Saturday, November 28, 2020


 Thank you everyone for entering our giveaway!

And a super huge thanks to those of you wonderful readers

 who purchased items from Fresha!

You are supporters of small business

 and generally fabulous human beings!!!!

Drum roll... and our winner this time is none other than


from the blog Panoply

Rita wins a free soap & lip balm of her choice from Fresha,

(and a few random little surprises from me, too.)

(Rita - I would've written you privately but neither

"contact" button seems to be working from your web site

and into page. Sorry.)

You can find Fresha Soap on right side of my home page

or you can go here.

Visit the site to double check availability of choice products,

then just let me know via an email of your picks

along with your mailing address

 and we will get your goodies out to you asap!

Thanks again to everyone!

Was super fun hosting this giveaway!

Hope y'all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

(If you celebrated it, that is!)

Time to bring on the MERRY! 




Thursday, November 26, 2020

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (And a Give-away!)


Sending you all warm thoughts and prayers today.

Sharing our special card we received in the mail

 from my 4 year old grand girl.

She is doing well with her homeschooling.

She is learning her letters well!


If you haven't signed up for our artisan soap n surprises giveaway 

it's not too late - will randomly pick a winner tomorrow.

Just leave a comment saying you wish to enter!

Click here.

Comments closed for this post so you all can enjoy

your family, and hopefully a nice dessert after your feasts.

And to our outside our borders friends,

let the Christmas fun begin! 

As always, thank you for your visit!



Monday, November 23, 2020

Tea Time - Bird Theme

 I began sorting through all our Christmas bins and such

 over the weekend, mindfully choosing what to keep out.

I am decorating much earlier and differently this year,

 so it's a bit more challenging - but in a good way.

(More on that to follow in the days to come.)

We are going to follow our governor's mandate

 and not going to have any company in for Thanksgiving this year.

Our girls felt this way first, then we followed their leads.

So instead of being very sad, I am choosing to be busy!

(Thoughtful gift years ago from a dear blogger friend.)

Perhaps that is why so many of us are starting

 to decorate much more early this year....because 

We need a little Christmas right this very minute

Click on "We need a little Christmas" above and really listen-

these words never hit me like they did this past weekend.


This weary world needs to rejoice in its joyful hope

 of the coming of our Lord and Savior.

 Now more than ever.

 I think we all can agree that this year

 has been an absolute nightmare. 


I am making a promise to myself:

 to stay positive and focus on what's is happy and good.

(I guess I will just fake it till I make it!)

So what better way to start it all out than tea-for-one?

In the middle of what looks like Saint Nick's workroom

 with boxes and bits and baubles and all Christmas-y goodness

 strewn about, I made myself a pretty tea respite. 

I needed a quick easy nosh and a cuppa. 

 I put together a pretty little bird-themed Christmas tea.

I filled a pot and wrapped it with my beautiful cozy

made by blogger friend Bernideen.

She has an Etsy shop here

 I rested my mind, my back, my feet and my soul near a fire. 

And counted my blessings in prayer.

Then again got back to happy busy!

If you haven't yet checked out my artisan soap giveaway-

please check out a special web site filled with great gift ideas!

Just click here

Another great gift idea from another dear blogger friend

Angela from Tea With Friends.

You can find it on Amazon.

And last but not least, please join in the fun at

Rose Chintz Cottage's

NO PLACE LIKE HOME link party!

And as always, thank you for your visit + sweet comments!

Big happy hugs,



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Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Very Special Give Away


Announcing a very special give-away close to my heart!

It is Fresha Soap Company's First Anniversary

 and we are so delighted to celebrate it with you!

Fresha Soap is absolutely the best soap I have ever used.

It's chalk-full of naturally good things for your skin.

It smells amazing.

It is very long-lasting and gentle with soft lathering.

(I would say this even if it weren't my daughter's company!)

Truth! I swear it!

They have many year-round amazing soaps to choose from,

 but today I am showing off two groupings of

 recent seasonal limited-edition batches:

4 awesome autumn-inspired scented soaps!

