Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transitional Early Fall Tablescape

I am really feeling the fall vibe lately-
but not quite ready to plaster my house
 with the deep rich colors of autumn.

So I went downstairs and "shopped" my china storage
to put together this tablescape that to me says
 EARLY FALL - a subtle hint of what's to come....

There are  still flowers and lots of green outdoors

 but a few of the early trees are changing up.

I am seeing some deep reds and pinks out there.

My table runner with its crimson roses and leaves  

was my inspiration.

Cloud shadows rush over drying hay, fences,
 dusty lane and railroad ravine.
The first yellowing fronds of goldenrod
 brighten the margins of the woods.

                                                       ~J. Kenyon

Even as leans on the fainting evening
 the foliage withering,
I am touched with a song of brown and of shadows.
and of colors lingering.

                                                              ~M. Turbyfill

We had the BEST crop of onions in our harvest garden
this year - better than any year previously.

So I have been making a lot of French Onion soup.

These little soup tureens are perfect for it

because they are oven safe.

For us the first to wain is the sweet basil, followed by the Italian basil,
then parsley - and the hardiest is the thyme, oregano and the rosemary -
 they hang on till the very cool weather comes.

I just took all these pics today - our thyme is still going strong!


1 cup of skinny strip cuts of onion  per person.  

1 cup beef bouillon per person.

Melt a little butter in stock pan and fry up onions until tender and clear - don't overcook or brown.

Add half stick of butter, the broth and some thyme, salt pepper and garlic powder to taste. 
I use a few shakes of all. Add a little bit of nutmeg but not as much as the other flavors.

I use fresh thyme from my herb garden and freshly grated nutmeg from a nut but dried is fine- use less with dried - it's nearly impossible to ruin this easy soup so I never measure, sorry!  : - )

Cook on low simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes. 

Fill oven safe bowls and place on a cookie sheet. 

Place stale bread (love baguettes past their prime for this) or croutons or whatever kind of thick dry bread and then sprinkle about a tablespoon of parmesan cheese, heavily cover with mozzarella and/or provolone on top of bread. Lots of cheese is yummy so don't be shy with it.

Place bowls on sheet and broil in preheated oven until cheese melts and lightly browns. Watch CAREFULLY that it doesn't burn- doesn't take very long.

This keeps in fridge for a couple days if you have extra.

As always, thank you for your visit!


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  1. Love the little soup tureens. You've picked all the great "leading up to" fall colors. Fun tablescape with the white pumpkin and your pretty table runner. Thanks for the soup recipe. I love Onion Soup!

  2. You made a wonderful early fall tables cape, Michele!

  3. lookin mighty pretty.. fall here is all still green so your table decor would be just right.

  4. I love that white ceramic pumpkin!

  5. Michele, beautiful tablescape. These colors really speak to me, and I have them in my office space! Your stemware is gorgeous with the dishes too. Very nice!

  6. This is such a pretty tablescape! It's perfect for early Fall I love your little soup tureens!

  7. That looks like a lovely EARLY FAll table! I am just starting to think Fall here, too. I just feel like I missed Summer altogether this year. Sad!

    Your soup sounds really good- it is a bit different from my recipe but you can't go wrong with French Onion Soup!!!! xo Diana

  8. Beautiful, some delightful images. The onion soup sounds delicious, thanks for sharing. The soup tureens are stunning and perfect for this time of year when warming foods are needed. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Your table looks so pretty, Michele! I love your runner. It looks perfect for this time of year.

  10. Wish I could shop your store of china for myself Michele. Lovely tablescape with the sweetest individual soup bowls.
    I so want a white pumpkin like yours for autumn decor.

  11. Yum, I haven't had that soup in forever! I'll have to try this recipe.

    Love your table, those dishes are so beautiful! and I love that urn with the herb garden too. Sigh, summer's over...

  12. ummm, i love french onion soup to the moon and back..gonna make your version.
    xo bj

  13. I'm so impressed that you grow your own onions! French onion soup is EXACTLY what I have been wanting lately! Your table is set beautifully for it. I hope you get a few more dinners outside. Still perfect for that here.

  14. Hello Michele,

    So nice to hear the word transitional with regard to seasonal decorating. Folks often jump from one holiday or season to the next, and forget about that wonderful space in between.

    Beautiful post and the onion soup sounds yummy!

    Linda Nelson

  15. What a fun post! I love your creamy pumpkins -- so elegant. Your onion soup looks hearty and heart-warming. Love your herbs, too!

  16. Lovely tablescape and thank you for the recipe - I wish it was soup weather here!

  17. all of the colors and the little soup bowls.

  18. When life gives you onions, you make French onion soup....of course! LOVE your early fall tablescape, treats and tidbits! All the crockery is TOO cute!!


  19. Michele, I love these beautiful warm colors of Autumn. Warm and cozy! I love French Onion soup but have never tried making my own. We had a lot of wonderful Walla Walla onions in the garden this year, but I have used all but a couple of them.

  20. I love your early fall table Michele. It is a great transition to autumn for sure. But my favorite part of your post today is your back-door herb garden. I have one next to my back door also. I use it almost everyday and when the temperatures get too cold for my herb garden, I bring it inside. I have to give your French Onion Soup recipe a try.

    Have a wonderful week Michele,


  21. Yummy, Michele! We had a bumper crop of onions too! Okay, now I know what I am doing with all of them! We love French Onion soup here at StoneGable and I'll also be caramelizing onions and freezing them! Hugs to you!

  22. Hi Michele, I feel the same as you do. Autumn comes upon us slowly here in Missouri. We many have several cool days and chilly nights only to have the following day's temperature rise to 90 degrees. Even with the heat, I don't want summer decor out any longer, but I'm not ready for full on Thanksgiving. Your transitional tablescape is perfect for these days, The colors are fresh and beautiful, yet definitely NOT summer. Everything is simply beautiful and happy! I love your back door herb garden, I long to have one such as yours. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  23. I absolutely love French onion soup but have never made it. But I think I will try your recipe.

    Love your table runner.

  24. Beautiful vignette! What a great idea to have your herb garden in a pot right outside your back door!! I may have to borrow that idea next spring :o) The recipe sounds so yummy...will have to try it too!!!!!

  25. Oh, now I do love your transitional fall tablescape! It's nice to see a pretty in-between design that's not all pumpkins and burlap, but yet it's not summery either. Great work!

  26. Hi Michelle,
    Love the soup bowls. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds delicious. Your herb pot is really lovely, too! I bet the soup tastes even more delish served in those pretty bowls.
    Wishing you a happy fall,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  27. I love these French onion soup bowls! Always love an herb pot too!

  28. So pretty, love your dishes! It's been a long time since I've grown herbs in a pot, I hope to do that again next Spring! Hope you are having a GREAT week!

  29. I love those soup tureens! And they are the perfect size for French Onion Soup....HUGE...because that's how much I like it!

  30. so much fun to "shop" your home. I especially like the brown quilted runner. And having a pot or two of herbs outside is so nice for cooking. So easy to grow and so much tastier than dried.


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