it doesn't get much more tear-filled special than THAT!

They were all placed in this cute
 personalized wooden recipe box below: 

I didn't realize that Sara brought her potato salad recipe
until I was doing this post and saw it in the pic.

She makes the BEST potato salad, YAY!!!
 I am so happy for that recipe! 

And nothing was more fun than seeing Katie's happiness.

I know she likes trucks and gardening and power tools.

But golly was it fun to see her morph into a girlie girl
and enjoy herself so much.

After the bridal shower and clean up

 a few of us stayed back a while for a pint
 and more than just a few sighs....

The wedding is *THIS* weekend-
 Saturday the 29th.

(I am sorry to have been so MIA, but we've been so busy!)


All pics in this post were taken my hubs and/or son-in-law.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Kitchen in Afternoon

Summer is fleeting and I haven't shared a bit
 of my summer decor yet.

It's been one of those kinds of summers.

So, before someone says summer is over
 I am making an effort to share now....
starting with the kitchen and hopefully working my way around.

Fresh lemons, bee teapot, a touch of old wicker
 and ironstoneis residing on my table.

 This changes practically every day often, 
but this is how it is at the moment.

The neighborhood children went back to school yesterday.
And for once our weather is perfect -
with a summer that has been the worst I can remember.

It's never rained as much, followed by horrible heat and humidity.
I feel so bad for the children - watching them get on the bus
about broke my heart.

But it's been peaceful and quiet, too, because of it.

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon;
 to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
                                                                                                                                     ~H. James

Oh, for a summer noon,
 when light and breeze sport on the grass,
 like ripples o’er a lake alive with freshness!

When the full round sun,
 with the Creator’s smile upon His face,
Walks like a Prince of Glory
 through the path of Heaven!

Thou vast, and ever-glorious sky,
mantling the earth with Thy majestic robe.
                                                                           R. Montgomery


Is it realistic to believe the notion that insecticides kill 'nasty insects', whilst conveniently leaving alone the 'nice' insects, like bees, butterflies and ladybugs?  Those saying "Insecticides kill insects but not bees" reminds me of the naked Emperor in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ and all those characters insisting he was, indeed wearing clothes. 


As always, thank you for stopping by!



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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Sweet Girl

Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

May you have many more happy years to come!

Yesterday was my first born child's birthday,
 (and also my older brother's!)

We had a family funeral to attend
 so I am a day late posting this.

She was all set to go out with her hubs
 for an early birthday dinner on Friday evening -
and sent me this pretty pic from her phone.

Even grainy it is an adorable picture!

As always, thank you for your visit!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Blessings of Friendship

Sometimes friends really and truly amaze me.

You were there when I was feeling down, and helped pick me back up.

You sent cards, you emailed that you were keeping me in your prayers,
and some of you went WAY WAY above and beyond the call of duty 
 and shared incredibly generous gifts.

How does one go about properly
 thanking friends
who show these kinds of kindnesses?

You all were so truly kind to me in May after my kitty died,
and yet again after I found myself with this broken foot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - each and every one of you 
(you know who you are)
who cared so much for someone you haven't even yet met in person.


And your random acts of kindness is unbelievable.

Please indulge me while I share a particular kindness
 that still has me quite baffled (in a great way)
with my heart still beating wildly, and my eyes tearing up
everytime I think of it.

 It's from our mutual blogger friend Deborah from


I get a knock on my door a while back, 
and it is a huge package delivery...for me!

 Oh, what a thrill and joy!

I am crying before I even open it. 

I cannot believe this package in my hands.

I cannot believe she would do this!

Deborah, can you even know how much this means to me?

She just knows I love tea time, she knows I love birds,
 she knows I love pretty candles, she knows I love vintage hankies.


She knows I love local things, and things made in the USA too.
(She is one state above me, and together we really love our Great Lakes!)

Deborah is on a big-time healthy life-style change right now
and has lost 20 pounds at least.....
and she is looking and feeling better every day!
(She really inspires me!)

She knows I hope to lose weight as well, 
so she sent me local healthy tea snacks for tea time.

Isn't each gift so special and thoughtful?

She knows I don't sleep well, so there is caffeine free
chamomile tea tucked inside this cute bird-themed mug mat!

I have a painted office desk, a painted kitchen table
and a wicker garden patio room table -
I really needed a mug mat - it will get so much use!
I have always wanted one of thoses!

Look at this adorable & sweet hankie card -
it's just too cute for words!

I appreciate this surprise more than she could possibly know.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to share this
sweet and generous random act of kindness.

Friends really ARE like flowers
 in the garden of life.

As always, thank you for your visit!



Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bird, Rosemary, Shadows and a Winner

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.

Each day is numbered - so let us live it to the fullest!

I captured a shadowed shot of a fav little crackled bird
sitting in a large pot of rosemary.

Also wanted to announce the winner of the starfish ornament!

The random pick was for the very first commentor:

Oh, I'd love to win it! It's adorable, and would fit in nicely with our living room 'beachy' decor where the tree resides each December. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Her blog is pretty neat - you can find her at My Little Nook.

Thank you everyone for your comments and
signing up for the giveaway!

There will be others in the near future, 
you may count on it! ♥

As always, thank you for your visit!



Shadow Shot Sunday

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Starfish Giveaway; Christmas in July

Giving away this cute little double starfish ornament
in honor of Christmas in July!

It kinda came and went with very little fanfare this year, didn't it?

Some of you know that where I grew up
Christmas in July is a very big deal for all the folks
who live in "vacationland" in the summer,
yet never see their summertime neighbors at 
the true December Christmastime.

So many tourists really go ALL OUT -
 decorating cottages and yachts...

And many businesses have themed specials at the pubs and stores!

So when July 25th comes around my spirit is with them.
In my heart and mind I am home on the lake for Christmas.

Last year I celebrated here hosting a Christmas tea for my niece.

Here's a sneak pic of it:

But this year has been quiet and peaceful.
My two youngest nieces are at their two-a-day cheer practices,
my eldest niece is babysitting
 because she turned 16 last month and needs gas money.

This year my daughters had a big bbq party with their friends
hosting a "Couples Night Out Pub Crawl"
for my daughter Katie's and her fiance Jeff's
 bachelor/bachelorette party.

They wanted theirs to be together, not traditional.
That's not their style at all so this was perfect for them!


(They're getting married August 29th!)


This delicate and precious vintage hand painted Japanese teacup
 is a recent and lucky  thrifting find.

It is paper thin, and is a subtle nod to a Christmas in July tea!

It somehow just belongs nestled amongst the flowers outdoors!

Back to my double starfish ornament giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below
 if you'd like to enter to win it
is the only requirement.

I should be delighted if you'd be a follower of my blog,
but the "follower police" won't be after you if you are not.

Non-bloggers may enter as well, of course; 
but I will need a snail mail addy sent privately 
if you aren't so that you may be reached if you win.

Not just restricted to US this time, for once!

I will pick a winner next Sunday Aug. 2nd.

And I will close with this lovely poem by V. Watson:

As always, thank you for your visit!



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