Top to bottom above:

Cinnamon Latte 

Pretty Pink Apple 

Woods Walk

White Birch Oud

Fresha recently introduced a wonderful new

 year-round scent called "Heavenly."

(And is it EVER THAT! It's my new favorite!)

My talented daughter also made the table those pretty soaps above are sitting on!

 4 new amazing limited edition winter-inspired soaps:

Snow Day

Butterscotch Toddy

Foxberry Frost 

Cozy Cashmere

Of course these "seasonal" scents

 are truly great for any season.

But they are specially made in small batches,

so when they're gone, they are gone!

Fresha has so many wonderful good-for-you products;

lip balms, solid lotion pucks, hair oils, beard oils...

and has just introduced Botanical Bath Salt Teas!!!!

The Fresha Soap Company is recognized locally

 for the many bars of soap given

to those in need in various local area shelters.

 They also have an easy way for us to help them do so

 by having a Good Neighbor donation button on their web site

should you also ever care to share. 


One lucky winner will receive a mini Holiday Gift Bag

 with winner's choice of a full size bar of any soap available on 

Fresha Soap's web site, along with a choice of lip balm.

Finch Rest will also add some fun surprises in the box, too.

1.) To enter to win simply go to Fresha's web site
then come on back and tell us what you think you like best via a comment!
Be sure to mention if you are entering the give-away!
 (The site is very cute, well written, and full of fun trivia facts!)

2.) Please be a follower of my blog. It is a nice thing to be.

3.) I will also need to know your contact info if you win-
 so if you are a no-reply/anonymous blogger I won't have any way to contact you - so please remember to check back after the winner is announced! You needn't be a blogger to enter.

If I don't hear back from winner within 3 days for contact info,
another winner will be randomly chosen. 

Sorry only open to the US folks. 

Fresha Soap's website 

Fresha's Facebook Page 

Fresha's Instagram

Fresha Soap's newsletter 

(on site's home page bottom right)

This giveaway will run until the end of Thanksgiving Day

and will be announced here sometime Saturday Nov. 28th.

And as you all prepare for your busy gift-giving season,

 please remember how important it is

 to support your local small businesses. 

These places need our patronage to stay operational.

Amazon, Walmart and Target stores will always do brisk business -

but all the little unique stores available to us are true American treasures!

These businesses deserve to be considered to fill our own, and gift-giving needs. 

Thank you for your thoughtful & mindful purchasing - especially this year!

As always, thanks for your visit!

Hugs +prayers for your health and peace,


If you missed my post about a recent cute tea party, click here

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Letter "T" and Telling Time Tea Party!

To celebrate learning the letter "T" and Telling Time

 I hosted a little tea party luncheon for my preschooler grand,

and for both of my daughters early last month.

It was a perfect time to use my clock teapot for a centerpiece.

It was a good day for using my Gracie china.

I only have 4 teacups and saucers in this pattern

 so it worked out well.

I was asked to teach some basic table and tea party manners.

(FYI - Katie asked Vivi a few days later about what she learned, 

and she remembered all she was taught!)

Pink velvet dress, cute tea hat, a sweet smile -

 yep, I believe she was ready for her tea time!

I used these heavier stoneware teacups for the soup.

I used these sweet fall napkins my tea sister/friend Pam D. sent

 in the mail - love random acts of kindness getting happy mail!

Paper napkins always best when there is a 4 year old at the table.

I really can't believe none of us even thought of 

taking pictures of any of the beautiful foods.


Where is my Mary D. when I needed her the most????

I am happy to report that Vivi liked almost everything!

(And these were rather mature foods, too!)

I was so happy she liked the curry soup!

About the only thing she didn't care for was the ham salad.

BTW- the pumpernickel was homemade by my hubs!

He is an amazing bread baker, and he nailed it perfectly.

It was the first time he'd ever made it, too. 

