Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweet Wink Kitty and Derby's New Toy

Greetings, dear friends!

You must be thinking I have fallen off the face of the Earth!

However, I just HAD to pop in today
 to share my granddog Derby's 

It's a cute pink doughnut!

You see, last week my daughter and her husband
 lost their very first fur baby;
their tiny, beautiful, rotten 18.5 year-old kitty cat WINK.

She was the runt of her litter,
 and fully grown maybe weighed 9 pounds.

She was itty bittiness.

She was so pretty, with the best markings.

That is when she allowed you to even SEE her.

She spent her life hiding upstairs-
she was super shy and scared, even living with my daughter,
The Animal Whisperer.

My daughter has a way with animals,
and she actually prefers them over most humans.

There are days I can't blame her, either, haha.

She is a sometimes foster-home to resuced English setters,
as Derby is a rescue.

She really and truly does love her fur babies.

(Perhaps a little too much, in my opinion. lol. So gross!)

There aren't many pics of Wink when she was young-
way before digital cameras and iphones
 and even before most of us began using email.

I really had a love-hate relationship with Wink.
(Most of you know how much I really do love most cats.)

We always joked Wink did have 9 lives.
She came so close to death so many times, but never did! 

She was horribly anti-social - wouldn't let anyone come close to her, and in no way was she going to allow anyone to touch or hold her.

She was the only cat that ever bit me!

All I did was say "Hi" and then try to pet her.
 (Big mistake!)
 So we all learned long ago to just let her be.

But slowly over the last few years -
 since Derby Dog's arrival-
 and with her old-age illnesses starting to set in -
she began sitting on the landing of their stairs.

We think she was re-evaluating her people...
or maybe she could finally see all the fun Derbydoo was having
that she was missing!

Perhaps she was a tiny bit jealous or just curious.
Or, in more likeliness, was to come and simply give us all
The Stinky Wink Eye
in hopes that everyone would just tone it down a bit
 so the old gal could get some rest!

Regardless of why she came down, she did come around in the end!

You cannot know what the meant to my daughter.

And you cannot know what a shock it was to us all.

Wink the Kitty Cat actually became lovable. 

Well, kinda.

At least to those who loved her so much.

Who knew it would ever become so!?


I have to wonder if God planned this,
All Knowing what it meant
to Eve and Dan -and even Derby and Katie too-
who loved that cat so much;
they were able to really get close to Wink
before they had to say goodbye to that old friend.

Wink was in their first apartment way back in the college days.

Wink knew Yoske, their roommate years ago from Japan.

Wink saw many moves with careers grinding into high gear
and better living conditions/moves being part of their success.

Wink was there for all the good times and the sad times.
She was always close by; being her ever-silent presence was a comfort.

Wink was there for the move to their first real "home," too-
 and where she grew old...with them loving her every single day....
and she, in her own odd strange way, loving them right back.

Yes, Derby misses Wink terribly.
They ended up pretty much inseparable.

Derby's been so sad,  and depressed and doesn't understand
where her tiny fur ball kitty sister went.

But we know she is simply waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Except we're all pretty sure she's haunting the house.

I kid you not- we hear her all the time.

It's not spooky, it's just what it is, ya know?

Added on 2/12/17: last week they found a muddy kitty paw print
on their kitchen floor.

And no, it cannot have been left there - that floor is washed
all the time due to Derby's always getting it so filthy!


A cute pic of my eldest daughter Evelyn
sitting with her sweet fur babies and brand new niece
on the very first game day of the football season watching 
The Ohio State Buckeyes win!

Go Scarlet and Grey!

I notice that DERBY is the ONLY ONE paying
any attention to the game, though!

She's wondering why no one noticed that fumble!

However, sometimes the babies sleep through the games, too.

Won't this sweet grandbaby look cute when she's a toddler
wearing a little OSU cheerleading costume?!

Till then we'll just let her dream about it.

And yes, Vivian, your momma really DID make you awesome.

As always, thank you for visiting!

Hugs, prayers and love!




  1. Michele:
    Such as sweet family you have and you are so enjoying being Grandma. Love the pet photos too. Have a great weekend.

  2. So sad to lose a fur baby. Here's hoping Derby and his people soon rise above the sadness. Donuts help. ;) Then again, so do babies like Vivian. {hugs}
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. So sweet. Our fur babes are members of the family and will be in our hearts forever......

  4. precious wink .. and derby (& the donut).
    sweet lil grandbaby. you're blessed. :)

  5. Oh, i am so sorry! Sending healing, furry thoughts to your daughter for her loss. Your tribute is so touching and written with wit and love. Your grandbaby is beautiful!

  6. Wink was so cute and she did live a wonderful life, even in her own special way. I am sure the dog really misses her.
    My son and dil had a cat like that, Lucy, she didn't like anyone. But, when she got older she warmed up and liked Kelly (granddaughter) very much. They got close. When Lucy died Kelly wanted her buried in the back yard. She made a little casket for her and wrote her a note - at the end she said PS, I love you chicken. that's what she called Lucy.

    Your Vivian is beautiful and I know she brings so much happiness in to your lives. They grow up so fast.

