Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter 2016 Living Room Tour

It is still very much mid-winter for many of us!

Before long I will be changing up our home
 to reflect the next holiday, St. Valentine's Day -
 so I thought I'd share my living room and a few pieces 
placed here and there around our nest before it's just too late!

I kept out some of my white and silver trees
 because they fit right in with our snowy winters here.

Here's a close-up pic showing off the painted off-white table
 tucked way in the back that is a bit difficult to see.

Some of you may remember that my daughter Katie
 painted this table for me years ago - she did a fabulous job!

 Just look at those sweet legs!  


You may have seen my antique pinecone teacups in this last post.

Apparently I have a real fondness for pinecones.

I have these little plates that match some of my teacups, too. ♥

I have a small collection of cute tiny Putz houses - but this favorite one gets the grand honour of being featured on our mantle because but it has little lights that turn on- the windows are really holes. In this pic it almost looks like ivory paper, but it isn't -the lights are on but no one is home.

Everything around here seems to be touched
 with the peaceful, sparkly magic of winter....

Tucked on the bottom shelf of our little painted side table
is an old silver tray holding wintery treasures.

Yes, that is daquiri ice sea glass....not just for summer anymore!

My sweet tea society sister-friend Pam gave me this
 lovely winter bird's nest the last time she stayed here.

I keep it tucked under that cloche
but took it off so you could all see it clearly, without glare.  

One need not ever go far to fine something birdie around here. here 

To me they're all finches!  : - )

That little china birdie is tucked into a pottery trio
 that says Love Hope Peace - appropriate for year 'round
 not just for Christmas....we all need more of all three, don't we?
 It sits in my antique farmhouse hutch across from the living room.

Arborvitae tucked into a silver vase for just a "touch of winter."
There is something about this pic I really like about its composition.
I like the shadows here - and shadows are usually the enemy,
but not so much in this photo to me, at least.

Speaking of arborvitae - it is an unloved shrub for many
but I planted some as a privacy next to our hottub when we had it
about maybe 12 years ago - they were little 4 foot tubs - light enough 
I could carry them and plant them myself...and now they must be
at least 18 feet high. They filled out and give a great "wall of green" backdrop
next to what is now my zen room.

You can see my covered porch "zen" room here.  

As always, thank you for stopping for a visit!



Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Whites, Silver and Teacups

Liturgical Epiphany is behind us now,
 so our Christmas decorations are now put away for another year.

But winter is still going strong here in Ohio, 
and will be for much longer!

When winter officially began in December
 it was oddly and unseasonably WARM outside -
but now our yards are full of lovely white snow
and it's been 9 degrees the last few days.

It's supposed to warm up again soon, but it is still WINTER!
I absolutely adore winter, and hope we get lots more of it.

I keep winter decor up a long time - 
full of frosty whites  and shimmery silvers and minty greens.

I love this tiny bird salt cellar my friend & tea sister Dawn gifted me.
It's quite at home nestled among the winter decor around here.

Again this year I have purged another two boxes of excess decor
(by donating or sharing with family and friends.) 

I keep promising myself I will continue to purge
 with each passing season
until I feel I have a handle on my decor. 
It really isn't easy.

I guess that is my true New Year's Resolution. 
I REALLY need to get more organized!


I thought I'd share a few pics of winter-themed tea today;
such as this wonderful Downton Abbey ornament
 my dear mother-in-law recently gifted me. 

She always picks such perfect gifts;
 one can always tell she puts a lot of thought into her gift-giving. 

Isn't it just delightful? It's hard to believe it is an ornament!

Silver tray with perfect tea-time-for-two delights?

I believe she knows me well. 

Yes, winter looks splendid in all its shimmery white finery!

I have my precious pinecone teacups
 on display around our nest.

And I had such fun playing with Waterlogue,

I only wish I could paint like this!

As always, thank you for your visit! 

I truly wish you good health and happiness all winter long,
 wherever you happen to nest!

(And a prayer for you to help you stick to your resolutions.)

My hugs & prayers-



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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very safe, happy
and healthy new year to you all!

And of course:


Ohio State Buckeyes

 at the Fiesta Bowl tonight!

See you all next year!



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This wonderful nativity was painted by my friend
(and daughter's mother-in-law)
 Patricia Reeve.

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Gift of Christmas Baking!

I have been baking my head off this week -
and thought I'd share what I am giving friends,
 neighbors and family.

I *always* make decorated sugar cookies and Russian Snow Balls.
Those are my two standard staple cookies for sure.

I love love love the smell of ginger cookies baking.

One of these days I intend on mastering the art of decorating with royal icing.

Practice, practice, practice, right?

I made a bajillion each of : decorated cut-out cookies, 
snow balls, chocolate peanut crunch balls,
amd Oreo snowmen truffles.

(My daughter made the chocolate one with candy cane on top.)

Some of these were quite labor intensive to make,
but I had lots of fun doing so.

But it sure helps me get into the spirit of the season.

All of our pretty snow is gone now.

We won't be having a white Christmas after all. :-(

I think our last snow storm just came in too early!

Here is my post on the last snowfall if you missed here. 

Here is where I found the recipe for those cute snowmen truffles.

And they're perfect alone as a tiny token to give someone.

It is especially well-received when in its own wee gift box
tied up with string.

Merry Christmas!

As always, thank you so much for your visit!


If you missed my last post: I shared the cute pics
 of my first grand daughter sitting on Santa's lap here.
She is just too sweet!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

First Visit With St. Nick!

Wow - Christmas is nearly here!

I just wanted to pop in and show off
 how cute the baby looked when she went to visit Santa!

Gotta start with the ruffles on her bottom -
 'cuz that wee skirt is so cute I am hardly able to contain my squeals.

 Yes, my friends, I have lost my little grandma mind, I tell ya!

And this is the look she's giving ME 'cuz I took this shot!

I am not entirely sure which one of us is the happier.

And nooooo, this isn't the best pic in the world....

But I simply had to share,
 because it was a very special occasion!

Here is baby meeting Santa for the first time
while he made an appearance at our church.

I cannot even believe she's five months old already!
Isn't she getting big?

As always, thank you for your visit!


xxoo   MERRY CHRISTMAS  ooxx

Thursday, December 15, 2016


and knowing my 5th blogger anniversary is Jan. 1st
(and PROBABLY won't much feel like blogging that day)

I am giving away a cute 
Christmas Snowmen Sugar and Creamer!

This is so whimsical and fun - hope you like!

Just be sure to leave a comment stating
 whether you want in on the giveaway!

Giveaway ends Sunday at EST 10pm
so I can get it shipped first thing Monday morning
for you all to receive in time for Christmas!

Also, be sure to check my last post here if you missed it -
I was fortunate enough to capture some true winter's beauty.

I just posted it late last night so I didn't give readers much time
to see it, and it's worth seeing - the snow and the full moon
is worth the few seconds it takes to see that short post, I promise!

It means a lot to me when you visit,
 thanks so much for being such wonderful friends
 and truly thought & loyal readers all year long.

Hugs. ♥


She posted about it here


Please forgive me for teasing, but this giveaway is limited to US only, to help keep rising shipping costs even doable for me.


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