The cello-wrapped favor was to be a fun painting

of  an autumn pumpkin craft for us to do, 

 but we ran out of time so we weren't able to do it together.

Here they are in learning mode as I was in kitchen brewing the tea!

A play clock, a making a paper clock craft - such fun!

I absolutely love her happy pose!!

She left her very special pink shiny tea party
 princess shoes at the front door.

BTW- these cute wooly toys her Aunt Ezza
 hand made her and gifted her that day
 for doing so well in her learning!

Cute, aren't they?
I love the "cutie marks" on them!

Vivi's auntie makes her the cutest things.

I could do several posts on them alone.

The pink caterpillar with hearts was a very special request

 made by Vivi.  If anyone wants to know more about it please 

write me privately and I will share.

As always, thanks for your visit!

Stay safe, stay well, please!


Tablescape Thursday

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Halloween Mantle + Crafted Haunted House


As promised, I am posting a few neat things my daughters

 have done for Halloween this year.

My eldest's mantle, quite pin-worthy!

                     Here is the same mantle at night in its spooky glory:

Some treats made recently by my younger daughter
 and my grand daughter:

And a haunted house they made that week too:

Sorry pics aren't great -
 was a low light cell phone pic kind of day.

I went there to babysit and had to snap fast,
as there were far more fun things to be doing!

Katie made everything by hand but the wee skeleton erasers
used for the "Jack O' Lanterns" on fence posts.

She is quite talented at clay model making.
One of these days I need to share her doll house and
Barbie houses clay things! 

Spooky bat, cobwebs, dead trees, graves, a spider,
 witch's broom, black cat, pumpkins.....
and a lighted-up ghost can all be found
 at this haunted house!

Everything was made with things they had on hand;
 not a single penny was spent additionally on this craft item!

And the very best part is the happy/pride part.

Think maybe that is the face she's showing?

I believe it to be so.

She sure makes everything more fun.

If you missed my cute post on our family fun Halloween crafting 
please click here.

As always, thank you for your visit!




Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween Family Crafting!!!!

 Well, time sure flies!

Here we are nearing the end of October!

It's Halloween time once again!

A few weeks ago I had my two daughters

 and my sweet little grand girl for a sleepover!

We had the best time decorating a huge batch of 

sour cream cut out sugar cookies that

I had made and baked ahead of time.

This is just a small sampling - had every tray I owned
all over the counters and table!

Oh, my word, was it ever a fun time! 

These pics don't do the cookies justice at all. 

We had colorful leaves, pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, apples -

 and my eldest even frosted some purple "poison" apples!

My youngest came up with the idea of flipping an apple upside down to

make skeleton heads! My girls are so clever thinking outside the box.

(They truly are real artists.)

Unfortunately none of us thought of taking a pic of us

 decorating these cookies. Boo. 

We had a really nice end-of-season barbeque that ♥ hubs grilled,
and after clean up we painted sugar sculls!

(Excuse rl mess in kitchen with all the dishes and towels drying)

Just look at these beauties!

(The sugar sculls aren't bad either, heh heh.)

Here is Evelyn's (my eldest above right):

Here is Katie's (youngest, on left in group pic):

You may notice that they both painted a gold tooth.

So cute and clever.

Here is mine first draft:

And same one, after adding a few more embellishments.

I sent it to my college niece because she is one of
my very favorite Halloween pals.

 She also loves color and so I painted it with her in mind.

I forgot to take a final pic of it so I asked her to send it to me
so I could share/document.

Last but not least here is little Vivian's!

Hers was different from her momma's and more 
distinctly girlie, having one wearing a pretty tea hat.

She painted one side dark and spooky (not shown)
and the other side added pink. ♥

She has it now hanging on the nob of her wardrobe.

Pink by day, dark and scary by night.
She has such a fun personality.

Next post I will share some really neat Halloween
decorating my daughters have done,
 as I no longer decorate for the holiday.

I will also be hosting a nice give-away very soon.

I pray everyone is staying safe and healthy!

As always, thank you for your visit!