Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have had this neutral tableware a while now,
 but have never used it for Thanksgiving.

It's earthy and warmly neutral....
allowing the FOOD to be the real highlight of the meal.....

I have two areas set up for Thanksgiving
 as I usually have between 10-14 guests.

(Sometimes more but seldom less.)

This year I have 10 planned for dinner, 
so will  need to sit 4 people in the kitchen dining area.

I am having some trouble deciding on which centerpiece to use!

1.)  Do I use this dried and silk floral hydrangea arrangement.....


2.)  The low small acorn candle one that doesn't get in the
way of seeing one anothe?

(If I put a runner down the table it may look better.)


3.)  Do you like the tall black metal lantern best?

Decisions, decisions!

BTW: the food is provided buffet-style
 so I won't need to have much room on this table other than this.

Or if you have any other ideas....
such as fresh flowers or a large white ceramic pumpkin - ??

I have a cream coloured pitcher
 that works perfectly with these dishes.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this!
Your comments are valued and treasured!

As always, thanks for visiting!!



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  1. oh Michele, your pottery is gorgeous! perfect for Thanksgiving!

  2. Michele. I love the looks of the hydrangeas but also know that they can kind of "shed" if they are brushed or nudged. I think #2 might be a tad too small and I love the black lantern because it picks up the black in your chairs. I would probably put both small ceramic pieces on one side of it and put another pumpkin or something on the other side of it (about the same weight value as the 2 ceramic pieces).

    I also think your ironstone pitcher might look really great filled with some fresh flowers-nothing too high.

    You are just like me-lol- I always agonize over which centerpieces to use. Whatever you do it will be beautiful. xo Diana

  3. I'm not sure how to vote Michele. I like them all. I like the smaller acorn arrangement, but think it would get lost once the food is on the table. I personally would find a way to use them all, either on the table or with the food, if you set up the food separately. Or save one for the desert buffet. They are all very pretty.

  4. I love the hydrangeas! That's my vote, but each one is just lovely!

  5. Oh. Michele, choices, choices. I like the floral the best. But I like the lantern and think you could jazz it up a little. Maybe with some if the floral pieces. It's your table and you must do what pleases you.

  6. You set a beautiful table! I like the dried hydrangea arrangement best.

  7. Very pretty, Michele! I am loving the neutral look. I think it will be a little break from color before Christmas decorations hit!

    Got your email ~ thank you so much for your suggestions! I'll email you over the weekend, but I just wanted to say thanks. : )

  8. Your table is so elegant! Love the beautiful centerpiece.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  9. It looks beautiful, Michele. Thanksgiving food is so pretty that it should shine.

  10. Beautiful table! You did a lovely job. I too love using small ghost pumpkins in my Thanksgiving table designs. I'm visiting from Feathered Nest Friday, and am your newest follower. Would love for you to follow me as well at .

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Betty (Maddiebellahome)

  11. The are all beautiful! I love the floral arrangement..but it might be to tall. I think I like the lantern the best but they are all beautiful! Those are awesome dishes...and the flatware in very unique!

    What time is dinner??


  12. Love your dinnerware, Michele, I know you will figure this out. I like the first one. Let us know which one you choose. I am having the same problem. I'll have 16 at my home for Thanksgiving.

  13. Michele,
    I love the hydrangea arrangement..I have found that a bigger fussier arrangement gets in the way of across the table conversation and some people seem to get their plate of food into the arrangement too..LOL so for that reason, I like the acorns and could add a little something like fabric or leaves or vines to stretch it down the table a little..but I go with shorter center arrangements when we have a crowd...
    Love, Mona

  14. Hello Michele
    I like the hydrangea arrangement best as the colours of it, and the container play off everything on your table. As long as it isn't too high for conversations across the table? I like the neutral colours you're using, they're so versatile, and as you say, don't detract from the yummy food.

  15. I love a neutral table! This looks lovely and perfect for the holiday.

  16. I love the hydrangeas the best, Michele! It just fills the space so well. I know you'll choose the right one.

  17. My goodness, this is JUST the sort of thing I had envisioned when I saw those creamy winter white plates at Hobby Lobby last week! See, I KNEW you would know just how to liven up that color palette!


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