Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grateful for my Furry Romeo Valentine

I am grateful for so many amazing blessings:

Good health, safe home, loving family and friends, freedoms, security....

And today I am sharing a special grateful heart for my
sweet Valentine rescue kitty.

His unconditional love astounds me sometimes,
and I truly consider him one of my best friends.

I got this post idea from an awesome blogger
 named Judith from Lavender Cottage
 when she posted about the sweet pootches in
her life here



  1. Your cat is so sweet. I have a friend who is sleeping by me now as I post. He is so rotten. He doesn't like the grandkids much so he heads for the hill when they come.

  2. Awww...sweet, beautiful Romeo! What a wonderful idea, Michele! I love the Valentine you made with his picture. You KNOW I feel the same way about my 3 guys! I hope you're feeling much better! I've missed you!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Romeo is beautiful guy and makes a wonderful Valentine. Hope you are much much better.

  4. oh what a sweet little face, he's precious!

    Hope you're well on your way to total wellness! You are truly blessed!

    Take care!


  5. Hello Michele and Romeo! We LOVE Romeo's pikshure! Should give our Mom a good idea for us...tee hee hee. Happy Valentine Day to you both!
    Love from Buster

  6. What a cutie...looks a lot like a kitty I have known and loved. Bet he's keeping you good company of late.

  7. Hello Michele
    Romeo has such a cute face and I'd have a cat in a minute if hubby wasn't allergic to them. It's fun to play with the heart cutouts...and thanks for the shout out.

  8. What a beautiful, sweet kitty! And I love your scrap page, with those lovely roses.

  9. Such a beautiful kitty!! And a great Valentine, too!!

  10. What a lovely idea. Romeo is one very handsome fellow. Rescue cats are the best. All of my babies were rescued.

  11. Unconditional love is the perfect way to describe it. My little dog is the light of my life!

  12. Love your kitty Valentine! Romeo is adorable!

  13. Oh how sweet! There's indeed a lot to be grateful for.

  14. Love love love your sweet Kitty. And I sure miss ours. I am so sorry to hear of your sugery Michelle. Sounds to me like you need another care package. Please rest and recuperate and enjoy some chocolates. I mean chocolate makes everything better doesn't it. (smile)

  15. Awww your very own Romeo looks so cute show-cased as a Valentine card! I'll bet he's keeping you good company cuddling with you as you recover. xo

  16. O Romeo, Romeo! He is so sweet. What a pretty kitty. He is beautiful. We don't have any cats, but I know Lucie would love one.

  17. Cloches showcase things we love!! Cloches are addictive and fun aren't they?

  18. A perfect Valentine!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  19. I'm new to your blog, found you thru "A pocketful of Blue".
    love the pic of your precious kitty. He has such a beautiful face, I want to hug and snuggle him. Loved your bird in the bowl. I'm a nut for bird things.
    I'm a sucker for animals. When our kids were young they'd complain as I was the one bringing puppies and kittens home. They'd say "oh Mom not another one". We have an orange sriped kitty, about 10 yrs. old and a 4 yr. old black lab, border collie. Both our boys are so precious to us. We feel so fortunate they're ours to love.
    Happy Valentines day to you also.


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