Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amazing Christmas Tea Party

Oh, my word, how does one even explain how awesome
 my friend Sharyn and her Aunt Pat's
afternoon Christmas Tea Party was to attend?

It all started with an invite that came in the mail.
What a joy to have that among the catalogs and bills!

Warning: very heavy pic post

These two are just so danged cute -
 always dress in period maid servers costumes.

This time there was some festive "bling"
 added to their apron fronts!

For starters we were all given a Kir Royal.

Then we were given time for some fellowship,
then a nice bit of history/trivia about
England's Yuletime traditions that Pat read to us.

There was a test afterwards for a prize, and I actually
WON!!  : - )

I won a large Wood Wick (WW) evergreen scented candle with
one of those wood crackle wicks.
If you haven't tried one, you must - such a neat gift!

Sharyn has the most beautiful home -
everywhere one looked was something festive and beautiful!

She is so warm and welcoming.

Being invited to her house is truly special.

I just realized I didn't take a picture of her huge 
red and gold gigantic Christmas tree. Ugh, dang.

This is the gorgeous decorated chandy over the dining table.

They had two tables.

I took these before the food came out because
I was afraid I would forget once the food came.

And I mean to say my poor  pics with the low lights
don't do anything I am sharing justice - it all was
SO pretty!

The to-die-for exquisite menu:

Halfway through my soup I remembered
 I hadn't taken a picture yet, so see?

 I really DO forget!  Often!

The smoked turkey salad tarts
were topped with pomegranate seeds!

There were two kinds of scones -
plain and chocolate chip!

Everything was sooooooooooooo delicious
and beautifully presented!

But the absolute end-all-be-all surprise of the day
 was this incredibly awesome idea for a specialty dessert!


It was a caramel and chocolate cake
 with white frosting that had shimmery dust on it
to make it look like snow,
 and a little "Santa" gnome, trees and a little gingerbread man!

The gloBe had edible snow speckles on it to look like sleet!


Then to finish off the meal they provided gorgeous and 
perfectly British party "crackers" for us to break open.

They each had trivia questions, a little prize and a paper crown.

But wait - there's still even  more!

Each guest received a huge party gift bag
 with a theme to "get us started!"

It contained pretty little gift bags, magnetic Shopping List, 
tape, gift tags, ribbons, candy -
 all nice things to help us prepare for Christmas!

As always, thank you for your visit!



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  1. Oh my, what a lovely party! The food looked great as well as the decorations. You no doubt had a splendid time. Thanks for sharing with us and joining me for tea, Michele.


  2. It looks like you had a wonderful tea party! Everything looked wonderful too, from the table, to the decorations, to the yummy food. What fun!

  3. What a beautiful party! Looks like it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing your joy! Blessings, Martha

  4. What a beautiful 'tea!' It looks like the hosts had just as much fun as the guests. Everything was so pretty and festive. What fun to get that invitation in the mail!

  5. Oh Michele, what a charming and beautiful tea! The decorations are just lovely and the food looks amazing! It appears you had a wonderful time :)

    Hugs to you!

  6. We are invited to an Afternoon Tea this month. You have put me in the mood. I'm ready. It is alway a wonderful experience. I am always impressed by the exquisite, labor intensive food.

  7. It all looks wonderful! Is the globe a glass ivy bowl?

  8. Hi Michele, Love the idea here for this tea, from the invitations to the party crackers. The food looks delicious. I'm sure you and all the guests had a great time. Love the cut little aprons and I enjoyed the tour of the home and decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Absolutely fabulous! They really made it so special! I especially like the snow globe. Hoe cute is that!!!!

  10. What a wonderful treat it would be to attend a party like this one. You're a lucky lady!

  11. This sounds like it was an incredible way to kick off the holiday season. The decorations are beautiful, as is the set table. The food looks outstanding...I love seeing a menu, very classic. Hooray for you on winning the candle. I love those and have a hard time finding them. Thanks for a wonderful treat, Michele!

    Happy Holidays!

    Jane xx

  12. Oh Michele, I'm drooling with tea party envy! Oh to be invited to such a wonderful, seasonal event!! The home is lovey, the menu and food is fabulous. Then to top it off, all the party favors. You're one lucky gal to have such a great group of friends.

