Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meet The Cardinals!

We had a little break in between two major snow storms and even most of the snow melted during that in-between time.

We had 2 gorgeous bright cloudless blue sky days and so sunny!

I was standing at my kitchen sink and noticed a gorgeous male cardinal in his bright red glory having a bit of a feeding the time I put away all the clean dishes, cleaned out the microwave and made a pot of coffee that hungry cardinal was STILL there.

So I decided I probably had time to go into our home office and grab my camera.  I never in a zillion years thought he'd have been there so long or I would have grabbed it long before I even started cleaning.

Isn't he a handsome boy?  Cardinals are the official State Bird of Ohio.

Didn't set up a tripod (hardly never do, I am way too lazy, sorry) and this was taken through my kitchen window - and I was a bit shaky because I was leaning into the sink - but took this snap of him.....and perhaps it was my my movement then - or he finally just got his fill of seed - because as SOON as I took this ONE pic of him away he went to a nearby branch as the lovely-but-less-colorful female cardinal swooped in and started eating.

Cardinal in the Snow

A white blanket covers the yard. 
Snowflakes fly swiftly threw the air. 
There sits a Cardinal on the frozen bush. 
Feathers puffed and bold. 
Singing a winter tune. 
the wet snowflakes melt on his head. 
Hearing the creak of a gate, and with one swift movement he lifts into a gentle soar. 
Off he goes into the white sky.

A Cardinal In Winter

By G. Sweeney

A sunny cardinal in the tall, snowy evergreen tree

Wore a shining coat the shade of red berries so joyfully.
While I looked dreamily outdoors towards
The small, white, wintry woods
I wished for summer days where pine boughs
 had donned cottony hoods.
Suddenly then the brilliant cardinal all at once took flight
With feathered wings opened up
 and a flying path, very bright.
A quiet wonderland for all lasted in powdery white.
The world beckoned with shimmery hands
 and its silvery might. 


  1. How cool that Mr. and Mrs. came for a visit. I'm always happy to see the cardinals when they come by. Such handsome critters!

  2. What beautiful pictures AND prose, Michele. Gorgeous. We have a male/female pair here at our feeders every day, too, but I have not taken a decent picture of either of them YET! xo Diana

  3. The most beautiful sight is a red cardinal posing in the snow or anywhere for that matter, lol! Your shots are amazing Michelle!

  4. You were blessed to see both of these cardinals and capture them on your camera. They are beautiful. Have a blessed week. Pamela

  5. Oh wow, your photos are fabulous. Great shots. Hugs, Marty

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Michele. Except for the occasional finch, we vary rarely see colorful birds around around our house, so I always enjoy your posts! Have a great week. Dee :)

  7. Oh, Michele, thank you for taking these photos and sharing them! They are fabulous. We do not have cardinals in California and I can just imagine what it would be like to peer out your kitchen window and see this gorgeous couple! We have several seed cylinders and feeders placed where we can see them from our kitchen too- I love watching the Black Headed Grosbeaks, Mourning Doves, Wrens, Scrub Jays, etc visit. HAPPY Valentine's Day <3

  8. was meant to be! You certainly did a wonderful job capturing this beautiful couple. This is the first time that I have realized how pretty the female really is, even if she doesn't wear red.

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  10. great pictures...and I love cardinals!! I see male ones here often...but I have never seen a female!! Good job!!

  11. How lovely Michele! Cardinals are beautiful--great job at capturing their beauty. ♥

  12. I love the cardinal duo! I saw a male outside the other day, and I hurried for the camera, but I was too late. Your photos are beautiful.

  13. What great photos of Mr and Mrs! I didn't know the cardinal was the Ohio state bird - it is the Virginia state bird too!

  14. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing the cardinals in the winter, so bright and cheerful.

  15. Gorgeous photos Michelle! Pretty enough for a greeting card. Birds are hard to photograph as they seldom sit still long enough to get a good shot. I love yours.

  16. Michele, those cardinals are exquisite … We don't have them here, you are so lucky to look out of your window and see such a beautiful sight!
    Have a wonderful week.
    XOXO Mary

  17. Isn't that the way it happens! I love birds and Cardinals are just gorgeous! Great picture anyway!

  18. They are beautiful! Cardinals are the official state bird of my state, North Carolina as well!

  19. What a great photo, and I too find it hard to believe he was still there after you got the camera!


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