Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thrifty Fabulous find!

Look what I found thrifting today!!!!!

Oh, the possibilities are endless!

A FABULOUS chippy white
 large metal bushel basket
has a new home now!!

Just LOOK at its awesomeness!

What a fun find - and all I could think of is YOU!
I KNOW Blogland understands why I love this so much!
(Because my husband sure doesn't!)
Sorry for the less than stellar photos -
I am off to have an early Christmas lunch with my dear friend Jen Z!
Make it an awesome day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tea & Kisses

Hello, dear friends!

I have been getting into the spirit of Christmas
 and slowly the house is
turning into holiday lovliness!
Today I am simply sharing my tea time -
with it dolled up and dressed
for the occassion!


Sometimes tea time for me simply means a break from things
 with a couple of yummy chocolate kisses
 stolen from the Christmas candy jar!
And sipping while playing with pic editing
just to make the time more fun!
Hope you are having a truly wonderful time decorating for the holidays!

Be sure to stop for tea time!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick hello!

Hello dear friends!
 By now I hope everyone's Autumn is put away
 and holiday time is starting to
take shape in your lovely homes!
I know it is going to take me a long while
 because life is crazy busy right now!
There's never enough time in a day, is there?
But I AM getting in the spirit of the season
 and thought since it snowed yesterday
 I would share a little pic I played with on Pic Monkey
 to start the season off right!

This set is so nice to use all winter.

I have been thinking of you and wishing you all well!
Thank you for your visit!

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Hope your turkey turns out plump and juicy!
Don't forget to take the bag of giblets out
 before roasting your bird!

I wish you all the sweetness of love, laughter, family & friends gathered together!

Favor made and given to me by dear tea friend Marina

May your Thanksgiving be a day of joy for you and a message to take with you
 all year through.    

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



One of my favvie friends, Judy, whom I have mentioned
a few times on my blog is back in town to have
Thanksgiving with her daughter!
So to me that was the perfect excuse reason to celebrate
and host a nice ladies tea luncheon yesterday.

I am so very thankful for my friends......
they are such a joy to be around.
Being together again was so nice -
 and in an intimate setting
 made for a most enjoyable afternoon!

The menu was pretty much vegetarian,
due to the guest of honour's preferred tastes.

Everything was made from scratch
 cuz to me it always tastes so much better!

Naturally I forgot to take pics of the arranged food.
(Insert seriously angry face here.)
I could really kick myself about it -
 I just can't seem to serve and also remember to take pics....
I forget every danged time. Seriously.
I really need to ask one of the guests to take them
BEFORE I get busy in the kitchen and forget-
 if I could manage to just remember that, too!
I didn't even manage to get a pic of any teacups at my tea party, haha.
Epic blogger fail.

The favors were little glass oval shaped votive candles
made by the Colonial Candle Company of Cape Cod.


They're just the cutest perfect little favor sized candles!

I am truly thankful for all my true friends,
 but for this tea special hugs go out to:
And a big thankful hug to all of YOU dear readers -
 wonderful friends that you are!

Thank you for your visit!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumn Sunday Devotional


We praise You, God of seed and harvest
And pray for one another...
        That the beauty of this world and the love that created it
Might be expressed though our lives and be a blessing to others
Now and always.
Creator God, for our daily bread
and for all who work  o bring your harvest home
we bring our thanks today.


Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Prayer base credit: faithandworship

Friday, November 16, 2012

End of an Era - Badge of Courage

A Twlight Saga era!


Wore our "Badge of Courage!"

Met up at 9:30am for a Big Power Breakfast.
Got to the theatre around 11am.
Watched all five movies in a row......
....along with a whole buncha other huge fans!
(Last movie wasn't over till after midnight.)
The rest is history now, an end of an era.
Of big-time book reading.
Of big-time going to years worth of midnight premiers.
Of big-time chattering and gossiping about them afterwards.

