Thursday, February 27, 2020

Just Love Those Shamrocks!

Hello, my dear ones!

How I have missed you.

Life is just flying by at an alarmingly fast pace, isn't it?

However, winter never seems to go by very fast, does it?

And I no sooner put away all my
 white and silver winter decor things...
and then it starts snowing again!

It's been snowing for two days here!

So, I guess it all depends on how one looks at it, 
(how fast life is flying by, that is!)

So now I am at decorating crossroads dilemma:
It is too soon for spring decor around here for sure,
 and too late for winter because it is now all packed away!

So it got me thinking about St. Patrick's Day!

I thought I would link some St. Patrick's/ shamrock items
I have currently up for sale on ebay.

For years I kept an active ebay store with hundreds of items
but I closed it a few years ago
 (3000+ positive feedback and zero negatives)
 but it just became too much to maintain.

I am trying to simplify my life a little -
 bit by itty bitty bit.

So I started a fresh approach and am just selling
 without a store and the added costs of it,
 and going about selling things on a very part-time basis. 

I like the freedom to list when mood/time/energy
strikes me.

And so long as it doesn't interfere with my grand daughter time!

(Last year at the St. Patrick's Day parade - 2.5 years old
when we visited Fort Myers Beach, Florida for a vacay.)

I did manage to get some sweet shamrock things
 listed in time for someone to enjoy
 for St. Patrick's Day!!!

Sorry for my bleh pics - it was that or 
not get them posted in time. Sad truth.

Everything is MUCH prettier in person.

4.) Set of 4 Ansley Salad plates

5.) Green People

6.)  Shamrock Spoons (to be listed soon)

I expect to be listing more shamrock and green items
as time allows, but wanted to get this post out asap.


I wish for my friends observing Lent 
a truly meaningful, faithful
and spiritual journey
 as we look to celebrating together
the miraculous day of
 His Resurrection. 

May your Lenten Season be blessed.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Hugs, love and prayers!



  1. Amazing post!What an adorable "green" princess!Blessings and hugs!

  2. So nice to see your blog appear in my blog roll. A delight to see your Grandaughter in all her green glory. Hope you manage to sell all the shamrock items they are all so pretty.

  3. Your little granddaughter always makes me smile! Isn’t she such a cutie? All your shamrock items are beautiful!!! Your Lenten message at the end was so meaningful. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend. ❤️ ☘️ ❤️

  4. Darling items, and smart way to take control of stuff! Your grandbaby girl is clearly where you attention is best placed! ♥ ♣ ♥ ♣

  5. Your little shamrock princess is adorable. Love all your shamrock pieces too. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  6. Good to see you back and I love the shamrock pieces. Your granddaughter is so cute. They grow up so fast.

  7. I love this post for so many reasons. Wow, time does get away when you are busy and sometimes the first thing to give is the blog! I've been selling on eBay too, bit by little bit. Trying to downsize with things I know I'll never use again. Boy, have I got a long way to go. Like you, I do it when the mood strikes. You have some lovely shamrock pieces and that's a great place to post right now. Precious little granddaughter..........

  8. Such an amazing post, Theme green looks so amazing, your little granddaughter is adorable. Shelley teacup set looks so perfect with shades of green and white. All your shamrock items are beautiful and elegant !!! The Lenten message at the end was so meaningful. Happy & Blessed Lent season. Love and hugs !!!!

  9. So happy to see you back Michele! ❤️ I love your shamrocks and your darling granddaughter! Hope you have a lovely March!

  10. Loving that teacup! How adorable. But not nearly adorable as that beautiful granddaughter. Happy March to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. What an adorable baby doll! We miss having wee ones around so much! Our youngest just turned eleven. I had to laugh at your comment about "bleh" pics. Exactly how I feel now. I had to get over it in order to start posting again because I'm starting over with a new camera and it's hard. I miss my old gear! Our horrific times have brought back a few oldtimer bloggers. I have always found it a great outlet, but times have been so hard for us since my hubby got sick a couple of years ago. And it does take energy! Thank you so much for your very sweet words. They warm my heart so much. So great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well and taking good care. Hugs from here. J.

  12. Michele, I keep checking back, confident that one day you will post an update. Hope you are staying safe and well in these troubled times.

  13. Hello dearie! How are things at the nest? I loved so much the comment you left about your sweet Gladiola. Such a strong and beautiful image of your love and relationship with her. I hope you're holding up in these hellish times and getting to see your babe enough. We really miss those old times with our little ones. So cute! Hugs J.


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