  13. WOW!!! What an amazing tea! I'm sure all the guests felt like royalty at such a LOVELY tea...I know I would have. Everything is exquisite...and the food...out of this world!
    Mary Alice

  14. What a TREAT, Michele. I felt like I was right there with you! That is amazing and it must have felt like you were an honored, treasured guest to be included. Love it! xo Diana

  15. I know you had fun surrounded by all that Holiday Prettiness..

    thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment


  16. Hello Michele, it is lovely to stop by and visit you once again. What an incredible party you attended! I have never been to anything like that. Your hosts were very generous as well as kind. They really did pay attention to detail and everything. You must feel so pampered! Perfect!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays,

  17. What an incredible time you had...I just LOVE teas...and this one sounds so special. Glad you had such a nice time....
    We always had the same problem when Mr. Sweet and I married...having to be at 2 Christmas luncheons...it was so so hard. When our kids got married, I changed our time with them to Christmas Eve...it has worked so much better for them and their family. Now they spend CEve with us, a dinner, gifts and stockings...then, on CDay, they are free to take their time in getting to a lunch with the other set of family. Perfect....We get up early on Christmas morning and visit ea set of kids and family..have a breakfast with one set, cinnamon rolls at the other. Then, the Mr. and I either spend the rest of the day with his cousins or with friends. Works like a charm for us....

  18. How wonderful! It all looks so beautiful and the food looks fantastic. It's making me hungry. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tea party. Blessings, Pam

  19. What an amazing party, everything about it had sparkle. Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. What a yummy and fun tea party!! I'm so inspired!! Everything looks so delicious - it's making me very hungry right now!! I love the little turkey salad tarts topped with pomegranate seeds!! So festive!! And the maid's costumes - adorable!! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog, and thanks for sharing this wonderful tea party!! xo! Jina

  21. Wow, what a labor of love by those two talented and generous ladies! They sure spoiled you all with all that wonderful food and beautiful decor. Loved seeing all of it, and all the incredible attention to detail.

  22. I love all the wonderful occasionsummer you share with your friends. Everything looked perfect.

    I sent you an e-mail about the rug. It is my listing.

  23. What a beautiful day, Michele! From the tea to the beautiful surroundings it seems like a thoroughly enjoyable time.

  24. What an amazing event! It looks like it had to be so much fun. The food looks delicious!

  25. What a lovely, wonderful and yummy tea party!

  26. What a lovely way to kick off the holiday season! I just love Colcannon, and I always have it on St Patty's Day - but have never had colcannon soup…i will have to google for a recipe!

  27. Goodness Michele, I almost missed this post. Such fun, good food and I'll bet there was lively conversation.
    You have thoughtful and imaginative friends to throw a Christmas tea party as wonderful as this.

  28. Oh my Michele, this looks like it was so much fun. I love it all. Everything looks amazing and the food looks delicious and well-prepared. Such a perfect way to start celebrating the holiday season.

    Thank you for sharing.


  29. Hi Michele! It looks like you had a wonderful time! This motivates me to start planning my own event! Yours looks spectacular and the home décor is beautiful!
    House of Highlands

  30. Hi Michele! That tea was just wow! I'm inspired :) (and jealous that you got to go to such a wonderful event). That globe dessert was just inspired and had so many details! Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. What a fabulous tea Michele! The food looks delicious and the snow globe dessert was amazing! Her home is beautiful! Love the icicles hanging from her mantle. I also loved your little lamb and star in the previous post. Big Christmas hugs!

  32. What a blessing that Christmas tea must have been! One you'll not soon forget. Love the snow globe!

  33. My first visit to your site. I am a great-grandmother who loves, loves 'tea & scones' with lots of 'tete a tete' with loved ones and dear friends. How very lovely this teaparty was and how I loved being 'invited' re. your post.
    Have a very Mary Christ Mass and a Holy New Year.
    Did you know that Mother Mary wrapped the First Christmas Present?
    With a joyful & grateful heart,
    Sylvia Faye
    (I have no blog but appreciate you ladies who do)

  34. Wow, this Christmas tea party is stunning. Look at the décor, it is superb! I would feel so special if I walked into this party venue. I am also finding such beautiful party venues Houston TX for this year’s Christmas party.


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