Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Halloween Mantle + Crafted Haunted House


As promised, I am posting a few neat things my daughters

 have done for Halloween this year.

My eldest's mantle, quite pin-worthy!

                     Here is the same mantle at night in its spooky glory:

Some treats made recently by my younger daughter
 and my grand daughter:

And a haunted house they made that week too:

Sorry pics aren't great -
 was a low light cell phone pic kind of day.

I went there to babysit and had to snap fast,
as there were far more fun things to be doing!

Katie made everything by hand but the wee skeleton erasers
used for the "Jack O' Lanterns" on fence posts.

She is quite talented at clay model making.
One of these days I need to share her doll house and
Barbie houses clay things! 

Spooky bat, cobwebs, dead trees, graves, a spider,
 witch's broom, black cat, pumpkins.....
and a lighted-up ghost can all be found
 at this haunted house!

Everything was made with things they had on hand;
 not a single penny was spent additionally on this craft item!

And the very best part is the happy/pride part.

Think maybe that is the face she's showing?

I believe it to be so.

She sure makes everything more fun.

If you missed my cute post on our family fun Halloween crafting 
please click here.

As always, thank you for your visit!





  1. Your talented daughters have inherited your decorating and crafting skills!

  2. I can certainly see the [poison purple] fruit doesn't fall far from the tree! This and your previous post - all your girls are talented! Happy Haunting!

  3. Love all the wonderful crafting! But that little one is so dang adorable. I just want to hug her! You sure have some talent going on in your family. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Michele, not only are your daughters lovely, they are very creative. I'm sure your darling granddaughter will have a special Halloween..........

  5. How wonderful!What a cute princess too!Best wishes!

  6. Love that mantel at night! I agree with Rita, your daughter inherited these skills from you! And your little granddaughter is adorable! xo

  7. Cute mantel and the Halloween house your daughter and granddaughter made is perfect!

  8. I love the mantle, so spooky and just right for halloween. I do miss having kids around this time of the year. My kids are all grown up and so are my grandkids. In fact they are now serving in the Army. Time goes by too fast.

  9. The mantle is so fabulous and extra spooky at night!!! The haunted house is simply so creative. Little Vivi’s sweet smile shows all the pride in her mama and herself. Thanks for sharing all the creativity that your dear daughters inherited from their mama. Such fun! 🎃👻🎃

  10. Love seeing your little princess. What beautiful decor for Halloween. The mantel is fabulous. Love it all. xoxo Kris

  11. Adorable! Creativity certainly runs in the family!!

  12. So happy to catch up, Michele! Your mantel is wonderful---creativeness abounds in your family! So glad to see happy times during these crazy times...


  13. Oh goodness gracious this is amazing ! The mantel is gorgeous, so many creations for Halloween, you are so very talented my friend.
    I'm so glad you had a fun Halloween at this trying times. It looks like it continues hard times for the USA to November 4th., 2020.
    Blessings to you.

  14. Love your Halloween decor!

    Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving?

    Have a wonderful week!


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