Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teacup Exchange REVEAL - Spring 2017

I just again recently participated in Stephanie's
 TEACUP EXCHANGE from the blog The Enchanting Rose.

This is my 3rd time joining in on the fun.

 (And I plan on signing up again in autumn for her next one!)

I encourge everyone to get in on it -
making new friends is the best part!

I am so pleased to share my lovely and delicious wares
from a fellow Ohioan and blogger
Cynthia from View from a Garden.

Without further ado, here is my gorgeous new tea cup -
isn't it absolutely lovely?!!????

Everything was packed up so carefully.

Here is the bounty all laid out;
I had such anticipation and excitement unwrapping each item!

Being in these exchanges always makes me feel
as though I've won the lottery- or is how I felt 
as a child on Christmas morning....
anxiously awaiting the fun magic and "specialness" of it all!

Everything was wrapped up so carefully.

Of course I saved the best till the end -
 unwrapping the bubble-wrapped teacup & saucer last.

I am so happy that Cynthia took the time
 to tell me a bit about herself
 by typing up a sweet letter and tucking it inside
 this beautiful pressed flower handmade paper envelope:

Part of my package included a large pretty tin of one of my favorite
tea companies - Harney and Sons - with sachets of 
English Breakfast...along with two wonderful candles!

One of the candles smells like Red Velvet Cake
 and the other smells just like fresh spring!


I found THREE gorgeous springtime botanicals nature gift tags, too-
here is a close-up of the pretty butterfly one!

(These pics don't do them justice.)

A pack of lovely floral teatime luncheon napkins:

And, finally a really cute Scripture Happy Face calling card:

Thank you, Cynthia for this delightful exchange.

I am so happy to have made a new friend -
 especially one from my own state!

Thank you, Stephanie for yet another
 wonderful teacup exchange experience.

It is so much work for you -
 you're an angel for bringing such joy to so many.

I had my tea time outdoors yesterday
 with my beautiful new teacup set.

 Click the below pic to take you to see the post.

As for my box full of treasures sent-
I sent a package of teatime loveliness to a non-blogger named Belle
 in New South Wales, Australia
(very early into the exchange so she'd receive it all in time.)

Of course, I got way too excited and forgot to take pics of what I sent her
(big surprise there, sure wish I would've remembered!)

Stephanie hadn't received a pic from her for the big reveal day
but assures me that Belle let her know she received the package unscathed.
I am glad of that, it's certainly a very long way for delicate china to  travel!

She wrote me an email the day after reveal saying liked everything very much.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Teatime in the Zen Room

Oh, we are having such a warm sunny and beautiful day!

I got up early and finished most of my work
so that I could enjoy this pretty day at teatime
outdoors, in my covered garden patio.

Most of you know I refer to this space as my "Zen Room."

It's decorated in a girlie white-wicker-pastel-quilts cottage fashion.

It's a space for only me, as my husband has allergies
 and never ever stays but a millisecond.

It's my favorite place to invite a friend or three and sip on
tea, or lemonade or even sometimes wine after the heat of the sun
wanes, after it ducks behind the evergreen tree-lined backyard.

And all my beautiful Easter flowers here are hostess gifts
when my family came to luncheon on Easter sunday.

(I mentioned I would share a little about them in my last tablescapes post.)

See these sweet cut tulips? 
Youngest daughter grew them in her garden.

In the background are my dark pink bulb tulips from eldest daughter.
They matched the pink in my china we used Sunday perfect.
(My last post shows it if you missed it.)

Along with those you will see my beautiful Easter lily
that my older brother gave me.
They smell heavenly.

I was surprised my dark pink tulips actually have a fragrance-
not just the fresh tulip smell but a true lovely scent. ♥

I'm using a beautiful new gifted teacup
 that is just so perfect in a garden setting!

More about that soon!

I have to share something really neat with y'all.

Last night after dinner I was visiting a few blogs
trying to catch up on all I've missed lately -
and stopped for a visit to Aiken House and Gardens.

Carolyn is one of my all-time favorite bloggers
and she had mentioned she is being featured in the latest
hot-off-the-press VICTORIA magazine!

(Her post about it has the most beautiful teacup!)

So, I guess I squealed my inner delight and joy of this happy news
rather quite loudly; enough to startle my husband!

Next thing, I hear our garage door open and close.....
YES my friends, he left the house quietly and returned with the
latest copy of the latest Victoria magazine for me!

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!?

He knows the copies sell out much too fast at our local store
and didn't want me to miss out. ♥♥♥

Needless to say I am renewing my subscription!!!!
(sure thing if they're smart enough to feature Carolyn Aiken!)

It's a really nice spread about her lovely gardens
and all around great issue!

I highly recommend getting a copy of it yourself!

For my teatime snack I enjoyed a piece
 of the carrot cake I made for Easter.

I absolutely ADORE cream cheese buttercream frosting.

The secret to THE VERY BEST cream cheese frosting is using
 12 ounces (box or box and a half) of cream cheese
 and two sticks of butter.

I use one with salt and one unsalted.

It really makes a lot, not sickening sweet
 and makes a very smoothe and easily spreadable frosting.
No one will complain you put too much on anything, trust me.

As always, thank you for your visit!



Easter Tablescapes 2017

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Ours certainly was.

