Thursday, December 3, 2020

Christmas Morning Biscotti Gifts!


Today I am sharing an adaption of a post
 I did last year - but was a little late getting it posted.

And I think good timing is everything -

so right now seems to be the perfect time to share this,

for early enough planning ahead!


Biscotti is a double-baked dry crisp Italian "cookie,"

that travels well and keeps a while in an air tight container.

And just who wouldn't want a simple crispy crunchy biscuit

really good for dippin' and dunkin 

 in tea or coffee to start a morning off to a sweet start?

These easy-to-make baked super crunchy goodies
are the perfect answer!

I have been making them for years -
and last year had the idea (I got from Diana at Nana Takes a Break blog) to make them just 
the right size to fit inside Christmas card boxes
to give as gifts.

I love cleverly repurposing the use of things, don't you?

She made fudge for hers.

(I am adding this now- last year I had mentioned her and this year I omitted, so fixing now.)

 I always save these heavy-duty card boxes,
 and they'd been really adding up.

Last year I filled my seven boxes I had saved
 and dropped off to all my neighbors in my cul-de-sac.
(Hobby Lobby sells my favorite cards and have the best boxes.)

Of course biscotti individually wrapped up
 in cellophane & tied with a bow
 tucked into a jar or basket,
filled in a repurposed large jar, put in cute square cookie tins or filled up a cute holiday box...any contained works!

Two favorite recipes for fall & winter:


I cut up the cranberries much smaller and use less 

from the above recipes, which helps them

 keep their shape and stay together and not break too easily.

These make really great treats to mail to loved ones!

So, remember:


 and plan to do some biscotti baking this year!

As always, thanks for your visit.

Hugs and prayers,



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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December's First Snow!

I sure enjoyed waking up

 on the first day of December to finding it had really snowed!

I do love having all 4 seasons here, and I do really like snow!

(Especially when I decorating for Christmas!)

It helps me really get into the spirit of it all!

I love the patterns the snow made

on the stone pavers...

And how the piles of snow sits on the branches of

the boxwood outside our kitchen window.

And on the lilac bush next to it on the right....

But the BEST part of a good snow day

 is when sweet little girls get to make snow angels!

Oh, the sheer joy of being a child!

Vivi says to herself:

"OK, I am going to look at my mommy. Smile, even. 

Think she will notice that I am making a snowball?

Don't look at my hands. Just focus. Just keep smiling at mommy.

I think I am almost ready to throw it at her..."

(Just look at that "innocent" look she's giving her!)

I know that look all too well myself! 

Seems sweet, but really is T.R.O.U.B.L.E!


And of course there are no pics of the war that ensued!

Alas, the paparazzi were nowhere to be found.

(THIS grandma sure loved getting these happy pics from them!)

Incidentally these are her shiny new "Olaf" boots

 from the movie Frozen.

In pic below she is holding her Olaf plushie toy.

Yes, she still has a strong Frozen obsession.

 As always, thanks for your visit!