Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thinking of You Tea Time

I have a simple pretty little tea vignette 
using a beautiful old hand painted 
china teacup I have shared before.

And the quilted teacup card is from my sweet tea society friend Dawn.

I think they go nicely together, don't they?

(Teacup and card, tea and Dawn!)

We'll take a light reprieve from the stress of the day
 with hot tea and some crunchy cookies.

It's snowing again outside, so let's light a fire 
to keep us cozy warm, too, ok?

Pizelles are so nice because they keep so nicely
 and are just the perfect compliment with tea, 
 when one is feeling a mite "peckish"
 without spoiling one's dinner appetite.

We eat them often, seems I have shared a few of
them lately. Each post's baker was someone different.

These are made by my MIL who truly is the
VERY best cookie maker - no matter what kind of cookie-
in the entire world.  At least to us.

(And I bet you would think as well, too!)

I will be taking a blogging break because tomorrow morning
 I am having some more surgery....nothing to be concerned about
so don't go worrying, ok?

I will miss you all so much, and will be back in the saddle
 to read your awesome posts soon!

Addendum: Surgery went well and am recuperating nicely,
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes!
I'm not able to be on pc much but will try to comment as much as possible. Thanks for understanding!  -M.

I wish you all joy, laughter, good health, love,
 sunshine, and lots of wonderful & peaceful tea times.

God bless.

As always, thanks for your visit.

Till we meet again,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tea & Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

I was reminded that it is the 200th anniversary
 of Pride and Prejudice
 from visiting Kathy from A Delightsome Life's blog.

So I thought I, too, would join her in celebrating
 a most beloved novelist's greatest work.

The pizzelles my older sister brought yesterday
 when she visited for tea time.

  I saved some for my tea today.

Yum, they pair perfectly together!

(Just like Lizzie and Darcy!)

This stunning and beautiful 7-novel gilded Austen book
 was a gift from my wonderful husband Christmas 2011.

I truly cherish it.

Nothing goes better with tea than a good book........
and this book has SEVEN!

Just LOOK at that beautiful decorative gilded cover!

He knows what a huge fan I am of Jane Austen's writing -
most especially Pride and Prejudice!

The seven novels in this volume:

Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey
Lady Susan


It's so hard to believe that Jane Austen died
only 5 short years after P & P was written. 

(The interior pages are beautifully decorated.)

This is another of my latest acquisitions,
an antique porcelain mantle clock.

This wasn't found thrifting though, it belonged to a 
dear friend who is downsizing.

We worked out a deal. 

You see this gem and know I had to, right?

It's been a really really long time since I have been WOWED
by an inanimate object, but this is a stunner to me.

The girl on my clock reminds me of Jane day dreaming about
the possibility of being Mistress of Pemberley.

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most
 romantic love stories
of all time.

DEFINATELY one of my all-time favs!

I'm so glad my tall, dark and handsome husband
understands me and my need for reading about Mr. Darcy!

As always, thanks for visiting!



Thrifty Blue Mosaic Monday

I have truly hit the Mother Lode
 in thrifting lately!

So I put together some of the pretty blues
that I've found to celebrate the day!

I am probably going to list everything for sale
 in my ebay shoppe.

I just adore these rich & luscious hues of blue.

You can probably just guess what my favorites may be
 that I should wish to keep for myself!

It's very difficult to ever let such pretty things go!

Perfect Hammersley and Rosina..................ah...............

Kitty Romeo says "bah" to me for those girlie teacups.

A boy kitty has HIS favorites TOO, thank you very much!

I am still having tons of fun playing with Pic Monkey!


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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pink Roses Madonna & Teacup

I found some really pretty things thrifting recently
 and thought I would put them together
 for a pretty pink vignette to share.

However, the wonderful heart button ornament
 was a recent gift from my dear friend Marina
 - a precious tea society sister.

The pearls are a present from my paternal Grandfather
that I have treasured all my life.

