Monday, February 22, 2016

The Cardinal: Magnificent Bird!

I was brewing a nice hot cuppa
 and happened to have my camera close by me-
so I grabbed it and quickly snapped a few pics
 of this glorious and beautiful bird.

This is also Ohio's official State Bird.

These pics were taken from quite far away
 through my kitchen window
with no tripod so they aren't very crisp.

Had I taken the time to grab the tri-pod
 this handsome fella would've been long gone.

In the pic above I think he sees me,
it appears as though he's looking  directly at me.

I love we can see the seed in his mouth.
Oh, was he such a gobbler!

I have been sooooo MIA -  lots going on in my life:
two choir friends have had serious surgeries,
  two choir friends had babies, another aquaintance passed away, 
 and I also burned my poor tummy badly.

(Warning: take extra caution handling boiling water when getting it out of the microwave!)

But I truly am on the end of my mend!
I am going to be FINE -  so please,
no worries, all is healing well! I promise!

All of this happened since my last post, so it's been kinda crazy!

I sincerely apologize for not visiting you -
 my wonderful blogging friends though, nor posting,
due to feeling pretty crummy.

One good thing happening lately is we're in the middle
of having a good portion of the downstairs repainted.

We're in that horrible drywall dust/holes filled/cracks smoothed
dusty/rotten/messy/icky stage right now.

We're not changing the color as much as freshening up
and covering problems fixed this time around
 using a much higher quality paint.

I am so excited, and can't wait to have this all behind us
so I can re-decorate and blog about it again!

(It can't happen soon enough, that's for sure!)

"No pain, no gain." 

That's has been our mantra lately
 and what we keep reminding ourselves. A lot.

I am also excited because my husband took out
the upstairs old broken bath medicine cabinet.

We refreshed the paint up there too - same color just fresh!

just love having a place to put artwork on that plain wall now.

On my way over now to join in on the fun at
Judith's blog Lavender Cottage
 for her linky party!

Click on her icon below to take you there
to see all sorts of awesome mosaics each week!

Throw together a mosaic of your own, 
and join in the fun to start your Monday out nicely!

If you haven't tried PicMonkey's free editing for all your pics
you are really missing out on brightening up and fixing all your pics.

They have a really fun Mosaic program- and it's all super easy to use.

They also have awesome tutorials, I am still learning it myself!

(Be sure to try it, you will be so glad you did!)

This is NOT a paid endorsement, just me loving PicMonkey
and knowing you will too!



Make it a truly blessed and wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Michele. I'm glad you are doing much better now and understand the busyness of life can take precedence at times. Fresh paint is always nice and makes for a clean slate again. I enjoy using PicMonkey too and your photos of the cardinal are beautifully done. I wish you a blessed week. Pam

  2. My you have had a lot going on but glad you are mending. A great bunch of pics of this wonderful bird, the cardinal. Thanks for the visit to my garden blog.

  3. The cardinal is our state bird too here in WV. I have always thought they were a pretty bird. That is the male. Don't you think it is awful that the female birds are not the pretty ones. Good luck on your painting. I will be doing some touch ups in spring.

  4. Your cardinal pics are so pretty. Sorry you have had so many unpleasant things going on. Hope you feel much better soon and that your painting is soon finished and you love the outcome.

  5. Oh Michele, I am so sorry to hear about your burn - ouch! And my, my, my, your choir has been busy with surgeries and having sweet babies :) I truly hope everyone is doing well!

    Your photos are beautiful, my friend. How I love seeing Cardinals. They do not visit our neck of the woods which makes me sad, but seeing yours is a precious gift.

    Take care lovely lady! Hugs to you!

  6. Your lovely cardinal photos don't need a tripod, Michele! They are beautiful! The cardinal is the state bird of Virginia as well. They sure do brighten the winter landscape. We are getting ready to have our home painted as well. First some changes and then on to the painting.
    I'm so sorry about your accident. A burn can be a dangerous injury. Take care of yourself. ♥

  7. Nice photos, Michele! Sorry to hear about your stomach burn. Yikes! I also use PhotoMonkey, but need to explore more of its extra features (e.g., borders, graphics, etc.)

