Sunday, February 4, 2018

Random Beautiful Winter Musings...

Oh, it is so cold! It's down into the 20s today.  Brrr......

Christmas may be long over, but winter sure isn't!

I am sincerely glad to live in a true four-season state.
I would really miss not having a snowy winter.

Though should it still be snowing in April, ask me again.
I daresay I may have an entirely different opinion by then!

And even though most everyone is dreaming of spring,
the truth of the matter is
 we will have winter here in Ohio for a long while longer.

On days like these there's nothing like setting up
a pretty teatime in front of a fire and just enjoying the season.

And why not just make it pretty for oneself?

I've had a good neighbor friend over a few times for tea
as well, winter is a nice time to catch up after all the
busyness of the holidays.

We've been attacking the basement
with a purging vengeance!

We've already donated 15 boxes/bags to charity -
and still have more to go! 

Things are finally beginning to take shape down there.

(And NO, it will never be a blog-worth before and after post.)

Okay, back to my winter musings......

It appears as though our sweet wee grand likes winter as well.
She's getting all bundled up to go out and play!

Here below she's wearing her Auntie's warm

 knitted hat on Christmas Day.

Note those adorable Santa Claus slippers
and poinsettias on her wool knit dress! 

 It's just simply too cute to not share,
 even though it's more than a bit behind. 

She's growing so fast. She's 1.5 years old already!

Not a great pic, but here's such a happy one-
showing her in her pajamas happily playing
 my mother's piano
 (which now resides at my sister's
until my daughter has the room to have it.)

She seems to really love music.

And that really makes my heart sing!
♫ ♪ ♫

I have kept most of my frosty winter-y white and sparkling
 and silver decor up around our nest.

Why not just keep it out- when it still looks just like it outdoors?

I have so much winter decor - 
I may have to just share it in another post,
as this one is getting much too long.

But please forgive me if I don't get around to it.

I mean well. 

: - )

Here's a little and very short video of the backyard 
after a recent snow storm.

It is so peacefully quiet and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it. 

(Especially if you are without snow where you live.)

This is especially for you. ♥

As always, thanks for your visit.

xxoo  Hugs  xxoo.