Wednesday, September 2, 2020

It Is Still Summer! (Outdoor Luncheon)


Before summer is just a pleasant memory and our worlds become filled with pumpkins and cinnamon and apples and leaves...

I wanted to share a recent summertime outdoor afternoon tea luncheon I hosted for my daughters and my sweet grand daughter.



I kept it simple so I had more time to be with them. 

My heart was full of joy!

           I picked some daisies that were blooming in my garden

       and placed in an old crystal vase for our centerpiece.



I used my Laura Ashley "Lidia" pattern for our dishes,
 and since it was hot we had iced tea in my pink depression
 water glasses, and the cups and saucers for the soup.

I simply grilled up some cheese sandwiches.

 My homemade vegetable beef soup

 I made the night before and just had to heat up. 

For extra yummy toasted cheese sammies

add cream cheese in with your normal cheese.

I made homemade real vanilla bean custard the night before

 and just added a few blueberries on top just prior to serving. 


It was a big hit with everyone - especially this little cutie!


After our long chatty lunch we sat in the Zen Room

         and Grandpa was able to finish his work in time

 to have a nice visit with them, too.

 (He's been working from home since first week of March.)

Those two get pretty goofy sometimes,

 always thinking up fun things to do!

(Such as zipping up the grand girl in a folding camp chair canvas bag!)

And walking around the backyard with her

with her squealing with delight. 

Goofs, I tell ya!

Love that face he's giving me!!

I can hear what he is thinking:

"This is a perfectly normal thing to be doing, Shell!"

"Hey, Aga! You look just like Mickey Mouse!"

Just around the corner Autumn will set in 

and our hummers will be gone for another year....

It's hot out today, though, and it's not ready to end just yet!

We are hanging onto it as long as we are able!

I hope you all enjoy these last glorious weeks of summer.

As always thank you for your visit.




  1. Adorable time with your beautiful family!Made me smile!Hugs,dear Michelle.

  2. I enjoyed catching up with you and happy to see you are able to visit with your daughters and sweet little granddaughter. Your lunch looks lovely too!
    Take care,

  3. Great fun times at your home with family, Michele. Your summer luncheon looks wonderful. That custard would make me a happy girl. And your girls are beautiful and your grand girlie is as well. I know Grandpa enjoys every minute!

  4. This makes me smile Michele. What a sweet group of pics of having some fun family time. Your little granddaughter is so adorable. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Made me smile Michelle creating such beautiful memories for your sweet grandaughter. Beautiful table setting added to a wonderful day.

  6. Oh I just adore the beautiful pictures of your lovely family. What a nice luncheon. Soup sounds really good to me despite the temps here right now. Beautiful dishes! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I loved seeing your happy luncheon with your beautiful daughters and granddaughter!!! The table looked so pretty with those pink flowered dishes and your pink depression goblets. Your menu sounded perfect, too. I loved seeing the shenanigans of grandpa and Vivi. The hummingbird feeder is incredibly gorgeous. It was so special to see this summertime party. Hugs are sent to you.....

  8. Ahhhh...your girls are all so lovely. How nice to spend time together in a beautiful way. It proves that simple things can be special. 😙 And the little one in the chair sleeve is giving me ideas for something fun to do with my little great-nephew...if he'll hold still long enough. I surely hope that we both can hold onto summer until the 21st at least. 🌻

  9. Oh, how sweet it is! Your family members are gems, Michele! Love the antics of your grand and "Aga" - what a cute name! Enjoy these last days of summer. A friend posted yesterday he didn't see one hummer the entire day.....they're on their way South already....
    Happy September.

  10. Michele - you have a beautiful family! It's so nice to see the photos and know you had a wonderful time with them! Your table is lovely too! LOVE the china pattern. And what a fabulous dessert! I fully understand that twinkle in her little eye! Take care over there and enjoy the rest of your summer! :)

  11. Michele, your summer luncheon sounds wonderful and I love the pretty china. Fall is creeping in and will be here sooner than later. I love this time of year. Your little grand girl is just darling. I have the most wonderful, beautiful, grandson, but I have always dreamed of a little girl. That will be for another lifetime now..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. Love your summer luncheon post with your family. I'm hanging onto summer as long as I can too! Your sweet little granddaughter is getting so big. What fun you're having with her.

  13. Oh those three girls are beautiful!! Take after their mama and grandma. I'm so glad you had a good day with them. Cream cheese in toasted cheese sounds delicious!
    We just got back from up north. The last hurrah of summer. Not! It was the first, last, and only hurrah of summer, haha! At least we did get to the beach once! Strange year all around. Makes these times so much more special. xo

  14. What a sweet time with your family! And that custard looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing this post with us on the Embracing Home and Family Link-up party. We hope you join us again this Friday!


  15. Summer is almost gone and I am so ready for fall.....just wishing the temps would jump in and make it feel more that way. Love the zipping the little one up in the the chair bag! my little one is almost 10 but he is tiny...might have to try this.


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