    I finally tried the Paris tea that you sent me and LOVED it! I have a sweet tooth so this dessert tea is definitely up my alley. Thanks again for sharing!

  8. Amazing photos - I do love a bird surprise. Glad the healing is going on - that is just awful to get a burn. Here's a trick -hope you'll not have a chance to use it though. When there is a burn - serious or small - grab an egg (2 if it is a big burn) - separate the white out and rub the white directly on the burn - letting it sit for a while. No scars and almost no indication of a burn. Let's hope you don't need to try it.

    Lovely collage. Enjoy your week.

  9. Hello Michele, your photos of the cardinal are really good for through a window. I am so sorry about your burns and wish you the fastest healing. I hope your renovations go very well too. It is exciting.
    I use Picmonkey too : )

  10. Ouch, I can imagine the pain from a scald on the tummy - glad it is getting better. Great shots of the cardinal, can't wait to get home and feed mine as I'm sure the feeder was emptied a week after we left.
    Renovations are uplifting and I hope yours go well Michele.

  11. I just love Cardinals, Michele! We don't seem to have any of those type of beautiful birds here in the desert southwest. I do hope you tummy is healing, skin burns are so terribly painful! I'm sorry that happened to you! Praying your days are more peaceful in the weeks ahead! Blessings, Cindy xo

  12. Ooh...I love cardinals too...also the state bird for NC! We have tons of them in the yard year 'round. Your photos are gorgeous! It sounds like when it rains, it pours! Isn't that always the way it happens? I have burned my belly just like you did and found out very quickly that that is a very tender area! I guess if mine hadn't been sticking out so far, it wouldn't have gotten! Glad you are healing up...blessings for you week!

  13. We have a lot of cardinals, love when they visit me, especially when I can see them out the window. It's so hard to see friends going through surgeries or worse. I am happy to hear your are having a quick recovery from your burn. Hope all the dust has settled and your work completed soon. Having just gone through some of the same things I understand. I am still cleaning dust!
    Hope your week is off to a great start……..

  14. Your Cardinal pics are so pretty, Michele! We get cardinals here in Texas, too, and I always love to see them.
    I hope your tummy burn is healing nicely...ouch!!
    Having newly painted walls will be so nice! Take care, my friend.

  15. Love cardinals and your photos are beautiful ~ thanks so much for sharing! I'm so sorry you burned yourself. I've heard of others that have that happen so I don't use the microwave anymore for heating water. I know you're going to be so happy when your painting is all finished! Refreshed and you can decorate ~ :)


  16. Oh he is magnificent. I always love be pictures of cardinals and never tire of them. I have taken many over the years. It's something about that brilliant red that draws us in.

  17. What an awesome capture of this beautiful cardinal Michele! He is really watching you isn't he? I love that you posted him. We don't have cardinals here so I have never
    seen one except in photos.

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. That is one of my fears. I tend to not be as careful as I should or pay enough attention when I am cooking. I truly hope you mend up and feel all back to normal again.

    Doesn't it feel good when everything is painted? I finished the living, family and kitchen on Sat. and just love looking at the bare walls looking so fresh. I still want to do a bedroom and bathroom yet, but am going to take a little breather before I finish.
    I love picmonkey for collages too!

    Thank you Michele for your lovely comment. I love it when I see you've been by!
    sending hugs...

  18. So sorry about your tummy mishap. I know you will be so happy when all the painting is complete and you can start decorating.

    The cardinals are so pretty. We do not get them here in So CA and I do love those pretty birds.

    Have a great week and take care.

  19. What beautiful photos you captured!
    So sorry about your burn. Many years ago I burned my foot badly when I took a cup of boiling water out of the microwave and dropped it on my foot. Hope your tummy heals quickly!

  20. So sorry for all the mishaps going on. It has been a couple weeks of sadness for our church too. 2 deaths connected with our church. Thank the LORD you are healing.

