Monday, May 11, 2015

Teacup Ornament Giveaway

I am so sorry I have been away so long.

With showers and weddings and proms
 and all kinds of assorted things going on
I have had very little time to blog!

Because I have been so negligent I thought
 a little tea-themed giveaway
would be just the thing to brighten up my day, and hopefully yours.

No rules. Open to anyone who leaves a comment.
Except if you keep a "tea tree" up year 'round you get entered twice.
If you can PROVE it with a pic, you get entered three times!
Just let me know.

Giveaway ends Tuesday 19th.

Keep in mind this little teacup is a large dolly size,
 not a dollhouse miniature size.

(Also it has a thin chip on the plate in back!)


Most of you now know my sweet Romeo kitty has been sick. 
Then he got better, but he's back sick again.

He had to go to the vet again yesterday.
I think this is the 9th time in just a few weeks.

Not sure how this is all going to pan out,
but please if you would, say a little prayer for him.
You know how much I love this little fur baby of mine.

Here is an older pic with him sitting on my tummy.
He wouldn't look at me because he KNEW I was taking a pic!

Sorry about my foot in the pic, haha.

I have a million things to share with you all soon.
(Once things calm down, but will they?!?)

Going to another baby shower Saturday.
Hosting a huge tea party for 16 on Sunday.
Having daughter's bridal shower in a few weeks.

Still have to share my sister in law's precious little baby
 and also her amazing baby shower, too.

I just wish there were more hours in a day!


Don't forget to leave a comment letting me know
you want to win the little teacup ornament!

Thanks for coming by!


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  1. Oh such a pretty teacup! You need to slow down and breathe,Michele. Take care of yourself, you deserve it,so you can enjoy all these activities.
    Hugs my friend,

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your kitty has been sick and I hope that he gets better soon!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a pretty teacup ornament!

  3. Oh, I hope Romeo gets better soon.

    Thanks for you kind comment on my blog. Yes, you can share my goldfinch photo.

  4. So sorry about your sweet kitty. Our pets mean so much to us. I'll keep good thoughts for him. Love the teacup ornament! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. I hope Romeo gets better and stays healthy, poor kitty.
    Please enter me in your draw, my miniature tea ornament themed tree stays up year round on top of my teacart. I'll send you a photo if you want - there's even a couple of empty hooks!

  6. I would love to win the teacup ornament! I've just recently started collecting small teacups for a tree.
    Get well Romeo!

  7. Hi Michele! You are so, so, so sweet tea have this lovely giveaway! It would be an honor to be entered, sweet friend :)

    Poor Romeo... :( I hope he is feeling better very soon! Love and hugs to you!

  8. I'm so very sorry about Romeo ~ it hurts to see them sick. Will keep you both in prayer. I won't enter the giveaway...I know there are many tea drinkers that are deserving. Especially those with a teacup tree! :) My daughter is a tea drinker, however, I'm more for coffee. I drink hot tea when I don't feel well and iced tea year round.

    Take care of yourself ~ take time to rest and take naps! Your body will love you for it.


  9. Exciting times with all those wonderful events going on. Look after yourself and enjoy them. Sad news about your cat, hope he's feeling better soon. I would love to be entered for your giveaway. Take care.

  10. Sounds like you have been having lots of event going on - how fun. Missed your posts. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Hope that he is feeling better soon. I hate when our pets get sick.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Whew, it sounds like you have a lot going on right now, Michele. Romeo and you will be in my prayers. What an adorable teacup ornament for your giveaway. Take care, my friend.

  12. Ah, poor kitty! Hope he gets better soon. Our pets are family. Cute little teacup ornie. I wish I could say I keep my teacup tree up all year but I don't. You sound awfully busy, Michele. I hope you're not overdoing it. Take care of yourself, okay? Thanks for coming to tea.


  13. Hi Michele: Please add my name to the hat. I would love to win your give away. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  14. Your sweet cat Romeo is just so precious! I will keep him in my prayers! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful tea cup ornament. That is so sweet of you and would look so beautiful in my kitchen!

  15. I am so sad to hear about you kitty! My prayers will include your baby and you. The sweet teacup and saucer ornament is darling. I don't have a tea tree but have ornaments on my chandlier and doors. Hope your parties are pretty!


  16. Dear Michele, I would love to enter your teacup giveaway! but, at the same time, I feel I ought to send one to you, in honor of your furry Romeo... Just finished reading your next post. He was a most wonderful friend to you ~ such love and comfort. :)
    Sending hugs and prayers. I pinned a couple of Romeo pics to my Pinterest for you, under Animal Friends.
    Barb :);

  17. Your teacup ornament is adorable, would love to win! I also just read your latest post about Romeo, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing pets is really difficult, sending prayers and hugs! Blessings, Cindy

  18. Michelle:
    I saw no comments on the post above but feel like I just have to say how sorry I am about your precious kitty. I know you are hurting. Sending prayers and hugs!

  19. I'm so sorry to read about Romeo. I loved seeing his photos in the above post--what a handsome fella. My thoughts and prayers are with you. xxoo

  20. I just found your blog through Aiken House when I saw your kitty Romeo was gone. It struck a chord because I have 5 furry kids. I am sorry, but it looks like he had a Great Life! I hope he has found a huge catnip field to lay in. I will be back to check in, it looks like we are interested in the same things.
    Robin Hawkins

  21. I'm so sorry about your loss of your sweet Romeo! What a beauty!!! I have no words, except to say that I have been here before when my beautiful Jackson died about four springs ago now. I still mourn over his loss Michele, and you will Romeo's too, because once they are in our hearts, they never leave. I know we will be reunited again someday and then we will hold our furry little guys again. I have other cat's, but I have never been as close to them as I was with Jackson. I guess it's because they are my garden cats (feral cats that have adopted us as their home) and are quite independent sorts, coming and going. I love them, but know not to get too attached, because they could leave as quickly as they came.
    warm hugs coming your way...

  22. I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty. I know your pain. I'm glad you have so many good pictures of him.

  23. Please do enter me. Thanks so much!
    Praying your kitty feels better.
    Heather Elizabeth
    Blue Jeans And Teacups at G mail dot com

  24. Oh no! I am catching up on blog posts, and now I have read about Romeo's sad departure. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying peace & comfort for you.
    Heather Elizabeth

  25. Sorry about your beautiful kitty, it must be so difficult, like losing a child. He was a lovely cat, beautiful tribute, especially love the quote from Shakespeare.


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