Monday, April 28, 2014

Thrift Side-Table Makeover!

OK, I am so stinkin' proud of this silly little project

that I am actually beaming with joy writing this!

Some of you may know about my weird aversion/fear of painting.
 Anything. Walls, nope. Furniture? Never.

 I was even too nervous to even paint
 my tiny little doll house wooden bed -
I just asked my daughter to do it. She laughed at me.
But she knows me and understands.........

I have had for years a fabulous wall painter named Margie.

I shared her amazing faux finish in this old dining room tour post. 

I have another daughter who paints my real furniture occassionally.

You can see an end table she painted here in a autumn tour post.  

But I am happy to say I think I am kinda getting over my fear.

I know this project is silly easy-peasey baby steps to all you
 amazing DYI crafty painter peeps...

But to me these steps are

So, without further ado, here is my
 sweet little cheapie do-over side table!

I bought it several years ago for only $15 at a Goodwill. 
I just loved it's legs, and that it has a lower shelf.

I just knew it had potential - seeing past it's red/brown
and all it's bumps and nastiness....

Ok, and yes, it took me 2 to 3 years
 to work up the muster and gumption to do it,
 but by golly  I finally painted a piece of furniture! 

And I actually like it, maybe even love it!

This table now resides next to the reading chair 
in our khaki aviary guest bedroom!

It's just the right size there between the end of one of the beds
and the chair - not too low, not too Baby Bear says, 
"It's juuuuust riiiiight!"

Of course, being relatively new at the whole before and after thing
 I failed miserably as a blogger and didn't take a before pic
 of it's original reddish brown general bleckiness.

 (It was terribly scratched and needed a lot of sanding!)

I used CC Caldwell's chalk paint in the colour SAND -
 as I was hoping to match up that little bird tray -
 and I believe I nailed it right on its beak! 


My absolute #1 favorite blogger
 for amazing painting inspiration and transformation
is Lisa over at {createinspire}

After you are through being super impressed and drooling at my own little project 
hop on over and be completely 
impressed with Lisa's amazing creations!

(I soooo want to be Lisa when I grow up!) 

As always, thank you for your visit!



Saturday, April 26, 2014

Asparagus Frittatas Recipe

For Easter brunch this year we had a nice selection of yummables:

Three kinds of sausage, bacon, salad, scones,
 bagels with various cream cheeses, a cheese tasting plate, fruit salad,
greens salad, herbed home fries, chicken vegetable soup, and asparagus mushroom frittatas. And cookies, which I tried to ignore and failed. Katie used a new Martha Stewart recipe on them and they were incredible.
I totally spoiled my diet with Easter this year.

We'v really been counting our carbs around here lately -
 and trying to get more protein into our diets.

This frittata really fit the bill nicely for us!

It's a very nice brunch or luncheon dish to serve.

It's the first time I had ever made them, and they were a big hit!

I also made a cheese and bacon one - my husband hates mushrooms.
But by the time I was onto making the 3rd one I don't even know where  my phone went. Sorry about the dark phone pic - all I could do, had a lot going on, and I am not a foodie blogger and seldom post about food I make so this is the best I could do. /blush in embarassment.

Anyway, I am not very good at foodie pics like all you other foodie pros - but hope you will like the recipe, as that is my reason for sharing.

(Serves 4-5 pizza sized wedges)

4 eggs well beaten
1/3 cup ricotta cheese
1/4 cup mushrooms sliced thinly
1 cup cheddar cheese (less a bit to put on top later) - or parmesan works too
1 tbl sweet onion chopped finely
half a "bouquet" of asparagus -prepared*
1 tbl  green pepper finely chopped
2 tb fresh basil or 1 tsp dried - fresh makes a huge difference
1/8 salt
1/8 ground black pepper
Dash or three of nutmeg
Dash or three of dried garlic - fresh is too strong
1/8 Mrs. Dash (original)

* Wash asparagus and then hold each one firmly and crack in half. 
Put the top portion to one side and the stem portion on another side till you have 2 piles

Now take the flower side and break that in two - but save the topper pieces, keep them longer
I used organic and used the skinniest ones for my "star" on top of the frittata.

Now go to the stem pile and break THEM in half - the lowest portion is too hard and stemmy to use, but I put in a pan with water and boiled them forever till they were super soft then added them to my soup.......and if TOO hard and stemmy we put in our compost.

The upper part of the lower part (if that makes sense) I used.

Options: if you have long green onions or chives
 add a few of the greens in this for color/flavor - optional

In a small oven safe sautee pan melt butter and sautee the stemmy part of the asparagus first because it is the toughest and needs to soften a lot. Once it softens add the onion,  green pepper and sauteed a few minutes. When they are a bit softer add the mushrooms and tops of asparagus. The mushroom and tops won't need to sautee nearly as long as the others,
 which is why one wants to fry in that order.

Fry on med/low till softer but not too mushy - 
add a dash of nutmeg and a pinch of salt and pepper when nearly done

In med bowl : beat 4 eggs well and add cheese and mix well
then add to the sauteed items in the frying pan.

Cook a few minutes till it gets semi-set then take your 5 asparagus
and make a star shape on top. If it isn't set enough the asparagus will fall down and not sit on top.

Now cover, reduce heat to low and cook to set - around 8- 10 minutes.

