Monday, July 6, 2015

Breakfast Tea in the Garden Room

My sweet niece stayed with me last week
 and we had a pretty outdoor breakfast in my garden room.

We were nestled among the flowers and shrubs
and the birds, butterflies and bees.

I can think of nothing better than to wake up
and remember she is sleeping upstairs...
and to gleefully plan our little tea time together.

This time she did so much of the work because of my

Just call me Hop-a-Long Cassidy!

Our menu was simple:

Eggs in a Cup - soft-boiled eggs w/ butter and freshly cracked pepper
Raspberry Scones with homemade "clotted" cream 
Fresh cut nectarines
Blueberry Tea

Our sweet and pretty breakfast made us very happy.

Just look at her precious smile of anticipation!

Aren't these the most beautiful paper napkins you've ever seen?
I've had them since Easter - I seldom use paper ones,
so I still had this pack - and they looked perfect with our pink/green/lilac color scheme, so we used them!

I wonder how well they'd decoupage?
They're so beautiful.
Have any of you ever decoupaged with paper napkins?

By the time we got everything all set up
 we'd worked up a big appetite
and ate every bit!

The night before the two of us had gone to see
the new Pixar movie "Inside Out."
I highly recommend it. 
It is very different than the other Pixar films

After the movie we went to a delish Chinese restaurant for dinner.
(Her favorite and I seldom go because hubs doesn't like it.)

I had to run to the pharmacy so I let her pick out
 a new nail polish there.

When we returned I gave her a fancy manicure.

(I also needed some sitting down quiet time after our running around!)

That pretty sky blue color on her nails in the pic below
is the polish she picked.

 : - )

After our breakfast I had her run up to my special girlie library
in our loft area and pick out any book for us to read out here.

I have a lifetime collection of special tea books and such.

She chose the one called "Thank You, Friend."

It was given to me a few years ago by a friend Sandra
when she visited from out of town for tea.

We took turns reading this sweet book
 full of Scripture, quotes, wisdom, poetry
 and basic feel-good thoughts. 

She was hesitant about reading the old fashioned script Cursive pages.

Do you all realize that hand writing & teaching Cursive is GONE?
The children don't learn how to write it or read it in schools anymore.



I shudder at this. Just yikes. Ok, I'm done now. 


We discussed many of the pages -
I wanted to make sure she understood the selections
and had time to disgest her food and her thoughts.

I am trying to teach her in our world of "crazy rat-race fast"
that savoring things like meals and tea and good books
is worth the time and effort to do.

I think she got into it, as she got super comfortable.

Oh, I should also point out that it was super sunny when we began
and by the time we finished it had begun raining.

That's why the last pics are dark.

I sure love my little garden covered patio zen room.

The rain didn't even bother us!

Indeed, I do believe we savored our time together quite nicely!

As always, thank you for your visit!



Thursday, July 2, 2015

Red White and Blues

Here are a few of my favorite pics of past posts

Some years we go all out -
this year our eldest daughter is in Montreal
and our youngest just returned from vacation
so she needs to just catch up and work, work, work.

And my sister who lives near me
 (who has all the children I always blog about)
 is at her lake home with her family...
plus with my boot thing on I am not feeling like
doing hosting much of anything.

                             So we're just gonna "chillax" for a change.