I can't believe someone would let this simple
white and unbelievably beautiful Madonna go!

I like the teacup because it's girlie and pretty, but not
a precious antique - so can be used often
 and even put in the dishwasher!

As always, thank you for visiting!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Wonderful Gifts

I had a really great Christmas this year.

Today I'd like to share three especially thoughtful
 presents that I received.

This first one is from my dear and thoughtful friend Judy,
 who moved to the south a while back.

She is a regular reader of this blog and knows how much
I love birdie stuff.

It's a metal bird themed 4-set of painted stone coasters.

I REALLY love it!

The next one is an amazing set of handmade felted
 woolen mittens made from old thrift sweaters
 given to me from my eldest daughter.

Aren't they awesome?!?

I sure wish I could hand them to you
to place on your hands to fell how
rich, full, soft and warm these mittens are to wear!

They are coming in very handy with the nasty cold snap
 we're experiencing right now!

I don't believe it is a coincidence
that mine are made of
OSU Buckeye colours! 

She also made a black pair for my DH, but I can never remember to have him leave them long enough to take a photo of them!

Evelyn, you amaze me with your incredible handiworks!
Not only are they well made, and practical -
 but done frugally and GREEN.

You make your momma proud!

And last-but-not-least I received this nifty simple hand-made
metal nutcracker from my DH, who made it out of old metal springs.

He is a corporate guy by day and blacksmith by night - and it always making something neat or useful for our home out of reclaimed steel!

It looks right at home in a old stone tray along with a vintage wooden nut server and a few wintry looking pips thrown in  for some pizzazz.

As always, thank you for stopping
by the Nest at Finch Rest!




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finch Rest Emporium - Blog Shop

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
 for her BLOG SHOP linky party.

Here are a few things I have for sale in my ebay shop.

You will always find the link on my right side bar ---->

Shop Finch Rest Emporium

For your consideration, may I please present the following:

Poker? Bridge? Euchre? Hearts? Spades? 

Cute snack or candy dishes for card night!

And just in time for your next tea party:

A beautiful melamine red roses tea tray!

And speaking of TEA, um, because that's what we
talk about often here at Finch Rest....

A beautiful red rose teapot!

And last but certainly not least:

A beautiful pedestal black iridescent demitasse teacup!

I shall continue to be adding lots of
 wonderful new goodies
to my store soon - so check back often!

10% off purchase price on anything in store
 until midnight EST 1/28/13
Please write me via ebay (only) and use coupon code


As always, thank you for your visit....
and an especially warm thanks for allowing me to
"show my wares" to you today!

God bless!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty Painted Roses On China

Are you decorating for St. Valentine's Day?

Do you do nothing, just the bare minimum or

 go all out?


There's something about red and pink roses, isn't there?

I put together some pretties to inspire myself

 with St. Valentine's Day just around the bend.

The carnations and baby's breath in my old German teapot
 are leftover from the pretty bouquet
 my youngest daughter's new beau
 gave me on Christmas Eve!

 I really can't believe they're still alive!

Here's one of my very favorite red rose

 pictures from an old post.

Nothing says "ahhhh"

 better than using decorative sugar cubes!

Paired with Royal Albert's classic Old English Rose

teacup and saucer really sets the mood!

Do you host a St. Valentine's Day Tea?

Have you ever considered it?

St. Valentine's Day is a perfect time to treat your friends
to an afternoon of fellowship!

It's especially nice to invite those who are hurting,
 possibly having recently lost a loved one.

There are so many lonely hearts that day-
so if you are able, I encourage you to host a ladies tea.

Now's the time to start planning!

Share love, share joy, share smiles, share memories!
Make a difference in someone's life!

This kind of giving is a gift onto itself to YOU.

As always, thank you very much for your visit.

It means so much to me!


Please join me yo wish Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage
a very happy 3rd year celebration
 for hosting her wonderful linky party

 Tea Time Tuesday!