Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red Roses

With the sun strong and the warmer days return,
 roses are beginning to bloom.

I am taking a little extended blog POSTING break.

Till next time, I bid ye well, and 
leave you with a pretty poem about roses.

I hope you all take time today to smell the flowers
God has so graciously given our world to enjoy.


        The Rose Beyond The Wall

        ~A. L. Frink

A rose once grew where all could see,
sheltered beside a garden wall,
And as the days passed swiftly by,
it spread its branches, straight and tall.

One day, a beam of light shone through
a crevice that had opened wide
The rose bent gently toward its warmth
then passed beyond to the other side

Now, you who deeply feel its loss,
be comforted - the rose blooms there-
its beauty even greater now, nurtured by
God's own loving care.

As always, thank you for your visit!