    Have a wonderful weekend -


  7. Oh, this post made me sad, Michele. Animals are such a big part of our lives. Wink was definitely a beautiful cat. My mom has a kitty much like Wink; her name is Ellie and she's a calico. She is VERY anti-social, and it drives me crazy. I want to pet her and she won't let you close enough to do so. She's never bitten any of us, though. I know all of the family (including Derby) really miss little Wink.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful, and I'm glad you can enjoy her! Have a good weekend, Michele. :)



  8. I love cats more than anything in this world & currently have 4, including a short-haired version of Wink. So sorry for your loss. One of mine lived 20.75 years, & despite his long life, it was still so hard to say goodbye. Blessings to you all including Derby.

  9. There's never enuf time with our fur babies, no matter how much time we have with them. So sorry for their loss. Know how your daughter feels as many times I feel so much better about our kidz than hummans in our life.
    My MIL once told me I loved dog more than my real kids, uh,sometime; she was referring to cocker who died.
    We lost our black mini cocker few years ago, took me while before was ready for another dog. She was rescue dog and now we have another rescue dog who is black lab/mostly border collie and boy has he ever worked his way into our hearts, he'll be 8 in early Nov. Also have orange striped cat who is about 14 - 15 yrs. old who adopted us in KY. What a character, he is good buddies with our dog. When cat gets cabin fever in winter the two of them run thru the house having good time, it's hilarious to watch. Daughter commented one time how I would never have let human kids run thru house like that, lol, so true.
    Can sure see why you love your grand baby, what a precious adorable doll she is, can I hug her, talk baby talk to her, give her few dozen kisses? Never got to do that with our first grand child, dil was so sure I'd give her something bad.
    Only time we ever got to babysit her was when she was in bed already, sad story but true. We left when she was two years old and she didn't know who we were, so enjoy that baby every little bit you can. Babies love being mushed on by grammas.
    Wink was so beautiful, so glad she came to let people love on her. I know it's so hard to lose them, cat or dog.
    Enjoy a wonderful Fall weekend

  10. Totally charmed I am by the story of Wink. Derby is the most expressive dog! What intelligence there. Comforts to your daughter and her husband and Derby over the loss of Wink.

    (My son and his family have Phylilis who would be very sympatico with Wink except that she has not quite reached her lovable stage yet. In fact, she is older than my grands, yet they do not always know who she is. She came strolling from the far reaches of the house one day and Sam said, "Mom, tell me again who this is." LOL)

    Your sweet grandbaby is as adorable as can be. She seems to feel as I do about football. Get lots of cuddles in!

  11. Ah, so sorry for your loss. I believe the lives that come and go with our lives, teach us so many lessons. They are blessings, each and every one.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear Michele. Kisses to sweet Vivian.♥

  12. My eldest daughter has a cat like Wink, she won't let you near her, in fact when you come in the front door, up the stairs she goes not to be seen again. I am sorry for your daughter loosing Wink, we do get attached to our fur babies.
    Babies are awesome and your grandbaby is just precous.

  13. Awww sweet kitty, so beautiful ... he will be missed. So sad to lose our precious pets, so nice that Wink came around before" leaving". Your grand baby is adorable, what a treasure!
    Enjoy the weekend Michele!

  14. So sorry to read about the passing of such a spectacular kitty!! I have been owned by three of them....and it's crushing to have them leave.


  15. Oh, what a bittersweet post, my friend. I have no doubt in my mind that God played a huge role in bringing that sweet kitty, Wink out of her comfort zone so she (he?) could in turn, bring comfort to those who would be losing her soon. God has given animals a tremendous understanding of our human needs, I have no doubt! What a precious post and sweet pics of your sweet family. My hubby would be right with you watching that Ohio State game! :)

  16. Awww.... I am so sorry about little Wink. What a darling cat and she was indeed beautiful!

    Your family is just precious, my friend. I so enjoyed seeing more photos of your granddaughter {{smiles}} Love and hugs to you!

  17. Your family and pets are so beautiful. Sorry you lost a fur baby ♥

  18. Funny how cats can be antisocial like Wink was but I'm glad she came around to give and get some lovin' before heading to the Rainbow Bridge.
    Vivian's a sweetheart and I bet she smells wonderful! There's something about babies and flowers. :-)

  19. Before we were married, my husband had a cat like Wink. She was also the runt, abandoned by her mother and very antisocial. She bit me too! Regardless fur babies are family members. Our labrador is my baby. I'm so sorry for your loss. There is such a void when a pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.
    On a happier note, the last photo of your granddaughter is priceless!

  20. Michelle you have a such a beautiful Grandbaby she is indeed awesome. Such a shame about Wink I am sure she will be missed by you all. Take care.

  21. Aw! Such sweet photos of your daughter and baby granddaughter! She is just precious as can be! So sorry to hear about Wink. We had a cat just like Wink - wouldn't let anyone pet her and taking her to the vet was a nightmare. We found her abandoned and starved and it took her months just to regain her health. She only let my sons and hubby pet her - hated women! Sometimes you have to wonder the cruelties they suffered......Such a sweet little dog, too. Animals bring so much unconditional love into our lives. So sorry for your daughter's loss. xx Karen

  22. Hi Michele! Oh, I'm so sorry about your daughter's pretty little cat! I always had a cat and a dog when I was growing up but Mr. Precious is allergic to cats so I can't have one now. That little Derby is one cutie! I need a dog! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I know you're enjoying your new grandmotherness.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. What a sweet remembrance of Wink. And an adorable pic of your daughter with her dog licking her face. Lots of love in these pictures, Michele, and so great to see another pic of the darling grand baby! And I will totally forgive the red and crimson as I admit I don't care much about football (one of the few around here that doesn't!).


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