We're attending an evening wedding tomorrow
~~~Friday July 3rd~~~
so that keeps us home bound this year.

And we've been really looking forward to it.

I've even shared some red white and blue  
from my store with Blog Shop linky party on Wednesdays.

If you haven't yet seen the series called
 you have really missed something special.

It is absolutely a must see
 for those with Patriotic appreciation
 for our beloved nation's beginnings.

It's not on Netflix but it is on Amazon Prime Instant Video
if you are a Prime member. Sorry to tease you.

I wish you all a very happy,
 safe holiday weekend.

But in the midst of your traditions and merry-making,
please take a moment to remember
whose blood and courage,
 along with their un-failing and un-dimming
 love of freedom and
The Flag For Which It Stands.

Love it. Honor it. Always.
Proud folks bravely died
so that it would forever wave
for all the ages to come.


As always, thank you for your visit.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Giveaway Winner - BIG Spinach + Das Boot

The winner of my giveaway was Cindy from the blog

Thanks to everyone who participated.

We have had the greatest harvest of spinach recently!

Our youngest daughter is a big time gardener and had extra startings
she gave us this year - and wow did it ever take off!

The spinach really took a shine to our big vegetable garden.

(I call it the "Back 40" as they do down at the Ranch in Gunsmoke.)


You really cannot tell how large these spinach leaves are
but to give you an idea:
this sink is extra large and extra deep

and it is plumb full of spinach!   

I just grabbed one of the medium leaves fast and had a yogurt*
I was about to eat and sat it down on the leaf so you could see
how huge each leaf was!

*Which, incidentally is my all-time favorite brand of yogurt.
It's all natural and mmmmmm good. Try it!

And no I am not compensated, just opinionated.

I had such high hopes to actually doing foodie post showing
my delicious chicken and spinach dish I made a little later that day
but, well, you know I never remember the foodie stuff.

We cook, eat, clean up - business done.

Then I recall my intentions and get that "Ah crap" moment
 when one says to oneself
"I get an A for sincerity and and an epic fail for foodie pics.


For those who didn't know, I am not wearing one of those
really ugly Big Black Boot things due to some small stress fractures
in my foot, advanced tendonitis and arthritis for the cherry on top.

I started my physical therapy for it yesterday;
3x a week for a month, then we'll see how it's healing up.

I've been trying to weed around the garden in this thing-
not getting good at maneuvering yet - yikes.

(Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down!)

I am not happy about any of this, but want to float gracefully
down the aisle in August when our youngest daughter 
gets married - so praying for fast healing.

Just got word my sister's health needs some prayer-
for her privacy I won't delve details 
but it is becoming much more serious.

Also my sister's sister-in-law is in ICU and needs prayer.

So - a giveaway winner, some huge spinach
 and some prayer requests is what I am all about today.

What fun weekend plans do you all have coming up?
Whatever you do, may you enjoy peace and safety!

As always, thank you for your visit!



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Friday, June 26, 2015

Tea! Tea! - Easy as 1.2.3

Oh, I just adore my sweet little toddler niece Madeline!

Her Momma Jenn, my dear sister-in-law, 
 sent me the CUTEST phone pics the other day!

Maddy having her pretty pink play teatime -
 does it get cuter?!?

                               Can you see her cute pink play kitchen
                                 with the adorable pink & white appliances?

One must double check the cups are clean!

I wonder if I should offer Mommy a cup?

Nah, I think I'll just drink them both!


If you haven't signed up for my giveaway
Click HERE for more details!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Red White Blue Wares & Giveaway!

I am having a Patriotic giveaway!

It's also been some time now since I have joined in on Bev's 
Blog Shop linky party post

It's a wonderful way to show off things you may have for sale!

Remember; you needn't have a store, shop, Etsy or Ebay.....
just need to share what you may wish to sell!

I have had an ebay shop for almost 16 years 
and I promise you this is a wonderful way to get some exposure
that you may not otherwise have had! (Thanks, Bev!)

I have purchased quite a few things from those participating too-
so it is a win-win any way one looks at it!

A cute hand painted salad sized serving/decorative plate!

Today I am sharing a few wares in my little store  
and perfect for your outdoor holiday entertaining!

Set of 4 of the cutest "bandana" painted napkin rings!

Big lot of new white plastic spoons and forks!

4 cute dinner stoneware dinner plates 

4 matching mugs!

4 salad plates in the Fiesta style by HOME

Lidded cooling crock for dips or butter

Cute lighthouse and candle gift set

Large white artisan pitcher hand made in Portugal

And for those more "formal" minded, I am offering up for sale
this stunning blue white and gilded artisan hand painted teapot!

You know I must show at least one teapot, right?  : - )

Of course I would love you to check out my store
and do some shopping - I am sure there is something
there you would love to have.

You can always find my store by clicking my logo
on the right side bar of my blog all year long.

But my motivation TODAY is to ALSO prompt you all to take a look at
BLOG SHOP LINKY PARTY to also look at other's wares for sale....
and to get you to join in and sell something yourselves too!


My giveaway ends 10pm EST Monday June 29th so I can get 
the package out Tuesday in time for July 4th!

No requirements except be in the USA, and to leave a comment
stating you'd love to enter.

If you don't have a blog please send a private email also
telling me your snail mail addy so I can get it posted for you!

As always, thank you for your visit!



Blue Monday

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Friend Linda

I lost an awesome friend over the weekend.

Linda was an amazing woman;
funny, gregarious, interesting, dynamic, strong, loyal, and so sweet.

She was one of my earliest women's club friends.

I bonded with her from the very first meeting.

She had that kind of magnetism; was liked by everyone.

I am sharing a pic of the first time I had her for tea.

She is the one 3rd from the left in pink and black.

Betty   *   Carol  *   Linda  *  Sandra  *  Nancy  *   Karen  *   Me (floor)

[Pic courtesy of MD]

She lost her husband years ago and had no children,
 but had a nephew she adored, and many many friends.

She was a docent at our Zoo,
 and always had such fun stories about life there.

She was taking some folks on a hike in the woods when she noticed
 she was having trouble walking.

 She went straight to the doctor for tests, 
and found out she had brain cancer.

I tell you, friends, she was upbeat and brave till the very end.

I know I could never have done that-
she has gained my eternal respect.

May she rest in peace until the Second Coming of the Lord!

She will be sorely missed.

I ask you if you will please pray for her soul, 
and for those who are mourning this loss, as they are many.

Please say an extra prayer for Linda's best friend Lois,
who needs the healing of prayer for this loss.
It's been hard on her and I know she really hurts.

Thank you, prayer warriors!!

As always, thank you for your visit.


I am keeping this post comment-free
 so you can get to praying right away.
That's what is really important here today.

 Thanks so much.