Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Pretties in the Nest

Hello all you wonderful peeps!

I hope you are enjoying autumn and its perfect weather.

Don't you just hate having to come inside at all
 when it is so pretty like this?!

(Especially knowing what's in store in a few months.)

I do love winter but they're saying
 it's going to be even worse than it was last year.

So I am enjoying this fall like there's no tomorrow!

I haven't purchased a single new thing for this season.

That's a first, as this is my very favorite season to decorate!

I've been purging a lot lately and it feels just great.

It's a weird feeling of freedom.

It has taken me a lot of discipline not to go running in hysterics
to all my favorite stores and not spend every dime I have.

Yes, feeling pretty good about my resolve this year!

I just wonder how long it will last........

This (below) is my very favorite antique basket I have.
I absolutely love it and have had it for years and years.

(Awesome baskets never EVER go out of style!)
Neither does FRUIT, haha.

Michele's Hint of the Week:  

Peel a grocer's sticker off real fruit and stick it on faux fruit.
Makes it look more real, doesn't it?

We interrupt this pretty eye candle to share
an ugly little true story to share with y'all....


When I brought my fake fruit out of my bin this year - 
which I bag up so it doesn't get dusty.....I opened the bag and
in horror discovered a very dried up piece of REAL fruit there too.

Yes, now I kinda remember putting
 a lone pear on top of the faux late in the season.

It now resembled a zombie head.
It was dry and furry and way icky and I cannot believe I did that.


Thank goodness we didn't get bugs or something worse!
(Ask Orkin, I refuse to let a bug enter my domain!)

So, for a germaphobic clean freak such as me, imagine my surprise!

Half the faux fruit went straight outside to the garbage bin.
The rest that was ok was scrubbed with Lysol w/ Hydrogen-Peroxide.
(Which, incidentally is the best cleaning product EVER.)


So, with that I wish you a wonderful weekend
 doing what you love
and spending it with whom you love.

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. Good for you not buying new for the season, it looks wonderful already so you don't need to. I love the vintage basket it looks beautiful with the fruit. Have a good weekend.

  2. Michele, you have such pretty fall decor anyway, you don't need more!

  3. Okay, yes, that was gross, Michele! But kind of funny - isn't it usually that people think fake fruit is real; and you had it the other way around! : ) All your decorations look pretty. I can usually keep myself from buying new decorations and pretties as long as I stay out of the stores!

  4. Gross but so funny. Thanks for the laugh and smile. I love all your decorations. I so love decorating for Autumn. I am enjoying the cooler weather also. We had no wind so we were able to grill without any issues. As I am moving stuff around, I have purged a few items as well. It does feel good. Have a good weekend!

  5. What a great story (since I personally didn't have the cleanup to do)! And I love your tip about the stickers going on faux fruit -- brilliant!

  6. A surprise pear, huh? That would be a horrific thing to come across, particularly since pears are inclined to spoil quickly anyway. Yuck!
    Reading your feelings on purging sent regrets flooding through my mind again. Last year when I took down the fall decorations, I went on a major purge. When I went to get them out again this year, I was lost, there were a lot of things I purged that I wished I hadn't. Some trip to I did the same thing when we took the Christmas decorations down, I'm scared to death what I'll find when I get those out! Trips to the thrift shops, flea market and Michaels are in order...starting Monday.

  7. I enjoyed seeing all your Fall pretties! I also enjoyed the laugh I got out of your old year old fruit. Icky, but funny!

  8. Oh my goodness, send us some cool Fall weather- pretty please! It was 106 for a couple of days, now is low 90's but going back to 100 this week. Ugh! I hear you about purging. We don't have a lot of stuff but do have inexpensive things from when we were first married that had to make due because of the budget. I'm a believer in displaying less, but having nicer quality things that hold up for 10+ years. Thanks for visiting my blog, Michele. Enjoy the end of Sept. :)

  9. Oh my, I can just see your face when you discovered that real fruit. How funny is that? Good for a laugh or two for quite a few years I'm sure. lol! I love all of your pretties! The brown transfer ware is gorgeous and I love, love the clay acorns! Would love to try making some sometime. I need to try giving up some of my seasonal decor, but having a hard time parting with it.

  10. Aww that's too funny about the real fruit getting mixed up with the faux, Michele! Yikes!! I've put out less decor this year and have been purging,too.
    Thanks for your visit. I don't get your blog delivered any more either, along with all the others I've signed up for. How do you re-sign up? When I try to do that, Feedburner always says that I'm already a subscriber. :-(

  11. Michele, I've missed several of your posts b/c of computer issues, so I'm catching up. I just bought several adorable fabric pumpkins, but I'm letting go of a box of autumn decor, so I think it evens out :) Fuzzy old fruit is horrifying, I agree! Isn't this weather lovely??

  12. This is a nice basket Michele and what cheeky thing to do - put stickers on faux fruit - I love it! The dried up fruit in the bag would have grossed me out too. :-)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. You have such lovely things! Had to laugh about the zombie fruit!

  14. Sweet seasonal vignettes, Michele! I especially like those adorable acorns - such autumnal flair, and how absolutely clever of you to stick those stickers on the faux fruit?!! Love it!

    Happy Wednesday, my friend!



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