Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Day With Baby

Spent the day with my new granddaughter
 and MY OWN "baby" daughter!

Katie was feeling well enough to want to get out
and see some different walls - 
so we packed up the baby and went to a nice local place for brunch.

Afterwards we went back to their home
 and I held Vivian for as long as I could...
till her Daddy returned from work.

After I left I went straight to the baby store
 and look at this cute size 0-3 months onesie I found!

(Insert manical oh-yay-another-tea-partier-joins-us giggle here)

Here she is all packed up and ready to go 10 days old.
She was asleep when we put her in the car seat,
I love that mad face she was making when we woke her -
 and in 2 minutes she was asleep again!
And she slept the entire time we were away.

We kept her covered up and only stayed out an hour just to be safe.

This is a really cute selfie when holding the baby
 that my daughter took just before I got to their house.

Yes, I am over-the-moon full of joy about my wee little grandchild.

I had absolutely no idea how badly
 I would fall her - it's absolutely overwhelming!

I have a ton of decorator things to share
if I could just put this angel down for half a day to do it!

(Thanks for putting up with the Gramma in me!)



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WELCOME to the World, Baby Bug!

I have wonderful news to share!

Sweet Little "Baby Bug" is born!

~~Vivian Michele~~ 
7 lbs. 1 oz

21 inches long

Arrived to bless us on
Sunday 7/17/2016 at 7:20pm

(I guess we have a LADY bug now, since it's a girl!)

My beautiful baby daughter Katie holding her own sweet daughter

Birthing story:

My poor daughter so wanted to have her baby naturally with absolutely no drugs. She doesn't even take aspirin! She started laboring about 10pm when her water broke partially on the 15th and labored all throught the night. This went on for hours, per usual, and of course she went all night without eating or sleeping. She went to the hospital when her water broke fully at 1:30am on the 16th. She labored intensely without medication for 21 straight hours...but poor dear just wasn't progressing; wasn't dialating fully. She didn't get past 7 centimeters. Her poor body just wouldn't do it. So of course she couldn't even begin to try and push or anything, poor thing! She was soooo brave and strong. It was unbelievable to witness how hard she tried.

After all those agonizing hours she/they/doctor/nurses thought perhaps an epidural would help her relax her exhausted and tender body.....and then after another 7 hours of intense contractions (but these she couldn't feel, thank goodness) she STILL didn't dialate fully enough! It was at this time she had to have C section surgery!

One Happy Family!

The proud parents soon after delivery.

I am the happiest grandma!


It looks like Grandpa Mike and Vivian
are singing partners! 

(Or are they yawning?) lol

Just wanted to pop in and share our glorious news!

Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers!

Thanks for also understanding why I have been absent.

I will be back soon - I  promise!

Take care and God bless!

~G'ma Michele
♫ ♪ 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Beverly's Pink House

Hey Gang!

Don't forget what fun it is
 to see all the Pretty Pink 
at How Sweet The Sound!


My little post is just to remind you it's a fun thing to do -
and sharing my "colorizing" Beverly's childhood
pink Florida home.

Bev is our sweet host for this fun weekly linky party.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and prayers!



If you missed my super good news check out my last post!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shower for Baby Bug ♥ GOOD News!

Have I happy fun news for you all!

I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity
 to share our blessed and joyous news with you all!

I am going to become a GRANDMA!!!!

We are all soooo excited about this!

And of course we had to have a baby shower, right?

I co-hosted my younger daughter Katie's baby shower
a few weeks ago with my eldest daughter Evelyn.

So......what's up with the "Baby Bug" you may be asking?

About a month or so into her pregnancy Katie was reading all about it fetal development.  She was so excited and told me that her big sister said that it is "about the size of a ladybug!"  WELL, as it turns out after that. the wee one inside has been lovingly referred to all of us as "Baby Bug!" And it stuck! (And it may continue to stick as we've used that moniker the entire pregnancy!)

It was fun to give Katie a bug themed summer baby shower!

My elder daughter Evelyn is a talented graphic designer
and designed/made all of the awesome paper products. 

The shower was held at the beautiful historic Worthington Inn -
 a place near and dear to our hearts.

(Our eldest held her wedding reception in their ballroom,
 and Katie's rehearsal dinner was held there.)

Katie wanted it no where but there!

They do such a good job and take the worry out of everything!
(Thank you again, Vance!)

We did an earthy garden-y fresh and simple decor theme.

We used the cut wooden slices from their beautiful wedding that my 
son-in-law Jeff cut from a tree from his old property.

My pics were a disappointment - aren't great -
 all taken with my phone and all too back lit. 

But at least we have them as a reminder of the shower -
 better than not having any at all I guess.  

The party was so much brighter and prettier than these pics show.

There was alsoa big buffet spread
 of sandwiches, salads, breads and fruit.

Not a single pic of the food turned out because the buffet area was too dark-
but it was beautifully arranged and was very delicious and healthy.

I made the above little wooden clothespin butterflies
 and clipped them onto the napkins.

Katie and Evelyn made the below favors 
"Bugs and Kisses" 
containing Hershey's Kisses and candy worms and bugs.

The graphics on the tag is very similar to the invitation
(dragonfly and letter font and paper color)
and tied with a green and white bakers string.

I put pillow party mints in butterfly demitasse teacups on each table.

The flowers were simply done, 
very meadow-like, reminiscent of an English country garden-
natural and unfussy in extra-tall vintage Ball canning jars.

Each table had new crayons and cute alphabet page
for each guest to color - a different one for each - and it was encouraged to jot down a little message for the baby/Katie/Jeff on it. 

Mommy-to-be wants to bind them all in a little book for baby.

We also played a few games;
 one was a fun nursery rhyme fill-in-the-blank game.

The prizes were White Barn Candle Company candles.

BTW- WBCC at Bath and Body Works in here in Columbus.

Les Wexner who owns Limited Brands lives in New Albany - 20 minutes from here.

The delicious and moist cake was half vanilla and half chocolate
 and had a wonderful raspberry buttercream layer.

 Their baker did an amazing job surprising us with this design!

Katie received so many wonderful gifts
and lovingly hand-made items
 to help welcome sweet wee little Baby Bug!

What a joyous celebration and special, fun day this was!

Katie's sister did a great job with all the work involved.

She was so helpful, sweet and attentive.

(They're happily the best of friends!)

I love the happy pic below of them smiling together -
they do that often.  : - )

Of course big sister Evelyn couldn't help but gift
a whole set of onesies in every size that said
"My Aunt is Cooler Than Your Aunt!"


Now being so worldly, big sister Evelyn did some research 
and found info on Finnish Baby Boxes and ordered one for her sister - filled to the brim with homemade and essential items.

You can learn all about these really neat boxes here.

This is a very dark pic but the Finnish Baby Box she ordered
is in the forefront on right.

Katie is pretty much ready so it won't be long now.
Her due date is the 16th 
but we'd be surprised if she goes that long.

Hopefully the fireworks won't bring on her labor -
but we will be ready, regardless!

BTW: they didn't want to know the gender
so at birthtime it will be a big surprise to us all!

As always, thank you for your visit!