Monday, June 30, 2014

Watching Fireworks

Last year you may remember 
my crazy husband and niece/god daughter
 watched our little town's fireworks on our rooftop.
(You can revisit that post here.)

 Our town's fireworks are a week ahead of July 4th, 
as we have an annual street festival. 

On the last night they shoot off the festival's end fireworks.

As we live just minutes away as the crow flies
 one may watch the fireworks from the backyard....
or used to be able to, as our trees have gotten very tall.

So those two crazy brave goofy loved ones of mine
 climbed once again to our roof to watch them.

(I went into my office and safely happily read blogs.)

Here is The Blue Hour without flash
 so you can see how high up they are as they prepare
 for the Sky Eye Candy.

 It had just rained earlier so the roof was wet.

(I know they are absolutely nuts, right?)

He's holding onto her tightly but just yikes.

Adn because I insist on getting more than a few pics to choose from my goofy hubs of course has to throw up gang signs to make us laugh.

            2014                      2013

Some things never change.
(At least I hope not.)

As always, thank you for your visit!



Friday, June 27, 2014

A Little Patriotic Planter

The other day my sweet neighbor friend 
had me over for tea and cookies.

As I was brought up never to enter a home as a guest
I made up a little "patriotic" planter basket of ivy for her.

I had the cute basket for awhile,
see I used in a post last year with faux greens on the right?

There was no WAY she was getting a gift of plastic plants, 
so I bought three little containers of ivy
 and simply placed them in the lined basket.

I stuck a new mini American flag inside it.

(Mine from last year are being used elsewhere.)

I made a tea-themed little gift/thanks card
 and attached it with a bright red organza ribbon.

I should have colored in heavier now that I see it in a different setting. Oh well.

I glued two bright red buttons on the stars for added pop of color.

Her tea was simple and sweet, as was her little hostess gift.

It's not the money spent that makes things special -
it's the joy of being together and nurturing friendship.

Sometimes the simple things really are the most treasured.

Speaking of simple, a couple of the neighbor girls came over 
and asked me if I had fun colored nail polish they could borrow.

I am one of the cool ladies around here apparently, haha.

This is what they did and they said I could take a picture.

Is that cute or what?




Monday, June 23, 2014

Light White Natural Foyer

Happy summer 2014, everyone!
I can't even believe the first day of summer was this past weekend!

Summer's warmth finds me busy lightening up our nest.

(Seems all of Blogland is doing a bit of that lately!)


My eldest daughter ordered this "Bless our Nest" ceramic tag
 from an Etsy shop for me for Mother's Day. ♥♥♥

I tied it on a wicker candle holder that sits on the foyer hall table
to welcome all who enter.

The pineapple has long been associated
 with hospitality and welcome~
what better than an
 angel's pineapple welcome
in the foyer?

(Here is a little history on the symbolism of the pineapple.)

Simple  *  Light  *  Bright 

Have you perhaps noticed in the mirror's reflection the new colour of our home office?
It's now grey - more details to come in the future.
Now that is a true lightening up, huh?

Some other lightness around the house:

Old ironstone.....that huge antique platter
 is one of my very favorite ironstone pieces.

I bought it in early spring when shopping with my sister
at our favorite local antique mall here in my little town.

I don't think I have ever walked out of that place
empty handed. (So I try not to go too often!)

I love the detail and its grey-brown on it!

There is something summery about ships in the harbour...

Here is that vignette on top of our chippy farmhouse
 kitchen hutch as it currently looks at the moment....

....which is apt to change at any given moment.

It changes all too often. 

In fact, it's actually changed since I took this pic, haha.

I am forever tweaking. I know you all can relate!

I am kinda/sorta/maybe thinking of painting
 that old dough bowl.

Sage green? Old white? Grey? 
I am considering even just raw lightened wood like driftwood.

What is your opinion?

I ♥ my new-to-me ceramic knobbed copper topped  
vintage kitchen canisters.

I'll share more "light and bright summer" decor with you soon -
but for now I shall just wish you a delightful summertime!

As always, thank you for your visit!



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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pink Hydrangeas in Teapot

I have just a simple wish for you:
have a blessed and 
 wonderful weekend.

Pink is so pretty, so girlie and oh so awesome,
such as faux hydrangeas
in an old vintage hand painted Bavarian teapot.

Sometimes it is the easy things that can 
bring out the truest smiles.

Try and find the time to go visit some pretty pinks today
 at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.

(You will be so glad you did!)

I had fun embellishing this pic with PicMonkey today!


As always, thank you for visiting!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Music Room Before/After Wall

I changed up our music room a while back
 and don't believe I ever shared.

Here (below 2 pics) is the way I had it before, for a long while.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't GOOD.

The high wall needed some visual height decor desperately.

While I had been watching and shopping and looking for
a large horizontal art piece or mirror to go in that blank area
I went with the above idea and went with it.

At one time we were considering adding a new set of windows 
there but it gets full mid-day sun... NOT so good for a piano!

After the little changes I am enjoying how the room looks.

(Especially with the live kitty decor, right?) 

Romeo sits under my 1959 seven-foot Baldwin Grand when I play.

 I think know he's my biggest fan!

I know that rug is too small under there but it costs $200
every time I move it - takes 4 grown men to move it even 
an inch - it's solid wood and SO HEAVY.....
so I haven't replaced the rug yet with a larger one.

I intend to, it's on the list, but far down on the list.

Now that I really look at that rug it should be in our home office.

This may now actually get bumped up higher on the list, haha.

I added a little French vintage alabaster brass lamp
to the top - creates nice ambient lighting.

Aren't the sweet cherubs  so cute?

I recently acquired these two artisan hand tooled & painted
 leather and wood rose prints.

They help with the needed height
 and are absolutely gorgeous.

These are a pretty golden brown, not pink like the one below,
 not sure what happened to make it look pink like that?

Having the baker's rack here (moved from kitchen last summer)
 helps with filling in the empty visual space, and is also quite utilitarian.

 It's the perfect size/piece when entertaining - 
using it for various drink stations depending on need:
spirits, wine, coffee, tea, water, etc.

Hrm, odd. The metal vase I had on the bottom glass shelf 
to the right side isn't there in these pictures. Grrr.

Well.... I kinda do know why it isn't there.....

I went to change things up when I started taking these pictures.


But then Mr. Romeo Kitty came in to see what I was doing, 
being all cute and lovable as he is......

And then I certainly had to take a "pet-me-please, now" break.

And of course that lasted a bit longer than intended,
 though HE wouldn't agree with me on that.....

Then I started getting quite peckish, as it was past tea time.... 

So after the kitty visit, tea and scones,
 and because I am very forgetful,
 I simply picked up my camera and went back to snappin'.

And forgettin'.

So please use your best imaginations that my vase is where it should be
on that baker's rack...
you DO see a cool metal vase there, right!!??

Here is a pic of it I took recently, so you can imagine thusly.

Yes, I really loved my vintage wooden  tea cart
 but that space needed a change!


It wasn't easy letting it go,
 but was the right decision design-wise.

                                    BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

So there you have it- slight changes  in our music room.

As always, thank you for your visit!



Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Just popping on to wish you all a wonderful weekend!

I hope you spend it doing what you love!


Perhaps having a relaxing teatime outdoors
with a loved one or some great friends....

Doing some bird watching..............

Or gardening................

Spending time with someone you love....

Maybe changing up your decor a little bit............

Or moon gazing...

Perhaps planning something for a special father figure...

Whatever you do I hope you enjoy!
God's blessing to you!

As always, thank you for your visit!


(Comments closed so you can get to enjoyin' your weekend!)