Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December's First Snow!

I sure enjoyed waking up

 on the first day of December to finding it had really snowed!

I do love having all 4 seasons here, and I do really like snow!

(Especially when I decorating for Christmas!)

It helps me really get into the spirit of it all!

I love the patterns the snow made

on the stone pavers...

And how the piles of snow sits on the branches of

the boxwood outside our kitchen window.

And on the lilac bush next to it on the right....

But the BEST part of a good snow day

 is when sweet little girls get to make snow angels!

Oh, the sheer joy of being a child!

Vivi says to herself:

"OK, I am going to look at my mommy. Smile, even. 

Think she will notice that I am making a snowball?

Don't look at my hands. Just focus. Just keep smiling at mommy.

I think I am almost ready to throw it at her..."

(Just look at that "innocent" look she's giving her!)

I know that look all too well myself! 

Seems sweet, but really is T.R.O.U.B.L.E!


And of course there are no pics of the war that ensued!

Alas, the paparazzi were nowhere to be found.

(THIS grandma sure loved getting these happy pics from them!)

Incidentally these are her shiny new "Olaf" boots

 from the movie Frozen.

In pic below she is holding her Olaf plushie toy.

Yes, she still has a strong Frozen obsession.

 As always, thanks for your visit!




  1. I always loved the first snow, especially in December. It does help you get in the mood for Christmas. Your grand is adorable.

  2. Oh snow and a grand daughter! Nothing could be better.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, leaving comments, and following.

  3. Oh, these are adorable! I'm so jealous of your snow. Haven't seen a flake in two years, and there was a rumor we might get some Monday night at 9 p.m. I kept going outside and staring into the darkness. Nope. My cousin two hours away got a light sprinkling but not me. At least I can enjoy your snow through these sweet photos!

  4. Beautiful snow and darling grandgirlie!

  5. Oh my goodness! What wonderful and adorable pictures. That grandgirl....Such a doll baby! Oh I wish we had some snow. I am sure I would not want to live in it but oh would I just love to have a little snow! Enjoy your little snow angel! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Oh so precious! That is wonderful! And I love impromptu snowball fights! Of course here in Florida we can have them, but it was cold enough for them today...32 this morning! There was frost on the yard and the bird bath was frozen! Thank you for sharing your snow beauties with us.

  7. 😁 I can be happy for your joy in the first snowfall—don't send it here. Vivi really does make a fashion statement with her many beautiful outfits. Love her warm, fuzzy hat!

  8. It is like a Winter Wonderland so pretty, with a beautiful princess taking centre stage. You have an adorable grandaughter.

  9. Capturing the beauty and innocence of the first snow and childhood wonder - priceless! Love that ornery smile with the snowball. She makes a beautiful Elsa too!

  10. Oh little Vivi is adorable. Just love to see kids in the snow. They love and make so much fun with it. Me ugh kids yes!!! I remember making a snow angel a few times and how fun that was. Snowball fights are the best too. Love the look on her face. She reminds me so much of my Charlotte that was born just around the same time as your Vivi. Charlotte loves to dress like Elsa too. I love them at this age. So much fun. Happy Thursday sweet friend. xoxo Kris

  11. Aww that little one is so darling Michele - great photos! And your snow is so perfect. We don't get too much out here in the PNW, so I'm getting into the spirit vicariously through yours! :) Hope you have a lovely day!

  12. Oh the snow is so pretty! Isn’t nature a natural artist! Your granddaughter is such a darling! Love her boots!

  13. Ahhhh thanks for sharing your beautiful snowfall and pics if darling Vivi!! Isn’t it sweet that she still lives Frozen??!! Happy December! ❤️❄️⛄️πŸŽ„❤️


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