Take off heat and sprinkle with remaining cheese you set aside

Meanwhile preheat oven on "broil."

This is why you need an oven safe sautee pan (like Calphalon, etc.)

You simple take the pan and put in the broiler till top is lightly browned
and cheese is nicely melted

Gently loosen frittata and place on serving plate

Garnish with fresh herbs or tomato slices


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Table & Dining Room

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

We had perfect weather - rare for our Easter Sundays!

Thought I'd share our Easter table today - better late than never!

We're not terribly whimsical around here anymore-
our children have all grown up - so I kept it
natural and fresh and easy.

I gave my little sister, who has 4 younger children
all my fun colourful Easter decor.

It's fun to go over there and see it again -
making so many happy again.

(Note to self: get pics of it over there next year to share on blog.)

Here are some views before I remembered
 I had burlap place mats.
I remembered only after I started scratching the table
 moving those twig chargers around!


Here is a close up of my real bird's nest
 under a chicken wire cloche centerpiece-
toss some dried moss, a dried paper flower and faux ivy,
set a little ceramic birdie inside, voila - a perfect
outdoorsy centerpiece that did the trick perfectly.

The bird's nest my husband found me a few years ago
when we had a nasty storm and it blew out of the
tree it was the way - it weighs a ton!

Another pic of tablescape before my brain remembered
 I had place mats... which made a big difference
 in warming up our big long dark table.

Buffet  behind the table against the wall:

Here is a close up of my jeweled precious enameled bunny
 sitting on top of those green silk napkins.

My sweet and dear tea "sister" friend Karen
gave me as a hostess gift when I had her for tea a few years ago.

He stays out nearly year 'round here at our nest.
 I ♥ him!

On the baker's rack in the dining room
nest to the piano - a simple touch of green moss:

My wonderful "hostess" gifts from the daughters:

Evelyn knows that white tulips are on the top
 of my *very* favorite flowers list!

That glass hurricane is going to have lots of use
after the flowers are spent and get planted outside 
in the fall!

My clever younger daughter Katie knows how to frugally impress -
 she took a Christmas ornament she received
as a gift a few years ago
 (since she hasn't had a large tree in a number of years)
and re-purposed it by spray painting it a new neutral colour
 and using it as a lovely gift box, filling with spring items!

She found these alphabet stamps at the Goodwill for $1 -
 love how she used them!

(Can't wait to see what plants bloom once this is all planted!)

It's wonderful spring has finally arrived!  Yay!


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Easter Joke to Make You Smile

My cousin just sent me this
 and I thought it was too cute not to share!

A man is driving along a highway
 and sees a rabbit
jump out across the middle of the road.

He swerves to avoid hitting it, but unfortunately the rabbit jumps
 right in front of the car. 

The driver, a sensitive man
 as well as an animal lover,
 pulls over and gets out to see
what has become of the rabbit.

Much to his dismay, the rabbit is
the Easter Bunny,
 and he is  DEAD .
The driver feels so awful
  that he begins to cry. 
A beautiful blonde woman driving
 down the highway
sees a man crying on the side of the road
and pulls over.

She steps out of the car and asks the man
what's it wrong. 

"I feel terrible!"  he explains,
"I accidentally hit the Easter Bunny
 with my car and KILLED HIM!" 

The blonde says,"Don't worry, darlin!"

She runs to her car
 and pulls out a spray can.

She walks over to the limp,
  Easter Bunny; bends down,
 and sprays the contents onto him. 

The  Easter Bunny  jumps up,
 waves its paw at the two of them
 and hops off down the road.

Ten feet away he stops,
 turns around and waves again,
hops down the road another 10 feet,
turns and waves, hops another ten feet, 
turns and waves,
 and repeats this
 again and again and again and again, until he hops out of sight.
The man is astonished.

He runs over to the woman and demands,
"What is in that can?
What did you spray on the Easter Bunny ?" 

The woman turns the can around
so that the man can read the label.

It says...

(Are you ready for this?) 
(You know you're gonna be sorry!) 
(Last chance!!!)

OK, here it is:

It says, 

"Hair Spray Restores life to dead hair,
and adds permanent wave."
Happy Easter!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Worthy is the Lamb Who is slain;
He hath taken away the sins of the world.

Eternal Father - the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity
 of Your dearly beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ...
in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world....

...for the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
 have mercy on the whole world.

May the blessings of this Holy Easter
 bring peace, love and joy to your home.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Card Party - April

It's that time again to pick
 a few fav pics from past posts and
share them at Vee's card party!

(If you haven't yet seen my Easter wishes to you, click here.)

As always, thanks for visiting!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Happy Easter to you ~ and Happy Spring!

I wish for you the very best
 this special season has to offer!

I hope its blessings are present
in every moment of your time together with
your family and friends.

I wish you happy memories of Easters past,
and for loved ones long gone
(but still very near and dear to your heart.)

I hope springtime brings you
lots of sweet surprises...

Baskets full of Easter Joy - 
(and may none of your eggs be rotten!)

I hope you have some nice egg cups to hold them!

I wish for you a peaceful respite
 and some time to savor your tea -
 especially if it's from a Funny Bunny teapot!

And I especially wish you a really hoppin' good time...
'cuz Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

As always, thank you for your visit!