  21. Good morning, I love your pretty Cardinal images. They are beautiful birds. I am so happy to hear you are healing, that must have hurt. It is amazing how much fresh paint and color can help a room feel fresh again. Have a happy Tuesday!

  22. Hi Michele, I am so glad to hear you are on the mend. I love your photo's and they are really good. I love and still use PicMonkey, I believe you told me about it back in 2012 when I started my blog. You have always been a big help to me even before then (on STS). Thank you my friend....


  23. Michele, I hope you are feeling better. I can't believe that happened to you. I know you are happy with your house being painted. It will be worth all the mess. Love your cardinal picture. Such pretty birds. Take care. xxx Maria

  24. So glad to read that you are on the mend, but sorry that you needed mending. Burns are the worst!

    Some birders set their tripods up near the feeder for a day or two having the camera at the ready. I have tried it, but it didn't exactly work for me. Your photos zoomed and through a window are great! Obviously, you are a very steady person.

  25. I hope you are healing! A burn is no fun!
    You shot of the cardinal with the seed in his mouth is cute. The Stellar's Jay is the provincial bird of British Columbia, and I find them very difficult to photograph.
    Thank you for mentioning Pic Monkey. I will go to have a look, as you are the second blogger on my 'like' list to endorse it.

  26. So sorry about your accident. I was making Trader Joe's Risotto in the microwave last night and thought about the boiling water when I was taking it out. Scary!!
    Have you heard the "legend" that when a Cardinal visits you it is someone who has passed? I truly do believe it and always talk to them ~ either through the window or when I am outside and they happen by. Our chats are usually one-sided :-) , but I consider it such a wonderful moment. Beautiful pictures!!

  27. Ah, Michele, so sorry to hear of your tummy burn. I had a mild case of shingles on one side of my tummy so I know how the band to your slacks feels. Hope you are feeling way better. The cardinal is so majestic and beautiful. I, too, heard that legend about someone who has passed is visiting or at least thinking about you. Stay well, dear friend.

  28. Hello Michele...I was looking around your blog and I love your porch and would love to cover part of our deck to do something like that. I am glad you are on the mend. Burns are so very painful. I love cardinals and we have them here at the feeders. You have some lovely photos of them.. Michelle from Nature Notes

  29. Your birds are so bright and pretty! Hope you are better soon.

  30. Beautiful pics! Sorry about your accidentHope you are ok! Life is so full of challenges! Hang in there! Everyday is truly a gift!!

  31. Ow! Burning your tummy sounds painful! Hope it's healed up by now. Sometimes things get too hot to handle in those microwaves!
    Getting all that work done in your house sounds great. It will be wonderful to have everything done. Can't wait to see the pics. xo

  32. Wow, you poor thing. A burn is so painful. Ilove this post! The birdhouse is adorable and cardinals are so pretty. I love red. I would like to invite you to our link party on sundays...Dishing It & Digging It. xo

  33. Glad you are on the mend, Michele.

    Mr. Cardinal is so pretty!

  34. I love cardinals and in the Summer we have quite a few of them around here. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts about Sally...

  35. It sounds like you've had a lot going on. Hope things settle down for you. And the picture is wonderful.

  36. Feel better! So sorry about the loss of your friend...
    That cardinal is a handsome one isn't he!? I don't get many vibrant lovelies like that around here, mostly ducks and seagulls, pretty standard near water. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  37. I'm so glad you're doing better, Michele. Or at least it sounds like it. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend.

    I haven't seen a cardinal here ever, but I hope to soon.

    hugs to you sweet friend and take care of yourself,

  38. So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you are on the mend and that the painting process goes smoothly. Fresh paint always brightens up the spirits. Love seeing those beautiful cardinals as we don't have them here in Washington state. Take care xo Karen

  39. Michele, take care of yourself...I know you are taking care of friends. ♥

  40. Dear Michelle:
    I worked my way back here to read what your accident was that you mentioned on April 1st. Since we moved 2 weeks ago I have missed a lot of blogging and just done the minimum. I am glad you are healing.....back to your newest post now!


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