Friday, March 6, 2015

Giveaway Winner and Random Facts

I am joining in two new-to-me linky parties with a similar theme:
the Random 5 Facts linky party and the Willy Nilly linky party
as an neat way to announce my Shamrock Give-away winner!
(Scroll to end of this post for clickable links to take you there.)

So, without further ado, here are my 5 randoms!

Random Fact 1:

 I finally hung up my St. Patrick's wreath!
I have never been this late before but the cold
(and snow and ice) just kept me from wanting to do so till today!

Random Fact 2:

I have always loved, and finally was able to acquire  
a fabulous large Mora wall clock.

We've had it a couple years now but it is in a weird spot
and I never really featured it before.

I am thinking about moving it
to a more prominent spot, but that means wall repair.


Random Fact 3:

Yoda indeed lives happily under a very old shady bonsai
with terrapins and dragonflies here at Finch Rest!

He is about 3 inches high which gives you an idea 
of the size of this wonderful 20  year old tree.

Random Fact 4:

Tomorrow is my handsome husband's birthday.
(He is totally the total and original Star Wars geek enthusiast,)

I've shared this pic before.
 I don't have many of him 'cuz
he fights me about getting pics of him.

He prefers to be behind the camera.
I understand that, too, so certainly don't fight him too hard about it.

Random Fact 5:

Last but certainly not least:
 My daughter Katie picked the winning name randomly 
for my Shamrock Themed Give-away today - and the winner is

----->>>>>>MARTHA ELLEN<<<<<<------
of The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen blog!!!

I meant to get a pic of my daughter when she came and
gave my husband a haircut and did my hair.

She's a licensed stylist that makes house calls for us.
We are so truly blessed.

I put a name in a big bowl and pulled a name out.

I laid the contestants names on a majolica cabbage platter
for a green background to showcase all the names of the
fabulous ladies who joined in the fun!

Thank you ALL for entering, for all your visits
and for your sweet and treasured comments.

So be sure to hop on over to share your own "random five facts"
and join in the fun at
 A Rural Journal blog

As always, thank you for stopping by!




  1. Michele, what a great post and link party - I visited Willy Nilly, and I love the concept! Your husband is indeed handsome (♪♫HBDay to him♪♫), your clock is beautiful, and congrats to Martha Ellen. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the old clock -- I will have to Google "mora". Thanks for joining in!

  3. Well, darn it, I missed the giveaway, because I'm slacking on my visiting.... Congratulations to the winner though!

    It was great getting to know more about you! That picture in your last post is unreal.... I've never seen an icicle that big. Wow!

    Stay warm, Michele :)

  4. Hi Michele!

    Thank you for visiting my Home Romance. I´m now following you, loved the blog!

    Hugs from Brazil!


  5. GREAT Mora clock! Love it. Congrats to Martha Ellen....and your hubby is a handsome man xo Diana

  6. Wow, Michele, thank you to your daughter Katie for picking me! How sweet of you to have this lovely giveaway. I managed to hang my shamrock flag before we were hit with another round of snow yesterday. I've been feeling a little whiny about the weather and you have made my day. Thank you so much. ♥

  7. Handsome husband. Tell him Happy Birthday. You don't know how refreshing it is to see you just pick a piece of paper with a name on it instead of doing that Rafflecopter thing I just hate.

  8. I love your shamrock wreath, Michele! Coincidentally, I thought about putting my St. Paddy's Day flag out today, as well. :) I was sooo glad to see the sunshine again, even though it was still quite cold today. Your clock really is lovely! Happy Birthday to your husband and congrats to the giveaway winner. :-D Have a wonderful weekend!



  9. Your posts are always a delight, dear Michele :) I thoroughly enjoyed your random facts and may I wish your husband a Happy Birthday!

    Congratulations to the lovely winner :) Hugs to you!

  10. Happy Bday to your dh! I am the 7 th of March too. Bthank God it isn't going to snow again tomorrow.
    The 7th Annual St. pat's Blog Crawl is Wed!

  11. Your wreath is beautiful! I'm assuming you made it ~ :) Your husband is very handsome ~ hope his birthday is special! I like the random 5.

    Hope to get back to blog land. I'm glad you're surviving the weather!

  12. Happy birthday to your husband. A truly beautiful clock. Have a great weekend.

  13. Happy Birthday to your husband, Michele! What a lovely couple you make. Your wreath is very pretty and made me smile. Enjoy your weekend!


  14. Happy Birthday to hubby! Love the clock. Fun wreath. Yoda under a bonsai tree -- just seems right!!!! Have a great weekend!

  15. happy birthday to your hubby! congrats to the winner, how fun and i love that clock!!! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!!

  16. Absolutely delightful Randoms! I am so glad you joined in! How great you have a St. Patrick's Day's so cute! Love that you had a give-away. Congrats to the winner! And I LOVE that wall clock! It's to die-for! Your hubby is handsome. Happy Birthday to him! Great-looking bonsai too. All my best---hope you keep coming back!

  17. I'm new to your blog (will be following you now) and love it. - That is a pretty wreath but I really like your clock. Happy Birthday to your hubby, tell him he's quite handsome and shouldn't be shy about having his picture taken. I love Bonsai trees, they are cool and Yoda is just as cool.

  18. Happy Birthday to your husband and congratulations to the winner. I like this new linky party. I may have to join in sometime. '-)

  19. HOLY COW...if I was as pretty as he is handsome, I'd take selfies all the time....
    Yes, indeedy....he is a HUNK...:)
    Several years ago, I always featured a PINK SAT. HUNK when I did my posts for Beverly's Pink Saturday...
    I've had several of my earlier blogging friends ask me about bringing it back...Now, your hubby sure would be a great feature. (if he'd go for it at all, that is....) :) Oh, yes....ain't life grand.

  20. Love your wreath and your clock! So pretty! Happy birthday to your husband. Congratulations to the winner, lucky girl! Enjoy your week! Maria

  21. A nice selection of randomness! And a happy birthday to hubby.

  22. Playing blog catch-up today, and oh dear, I missed a good one. It's so true that when you snooze, you lose, ha! Happy Birthday to your DH, and I have to say I just love all the *character* in that clock. (Must Google Mora clock. Never heard the term before, yikes!)

  23. Hi Michele, Love your clock and you do indeed have a handsome husband! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Michele.


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