Monday, February 10, 2014

A Neutral Nod to Cupid and St. Valentine

I have tubs of pinks and reds
 for St. Valentine's Day decorating, 
but this year I went almost all white/neutral...
just a touch, just a subtle nod to cupid and his Day of Love.

Here is my beloved metal and glass chippy terrarium box
 I keep out year round and just change up what's inside.

 Sometimes it contains pinecones, champagne corks, little herbs,  decorative glass or it is filled with cute mini
 Frenchie heart-shaped linen pillows.

Sometimes it can be as easy as placing cut wooden hearts
 inside a favorite container.

I found these wooden hearts at GW last year
 and was saving to do some Valentine craftingwith them.....
put them away and forgot all about them...
so they're doing the job in their cute raw state this time!

I like it so much I may just keep it that way. : - )

It's still completely deeply snowy outside
 so I have kept back a few winter's pine cones in my decor -
here's a few tiny ones inside a vintage porcelain
 cherub "shell" vessel along with a little angel heart.

My sweet tea society sister-friend Mary D
 gave me these sweet cherub porcelain containers.

(She's too good to me, seriously.)

They're quite romantic and "French inspired!"

Last year I shared how Cupid stamped French triple-milled soaps
on a plate can look - simply delightful - but it is an old pic because I
used them right up - and cannot find new ones anywhere!

As always, your visit is appreciated.




  1. Oh so pretty and I love the neutral. All of your decor is amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love all your Valentine touches Michele!

  3. You are really into neutrals this year aren't you---and it looks sooo good! Pretty, pretty!

  4. Lovely, lovely, romantic and classy! I am totally wondering if I have any white felt now.

  5. The neutrals are nice Michele. You've been using them a lot this season with homey accessories for an overall classic look.

  6. I don't believe I've seen a neutral Valentine's palette before, and I must say it is just gorgeous! I also love your idea about the terrarium and how you change up what's in it. I have seen those on sale before (and at some great prices), but I couldn't figure out what I could do with one (besides the obvious). Now I love the idea of it being a container for whatever decor I'm using!

  7. Delightful details and I love the unexpected color scheme- so elegant

  8. Michele- I love your sweet hearts that you have. I didn't drag out the pink and red this year either. I love the soft sweetness of the neutrals, too. xo Diana

  9. Hi Michele,

    A fresh contrast to the more traditional red and pink, your French neutral theme is soft and romantic, quiet and quaint! LOVE the mini pillow with the buttons; very sweet!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  10. Thanks for the shout out, Michele! I love how you used the trio of hearts in your terrarium. You've got quite a collection of hearts, too. I love them all! I always wind up having red slip into my decorating in February. Even if it is just some red books I mingle into the vignettes around the house.

  11. I love this color palette, so soothing, restful and romantic. That little pillow with the buttons is beautiful. I've been poking around your shop a little bit . . .lovely things.

  12. Oh, Michele! I adore all your Valentine touches! I think neutral Valentine designs is really so beautiful!

  13. Hello Michelle,
    Lovely St. Valentine's Day decorations! You are so crafty! I never think about these kinds of options, like your glass and metal box. That is a super idea.
    Have a wonderful day of LOVE,

  14. love the sweet and simple pieces you display! thanks for inviting me over to see! oxox

  15. What soft and beautiful Valentine décor. It all looks so romantic, and I love that metal and glass box and the way you've displayed the hearts in it. Thank you for linking to my party. Happy Valentine's Day. laurie

  16. So many sweet pretty Michele!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  17. Oh my! So pretty! I love everything about this! (Perfect for the grey party!) If I had done any decorating, this is exactly what I would love to do! Happy Val's day dearie!

  18. Love all your pretty neutrals for Valentine's!


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