Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Flowers Today

I just love all the flowers blooming
in our gardens right now.

I see I have an awful lot of purple
 all blooming at the same time.

I love the daily changes happening
to the gardens.

Even knowing what will bloom
I am always still a little surprised.

And pleased it came back to us;
happy to learn winter's cold chill didn't stop its miracle.

As for the weeds (that virtually nothing can seem to kill)
I am just ignoring them today and enjoying the beauty.

My roses are showing themselves slowly but surely-
will share them in a post soon. 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend
 doing what you love the most.


As always, thank you for stopping by!




  1. What beautiful, beautiful flowers, Michele. I love what Spring brings us, too- xo Diana

  2. Michele, What a beautiful garden you have! Lots of pretty flowers!


  3. Beautiful flowers and garden. Glad that your weather has finally given you Spring and soon it will be summer.
    Have a wonderful weekend in your lovely garden.

  4. Love your flowers, Michele, all are so pretty! Hope your weekend is a blessed one also.

  5. Your flowers all look so pretty, Michele! I noticed a lot of pink and purple in plantings that were here at our condo so I went along with that with the plants I've purchased and put in. I still need to get a rose bush {Kroger has some nice looking pink ones}.

  6. Lots of purple in one's garden is a good thing. :-). I like the geranium you've shown, do you know which one it is?
    I will be doing what I love on Saturday as I'm going for a garden lecture with friends and then a high tea at the same nursery.
    Have a good weekend yourself Michele.

  7. Nothing wrong with purple and I love the yellow, orange, purple combination in the planter.

  8. Your flowers are glorious, Michele! I love the geranium, perhaps it is Johnson Blue? Your collage is stunning. Spring is so wonderful!

  9. Came by because you left such a nice comment on my blog - and I'm LOVING what I see - so you have a new follower :)
    Gorgeous flowers Michele!

  10. Michele, the flowers are gorgeous. Love the purple and the yellow together.


  11. What a lovely blog! I found you via a comment you left at Connie living beautifully -It was such a nice comment I wanted to come take a peek at your blog. I love the name. It has made me think of the charm of finches who twitter away in a big pink honeysuckle out back. I think I will make a sweet little post for next Beverly's Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound, and I will be sure to credit you. Angels to you!

  12. Looks like your garden is coming alive with gorgeous bloom. Fun time to watch all the beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Very nice flower garden :) :) :)
    I also love flowers.
    Citron, Kyui, hydrangea, persimmon in my garden now.
    Japan is the rainy season.
    Ryoma Sakamoto. XOXO

  14. I'm visiting my parents in NC and just today took pictures of her gorgeous garden. You have some of the same plants. Love the purple and yellow together. Just gorgeous!

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    - The Tablescaper

  16. Hi Michele,
    Your flowers are so beautiful! Very lovely photos!

  17. Michele- I came down to your last post to leave a comment. I hope you have a wonderful blog break-but don't be gone too long. I do hope you are okay-if you need I am only an email away- xo Diana

  18. Michele, I am really going to miss you. I am just getting back into the swing of things as I have more time this summer! Enjoy your break, but hurry back to us!!

  19. Love the purple. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for coming to visit me.



  20. Love all these great garden photos! It is especially fun to me to watch things blooming up north, because it's rather as if I'm getting to enjoy spring twice that way. Enjoy your break!!!

  21. Michele, Hope all is well. Have a good rest and come back to us very soon! Lots of love, Yvonne

  22. Beautiful garden photos Michele! I am so drawn to purple flowers and love your geraniums and irises.


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