We diehard "Twihards" on 11-15-12 at The Marathon
 (Eve's cell phone pic in dark theatre around 11pm)

My eldest (on right) and I started going to the "Marathons"
when it was just movie 1 and 2...then we did 1,2 and 3...
then 1, 2, 3 and we were quite ready for the all five set! We were experts, haha!
Funny, they let you bring pillows and blankets and set up a little mini sight....I even packed regular food to bring in as I am not much of a junk food eater.....but of course I had to have some popcorn. When one buys the Marathon Golden Ticket one gets $10 towards concesssion stuff, how much fun it that?

Best line of all time:

"Does that guy even own a shirt?"


We were so GLAD pther sister Kate is moved back now
from Cali to join us this last time.
It's over now,
 but shall never be forgotten.



(Oh, and of course a shout to JUDY for a "Go Team Edward," too!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bird Decor at Mary's House

OK, so you have seen her incredible tea parties here and here and even co-hosted this amazing one here.
You know of her being the most frugal designer I know.
But you haven't seen much of her incredible decor yet,
 so today I share just a little taste of her love of bird decor.
Be still, my heart! This gal loves pretty bird stuff!
Let's start with one of her best hand painted and signed bird plates.
Yes, yes, that's a pretty yellow finch.  Sigh.
I absolutely love this lady and her bird fetish stuff!
I mean we were always sisters in the Lord, Tea Society sisters,
 and even sister in cats....

........but who knew we were also
sisters in BIRDS as well!!?!???

This has birds and kitty and Mary.
Mary's kitty died a few months ago and went to live at
~~~The Rainbow Bridge~~~
She realllllly misses her sweet kitty.
Sniff. Sad Face.
Romeo says get a rescue kitty, MD, because they're awesome.
But I digress.
Let's get back to All Things Bird and stay the course, shall we?
To be honest I knew Mary likes birds,

but I had absolutely NO idea she was totally
The Queen of Tasteful Bird Design!

Oh, and she throws in Fleur de Lis too, touches here and there.
I would love to win the lottery and send her to France for a nice visit.
I think I have France on the brain, just yesterday I posted about
Well, no, that's not quite right, I posted about PINK
and it just turned into a mini Versailles post, haha.
These pics are just a small example of what she has
just in her living room, to show you what I mean!
Pretty much in all little spots all around her house
 one will find nifty bird things.
She works in seasons and holidays too!
I think next time Mary comes to visit me she will
feel most comfortable in my Aviary guest room, don't you?
WOW us Wednesday

Vintage Thingie Thursday


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simple Fall Tea & Cake for Two

I have to meet a friend a few times a month
 to exchange women's club info - we work
as a team but seperately.
 I am the membership officer and she is the treasurer.
When we have new members to join our club
the application and dues go first to her,
 and then to me....each with seperate job roles
doing what we need to do for the club.

Sometimes she and I meet out,
 sometimes we just drop info off then fly off to do our own thing,
 but sometimes we take a little time out for one another.
 This time I am simply having her over for an easy
 quick & tea and cake visit.
Nothing over the top, nothing that is difficult or fancy,
just two friends getting to know one another just a tiny bit better
on a mild, sunny and pretty autumn day.
My super crafty eldest daughter hand-made these amazing
brown-eyed Susans for my birthday a few years ago!
I keep them in this gorgeous vintage brown marble vase.
(I love the veins running through it, and the golden brown on it.)
These flowers look right at home in it.
My other crafty amazing daughter, my youngest,
made 4 of these awesome place mats for me
when she was only in the 5th grade. She is 30 now.
(That was a very long time ago!)
It was the first Thanksgiving decor item I ever owned.
They have really held up well and kept their colour
all these years, too - I adore them!
This beautiful fall tea cozy was made by a friend
 and really does a good job keep a big pot of tea piping hot!
The simple gold tea/coffee cups and saucers
 are part of my every day dishes and
I love how well they work for this gathering's
 palette of colour.

Here is a nice Williams-Sonoma heavy plate charger
 that I didn't end up using but was pretty enough to show off. 

And yes perhaps it is a bit too fussy to some using linen napkins,
 napkin rings and golden forks....
but any excuse to use gold utensils is just plain FUN for me!

Of course using real napkins is GREEN.
It's nice to make things pretty for a new friend's visit for tea.
Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me
Getting to know you
Putting it my way, but nicely
You are precisely my cup of tea

~Jay Lerner