Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday, Granddaughter!


Oh my, oh my! What a happy and special day!

We celebrated our granddaughter's first birthday
 at her Auntie Eve and Uncle Dan's on Saturday.

Auntie is a real crafty gal and hand-made every item for the party-
and it all tied in to the adorable personalized invitations, too.

There were banners and streamers and balloons everywhere!

Here's auntie now
 sneaking in a kissy-selfie with the birthday girl!

And didn't we have a nice and festive welcome out in front!

(Their entire garden is English Country Garden style -
and so much was in bloom this past weekend.)

This is only a portion of the food-
these early pics were taken before all things were put out.

Candy, cookies, krispie bars and cupcakes.....

But as wonderful as the party atmosphere and the food was
the Princess of the Day was definately the highlight!

One of the few smiles captured on film-
cuz she's looking right at her Grammie!

She's growing way too fast.

She walks now. She speaks more than a few words. 
And she's getting her 7th tooth.

Her Momma and Daddy are so happy and proud.

I love that her Auntie Eve took the time
 to even decorate her high chair!

But baby was much more interested
 in tasting sweets for the first time
than in posing for the camera.

She didn't even know what to do with it at first.
I don't think she liked the sticky/gooey mess on her fingers.

Her Momma broke off a small piece of cake sans frosting
and took the rest of it away.

NEXT year she'll get herself a whole big 'ole piece, 
won't she, Mom????  : -)

The tables were so pretty with bright
 happy potted sunflowers on them.

They matched the sunshine we had all day!

Some of the guests got them as favors from the hostess-
and Katie (baby's momma) made home-made berry jam
from berries from her gardens and Eve's mulberry tree!
Everyone got a canning jar of it as a favor;
 and it is FABULOUS!

Here's our sweet grand-dog Derby.
She was so good with all the commotion yesterday.

And, thank you, too, dear Derby (grand dog)
 for sweetly sharing your lovely home with us.

We know it's much more noise than you are accustomed,
but you were such a well behaved girl through it all. ♥

Auntie Eve and Uncle Dan spoiled the birthday girl big-time
 with many wonderful vintage and new gifts -
 but my very fav was her cute wee 
table and chair set that Auntie re-did for her.

This was a trash-to-treasure save - and it is a solid wood antique!

I told you my eldest daughter is very crafty! 

It's funny because the baby wasn't much interested
 in her presents at all... till she got some new books.

She loves books!

She was "reading" them aloud to herself.
I was next to her and could hear it all- 
babbling away quietly in baby speak - it was so cute.

I just adore the determination she shows on her face as she is opening it up.
Look at those pursed lips!

But the pic below wins the prize! 

LOL!  Book up-side down, too funny!

She really loved her fuzzy birthday card, too!

It has a pink and sprinkled cupcake with a 1 on it.

Thank you, Evelyn and Dan for hosting
 this very special birthday party!

We love you, sweet baby girl!

As always, thank you for your visit.

I'll try hard not to stay away so long next time!
Miss you all.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In Sympathy

One of our precious own lost one of her precious own yesterday.

May "Mr. Sweet"  - our bj's precious husband - RIP.

His cancer battle was lost, but his journey to Jesus is finally won.

Image result for pics of heaven jesus

Please join me in sending condolences to:

Sweet Nothings blog post titled-  Thru the Gate

We are so sorry for your loss, bj.

I love and miss you all.

I will be back soon, I promise.

God bless!