Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty Shamrock Teacup Gift

When I first started blogging the very first person
 who took it from my merely blogging
 to actually making a real friendship for me
was a sweet gal named Monica from the blog Texas Fiesta Fan!

(She collects Fiesta Ware and has an amazing collection!)

Out of the blue she sent me this INCREDIBLE shamrock teacup.

I am still stunned- not only by the beauty
 of this wonderful teacup-
 but of the generous nature of Monica.

It truly is a masterpiece.

She knew I would love it and cherish it.

She knew what it would mean to me.

And she was and IS so right!

So every single year when I get out my shamrock pretties
to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style
 I shall think of Monica,
 the sweet blogger who brought me such pleasure
 with her unexpected random act of kindness.

If you can, please visit her blog and wish her a  
Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Proudly made in the good ole US of A!

Thanks, Monica, You really are a true sweetheart.

As always, thank you for visiting!



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  1. Perfect for March! Bloggers really are some of the sweetest folks.

  2. I love your shamrock teacup, and Monica showed such kindness and generosity! I agree with Vee; bloggers are nice people and we all have a desire to connect.
    Hugs, Beth

  3. Oh yes! Time to be Irish! (Which I can actually claim...) What a sweetie to send that cheery cup. Love the lacy hankie too! It all makes for such a pretty spring color. Top o' the mornin' to ya!

  4. What a beautiful cup and saucer, Michele, and what a lovely, thoughtful gesture by Monica! I love all things Irish, too, and look forward to St. Paddy's Day. Bloggers really are nice people, aren't they?

    Have a great day!


  5. Michele,
    That is a most beautiful teacup I have ever seen! My Mom's favorite color is green! She said to tell you she just started collecting Fiestaware like your friend! Tell Romeo hello and purrs from us,
    Rudy, Buster and Sam

  6. Michele, that teacup is lovely! So nice from your friend...
    I'll visit her just now, I read "amazing collection" and I HAD TO GO haha!
    Besos! Silvina

  7. How very sweet - you don't have to be Irish to love!

  8. Oh Michele, these are beautiful pieces of Shamrock designs. I do wish I had something so delicate and lovely to display for St. Pat's Day. I am planning to do a table this weekend for the occasion, but don't have anything as darling as these.

  9. Very pretty and delicate looking. what a sweet gesture for her to make. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! Have a wonderful week!


  10. A gift from out of the blue, from someone who cares is a treasure. The teacup is lovely, and this only confirms my experiences in blogging, and blog friendships...they are treasures.

  11. Beautiful. And such a treasure from a blogging friend. I love shamrock tea cups and plates. My daughter's birthday is March 17th so I have always found little shamrock pretties for her and for me. Yours is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  12. Love the shamrock tea cup. What a nice gift.

  13. Hoes sweet is this!! I love this cup just beautiful.


  14. What a kind and special gift to be treasured!

  15. Blogging is truly a unique source of communication. What a lovely gift, a lovely teacup/saucer and a lovely person. I will head over there and have a peek. Hugs, Diane

  16. Oh what a sweet thing for her to do. The tea cup is just beautiful!!

  17. Oh, yes, Monica, she is a sweetheart!
    I love your cup, so delicate. I have a few shamrock cups I love.

  18. I love pretty little teacups! Such beauty and wonderful patterns. Judy's birthday is actually on St. Patrick's Day.

  19. Every week I seem to read somewhere about a generous blogger gifting another with something, isn't that sweet!
    Your shamrock teacup is pretty and will be an extra for your guests when we have tea for St. Paddy's Day.

  20. What a beautiful and unique teacup! And yes, bloggers are the best ... so surprisingly generous. And won't you have fun remembering this kindness at St. Patrick's Day each year!

  21. What a lovely teacup, Michele, and such a sweet gift! I know what cup you'll be using on St. Paddy's Day! xo

  22. What a sweet friend and gorgeous tea cup Michel. You too have done some wonderful random acts of kindness. I will hop over to say 'hi' to Monica. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. That is a pretty teacup. I've never seen one with shamrocks on it before. That's a cute way to use it at St. Patricks Day too.

  24. Oh Michele you are most welcome. I always think of you when I see a pretty tea cup. Thank to everyone for your sweet comments and visits to my blog.


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