Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pretty Spring Items - BLOG SHOP!

Well, yes, by golly, there is snow covered ground outside,
but I am choosing to simply IGNORE it!

To me it is time to "spring up"
and celebrate everything new, pretty, fresh and Easter-y!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts the weekly
BLOG SHOP linky party
 and if you aren't shopping it or using it to sell your wares,
 -or both-
 you are REALLY missing out.

It is a great way to find wonderful items
usually gently used or hand made....
and it is an awesome way to sell items you need wish to let go!

For all you purging stuff out there-
hook a girl up, right?

Make a little mad money for yourself in the process.

Who  doesn't need secret guilt-free spending money for, say, um
pedicures? Massages? High-end Ice Cream????

If you are interested in anything I have below
 please don't hesitate to let me know.

For time's sake I am just showing one pic of seasonal items
and not pricing anything.

More close-up detailed pics are available upon request.

I am happy to answer all questions.

Everything below is either new and never used
or gently loved and cared for, in very good condition.

I accept all reasonable offers.

PLEASE please please don't be shy to make an offer-
the only unacceptable offer is the one not made. 
(No offers will offend me, I promise!)

Let my "letting go" become your happy find!

I will ship Priority - you pay for actual shipping
(price dependent on your zip code -
(no hidden charges, the $ printed on shipping label as proof.)

USA only please, this time.

Honest dealsSimpleUniqueAffordable

So without further ado 
here are some wonderful seasonal items
I have to offer up for you:

tiny woven basket with ceramic chick,
straw, and 3 green plastic eggs

vintage gilded plate with pink roses
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

twigs and nest nature floral with moss + 3 eggs

vintage hand painted egg vase with 3 legs

ceramic bunny basket-weave candy dish

full size twiggy grapevine basket

vintage chippy hand-painted large egg cup
with colored straw and plastic eggs
(all three eggs are light green)

made-made "wooden" decorated handled box
stuffed with raffia with 3 light yellow plastic eggs

full size pink carnations teacup and saucer
with a cute wee matching girl bunny

metal lidded canister + 3 handmade egg soaps (new)

unique wire "crown" with nest and robins' egg

(vintage?) wee calico country bunny with flower + straw hat

moss covered basket with 3 plastic speckled eggs (new)

(new) handled metal pocket vase with large daffodils
with burlap ribbon embellishment  
happily made by Finch Rest Creations

jam and clotted cream set with spoons
so perfect for those Easter and spring brunches!

brand new ceramic tealight holder (new)
is much brighter in person

set of two farmhouse chick egg cups (new)
is much brighter in person, too

As always, thank you for your visit!

God bless you! Hugs!



  1. Happy First Week of Spring, Michele! The snow is nearly gone here, but it's still quite chilly. Your Easter-themed items are lovely. I'm particularly fond of the cute rabbit in the teacup.

  2. Happy Spring to you too Michele. We are suppose to get more snow this weekend in Illinois Ugh! Love all your cute shop items. I will have to check out the blog shops. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Oh my goodness, Michele! Your items are incredibly tempting, so cute, and several unique!

    If I wasn't doing my own kind of purge already, I'd certainly consider this. I may touch base for more details to see if I might want to do this in the future though. For now I am knee deep in boxes, sorting and packing (my least favorite part of it all) as part of my purge proposal I presented earlier this year. Thank you for sharing this! Happy Spring!

  4. Purging here, too, however one must be sensible. 😉 I have never owned an egg cup and I am interested in the last photo there. I must make you an offer? Okay. $10? Is that insulting? I hope not. I am trying to think what I see them for at the flea markets. Well, we shall chat about it!

  5. Adorable sweet things you have that you are purging Michelle. I have never heard of doing this before on a blog. What a great idea. I have been trying to purge a little myself. I hope you have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Oh what pretty items, Michele! I think this is such a great way to purge, and make a little money.
    I'm sorry Spring has not sprung in Ohio as yet, but hoping that it arrives soon.

  7. One way to forget it's cold and snowy outside is bring spring alive inside. Love all your pretty items and I need to be doing the same thing. Hope you are in a thaw soon. Hugs and happy weekend.

  8. So many pretty things. I cannot wait for Spring, but it seems winter does not want to let go.

  9. So many pretty items Michele. However, I am trying to do a lot of purging too. Kids now days do not want pretty things - how times have changed.

    Happy Spring and a very blessed Easter.


  10. You have so many pretty spring and Easter things in this post.


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