I am "hippity hopping" in to share a few pics
 of my Easter tablescapes this year.

I showed you one I had planned on using a few posts ago -
but the day before Easter I received the final tally
 and 12 peeps were expected for our luncheon -
 so that earlier 4-top tablescape wasn't going to work this time!

I have a complete set for 12 in this pretty spring/summer
 Noritake china, so I used it.

I try not to force the manly men of my family to eating off my
ultra feminine tea partyish girlie pretty floral china,
but since this is all kept upstairs in a china cabinet I chose it.

My broken toe and aching feet appreciated it at least.

I put cute chocolate carrot-shaped Lindt chocolate
 candy favors at each place setting.

I used my hand-painted garden water goblets
 on the kitchen tablescape.

I have only 8 Noritake teacups and saucers to this set
 and I didn't think to set them out at the adult places
before I snapped these pics.

I wish I had, they're my favorite part of any china sets!

The above pics are in the kitchen, the below pics are from the dining room.
Sorry it was so dark and that I was in such a hurry.

I used gold chargers and gold flat ware in the dining room,
and green straw chargers and vintage silverplate in the kitchen.

I only have a set of 6 gold flatware.
I think I need to buy another set.
I think my husband would beg to differ. : - )

Regular chargers don't fit well on my slender kitchen table
when I have six place settings there - gets too crowded.

Easter feast was a bit of a pot luck:

Sweet Glazed ham with pineapple

Lasagna (hey, I married an Italian and so did my sister!)

Cheesy potatoes (because my family is Irish!)

Mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash)

Salad (youngest daughter brought - (w/ homemade croutons and dressing)

Dinner rolls and whipped butter

My sister had two big parties last weekend so I told her to just bring wine.
She always cooks something everytime I host, but I wasn't having it this time. 

My brother's stroke has been MOST hard on her.
 Just saying she needed a break! Took her some convincing, too.

My eldest daughter brought 2 yummy desserts -
 a Boston Cream Pie and Key Lime Pie

I made a carrot cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting.

I snapped a pic of the feast table but I take crappy foodie pics, so I am not sharing, haha.

As it turned out, my daughter Katie brought me beautiful cut tulips
 from her garden that I ended up using on my kitchen tablescape,
 and my eldest daughter Evelyn brought me dark pink tulips
 for my dining table, THEN my brother brought gorgeous Easter lilies! 

I was overwhelmed by these generous blessings!

I just get so upset when I forget to get pics - 
I wish I could share how perfect they looked on these tables...
much much better than what I had before they arrived!

I shall try and share pics of them in my next post at least,
 before they lose their beauty.

Perhaps even for teatime. ♥

Anyway, Easter is such a wonderful joyous season.

I hope it lingers in our souls all year, as intended.

God bless each and every one of you!

As always, thank you for stopping by!



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy and Blessed Easter Joy to You!



Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Comments closed.

I posted my Easter decor yesterday
just in case you missed it I'd love you to
pop by and visit if you find the time.

God bless you!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Decor at The Nest

Easter greetings, dear friends!

Here are some touches of Easter around our home
I thought I'd share before the holiday is past.

Have a truly blessed Easter.

Chicks and bunnies for rebirth.

And an unexpected surprise in our mailbox
from a dear friend from my women's club, Maureen
(whom was our first president of the club and is also a  member of my church)
for my baby grand Vivi. 

It was a soft fluuffy little pink sheep that says 
the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer. 

I think the bag it came in was just as adorable!

The sheep and lamb as a reminder of the Passover sacrifice.

And never forgetting that Jesus is my Holy Lamb of God
 given to us all to start a New Covenant.

He made all things new,
so that we may live forever through Him.

Most of my pics came out rather "moody."

I think it is because I took them on Good Friday.

That is truly the saddest day of the year;
 full of such grief and mourning.

I just adore real pussy willow branches -
 the touch of rustic springtime organics speaks to me.

There's more,  but this is a good stopping point.

I know many of you have much to do
 in preparation of your Easter celebrations.

I wish you deep heart-felt joy in the
 Good News that He Is Risen!

As always, thank you for your visit!



Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Tablescape 2017

Thought I'd pop in and share my
 simple little kitchen Easter tablescape for four.

I haven't set the dining table yet-
not sure how many in total are coming Sunday

Mostly likely the number will be 12.

Time will tell.

I have all sorts of things going on with this centerpiece.

Galvanized cake stand? check.
Egg vine wire vine wreath? check.
Eggs in a nest? check.
Groovy wire crown thingamajig? check.

Put it all together and ta daa - a unique centerpiece is born.

I love my spring/summer birdie salt and pepper shaker set.

It's always so much fun to open up a holiday box
 and re-discover all the treasures that is inside it!

I'm wishing you all a very blessed

Many of you know I sing in my church choir.

We sang this past Sunday, and we practice tomorrow
 with the orchestra-
then sing again at services Holy Thursday, Good Friday
and for Easter Vigil.

It's a veritable vocal Marathon this week!

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ 

I do so hope to find the time to share
my Easter house tour with you.

We will see how it works out, do hope I am able.

But if I can't come back on- please have a very Happy Easter!

May your hearts be filled lots of love.

(And maybe a bunny or two.)


As always, thank you for your visit.