Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Season - Have a Friend for Tea!

There are just so many days in a month
 and we all try so hard to fill those social demands.

Let's face it - there is a LOT to do
 and we are turned every which way!

We also know stress is a silent killer.

We need to slow down between the dashing about
 and just breathe!

And today is a dashing about kind of day
 with many appointments and whatnot -
 so I thought I'd share
a Christmas tea moment I had last year....

....when I had a neighbor friend, Dee, over
 and we slowly sipped tea
and visited and enjoyed one another's company.

I hope to do that again very soon.
I am inspired for the holidays to experience more peaceful moments, with worrying less about "stuff."

I hoope you are able to as well.

Friendships need nurturing to survive.

The gals of old knew how to do that;
savoring precious tea time. 

It was an expected part of each day.

Granted all they had to do is pour tea
the tea was made for them, the snacks were
brought to them - and none of them were expected
to work a full time job, or (gasp) do their own laundry....

[but still]

We can do what we can to try and bring back a little
bit of the lovely "Downton Abbey" lifestyle, can't we?

Tea time.

Not just for To Go styrofoam cups in your car anymore.

So I do hope you'll open your door to a friend soon
and slow down and savor the moment,
the calm before the proverbial storm called Life.

And as we get into the spirit of the Advent Season
I wish you quiet moments, joy, and good health.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. I could definitely use a few of those "quiet moments" myself, so thank you for the thoughtful inspiration today! I needed it!

  2. Slowing!!!!!!!!!!! Love your tea set and the book. Ho Ho HO and Merry Merry!

  3. Lovely post, dear Michele. We need those special quiet moments throughout the week - thank you for the reminder.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. I had to come and see your gorgeous teaset and quiet moment setting, dear Michelle. We all need to have one, I know I do!
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Michelle, this is excellent advice. One reason I like to have our home decorated early is so I can sit back and enjoy quiet moments with friends. Have a great day!

  6. Beautiful post Michelle and great advice for this very busy season. Blessings. Pam

  7. What great advice for a wonderful, busy season. Loved the Christmas tea setting and the stunning door wreath. Have a wonderful stress free day.

  8. What good advice to slow down and enjoy tea with friends during the Christmas season and any time. Your home looks warm and comforting, Michele.

  9. Michele, your tea set is beautiful and I love the inscription inside the teacup! The treats look delicious and your wreath on the door is lovely too. I had a friend over yesterday and she brought me some of her goodies which was very welcome. Thank you for your lovely post and words of wisdom. Merry Christmas, my friend!


  10. Wishing you the same, Michele.
    I am looking forward to getting together with my tea friends on Thursday at a friends house.

    Take care,

  11. Your tea set is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the story about A Cup of Christmas Tea.

  12. Hi Michele! OH, what a beautiful Christmas tea set! I really liked the slowing down and enjoying friendships. I've got to make some new friends now! I would have loved to sit with you, sip tea and nibble on those goodies! :) I mentioned you on my post today.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I do love the Cup Of Christmas Tea set...so pretty! And things look so festive! We do need a few moments of quiet companionship and friendship amid the bustle. Lovely!

  14. Since I have the book, I had looked at eBay to purchase a teacup but decided against it. I have a nice poinsettia teacup for Christmas and a set of 12 snowflake cups and saucers that match my dishes. I'll just enjoy your set Michele.
    A nice idea to have a friend over for a quiet cup of tea.

  15. Such a pretty tea. So true about slowing down. Things go by so quickly and Christmas comes all to soon.

  16. Such a pretty tea tray! Thanks for the advice on enjoying the moment with a friend. I am afraid I am in the panic mode.
    Your pictures are calming and beautiful. Thank you Michele.

  17. Michelle:
    Your Cup of Christmas Tea set is just wonderful. I think it brings such cheer to a room and on your lovely table! Cookies help alot too! Lovely posting and so glad you shared!

  18. beautiful setting, michele:) wishing you comfort and joy this season!

  19. Yes! I need to do that this year and soon. I would love to sit with a friend and just sip. This all looks wonderful, and you have inspired me!

  20. A good reminder. I love that tea set---is that associated with the book? I have the book I put out every year.

  21. This is beautiful! A great push to call my dear friend Kim and have her over. Hugs

  22. I am trying once again to leave a comment for you. It never looks like my comments are accepted. Any ideas?

    I know you and your friend must have enjoyed this special time you had together.♥

  23. Such lovely china for teatime...It just sort of sets in the festive mood ... and it looks like you've already done some baking ..WOW.. you're way ahead..Thanks for reminding me...Hugs

  24. Beautiful Christmas tea set, Michele. I often fantasize about having a couple servants, haha! I will be getting together with some friends for tea soon; looking forward to it!

  25. What a lovely tea cup and thanks for the timely reminder to take time out to relax with a cup of tea and tasty Christmas snacks.


  26. Beautiful Christmas tea cup and yes, I need to relax a little and enjoy a cup of tea. There is too much rushing around these days.

  27. Indeed, slowing as winter settles in.... and looking forward to the new year! Be Blessed in all you do Michelle!

  28. OOH! The tea set is gorgeous! What a beautiful way of enjoying this time of the year. Have a great weekend! Maria

  29. Just beautiful! I think those are the prettiest Christmas Tea Cups that i have ever seen!!


  30. Such a beautiful display! Tea and treats with friends is great way to relax.


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