Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tea at Easter Time

Today I am taking a little tea time respite
 from the busy days of preparing for company
this weekend for our Easter Sunday feast.

We're having 15 people dine together this year.
(But two of them will only be in high chairs.)

I've had this sweet little painted & glazed Easter tea set
for years - and my lacy Spode ivory teacups match up well.

I love the little butterflies and rosette embellishments
on this set - just screams "Spring" to me!

I also love that everything on the set is all egg shaped-
the tray, the teapot and the sugar and creamer.

So, naturally the painted wooden yellow egg
 had to join in the fun, too!

And since I don't put milk in my tea he
thought the creamer was an eggscellent place to perch!

And frankly, I simply don't argue with eggs.

I'm enjoying some Earl Grey and freshly made lemon bread.

I *HIGHLY* recommend hopping on over to visit
our fellow tea blogger friend Angela
 from Tea With Friends for her lemon bread recipe!

It is without a doubt the best I have ever made.

Next time I make it I won't be deep in the basement working
without taking my baking timer WITH me, though.
Just saying.

If you all aren't reading Angela's Saturday posts 
tea-themed short stories
 every single week you are really missing out!
 Trust me!


You can find her post with recipe here.

She is such good "peeps."

The very first clear little teapot I ever owned 
I literally cracked five minutes after unwrapping it.

I was rinsing it out because I really wanted to
see one of my flower bud-opening teas I had recently been given.

I didn't quite break it through and through though-
so I kept it and use it for silk flower arrangements, 
and various seasonal items.

THIS year I used to house my wee Cadbury chocolate eggs!
Next to a Resee Cup Egg, they're the best Easter candy EVER!

These little clear teapots make excellent candy dishes!

Ok if you haven't  yet seen my living room's natural
spring and Easter decorating, that post was just before this.

I hope to share the rest of the house's Easter decor soon
so watch for it, and be as surprised as I will be
if I can work it in this crazy busy life! Ha!

As always, thank you so much for your visit!




  1. You must come with all kinds of neat ways to use the clear tea pot for decor. Ok, I'm here to find the palm frond...heading back. I subscribe to your feed and it has not been coming through. I'll resubscribe.

  2. Michele, your tea set is so adorable! And so is that wee chick. Your glass teapot looks wonderful holding Easter eggs. I should try doing that with mine as I never use it for tea. I like the Cadbury eggs myself and they are usually what I buy for a treat this time of year. The lemon bread looks lovely. I hope you have a memorable Easter celebration with your family and thank you for joining me for tea today.

    Easter Blessings,

  3. Your charming Easter egg tea set brought a smile to my face!

    Storing chocolate eggs is a clever use of the transparent teapot.

    I just found out today that our local Wal-Mart store (in Canada) sells Cadbury Cream Egg Biscuits!

  4. Michele, everything looks lovely as usual at your place! Sorry about the cracked teapot--boo -who! I do visit Angela--you are so right about her Saturday posts--the best! I'll have to try her lemon bread! Have a lovely celebration with your family! ♥

  5. Your tea for one is so sweet, Michele. I will need to check out the lemon bread recipe from Angela. I love your teapot filled with Easter candy...thanks for the idea, as I have one similar!

  6. So cute Michelle and perfect for Easter! What a shame about the teapot but it makes a great egg keeper!

    1. Ruth, I can't seem to log into your post and linky party today, tried morning noon and night.....ugh.

  7. What a cute tea set up, Michele. Hmmm...You drink tea and I am a coffee drinker...do you think we could work that in the interest of friendship? lol However, I do think TEAPOTS are a lot cuter than COFFEE POTS! I have never seen a clear tea pot before. It is just darling. xo Diana

  8. Beautiful photos (as always), and I am absolutely delighted to hear your lemon bread came out well! Isn't it great? (Mine is, ahem, almost gone already. Mostly my husband's doing.) But I have to say ... Cadbury Eggs in a glass teapot? Why didn't I think of that! I am soooooo copying this idea. ASAP. Love. It! (And thanks for the kind mention of my blog and short stories, too. You are so sweet!)

  9. I think that tea set is the sweetest one ever! It's just adorable, and using a teapot to hold Cadbury eggs is genius! I'm thinking that this might prevent the stash from going too soon -- we have a big problem with that in my house! :)

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  11. Girlfriend, I wanna come have tea with you!! Lemon bread too ~ :) Honestly, this is the sweetest tea set ~ so delicate. You have beautiful tea pots, cups, etc.

    Don't work too hard, ok? I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Easter!


  12. The raised embellishments on your Easter tea set are so pretty! Hope you can relax a bit before Easter. Large dinner parties are fun, but a lot of preparation. Have a wonderful Easter!

  13. I don't think one can have too many eggs at this time of year!

  14. That is the sweetest Easter tea set I have every seen, precious!! And, that lemon bread/cake looks amazing as well! I hope you enjoyed your quiet tea time! Blessings, Cindy

  15. Truly beautiful egg tea set, a wonderful setting. Hope you have a wonderful get together over Easter and all goes well, sounds like fun.

  16. A beautiful teaset, and as you say, where else would you put a wooden egg.
    Happy Easter.


  17. You deserve that tea break, Michele. I completely understand the hard work you're putting in to host your family for the weekend. The lemon loaf looks amazing. My sil bowed out of hosting Easter this year, and asked me just yesterday morning if I would host - can you imagine doing all the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning and buffet prep in just 4 days?! I am a planner, and it just doesn't work that way for me. It is not going to happen. I wish you the best with your time with family this year.

  18. What darling photos and presentation with all your Easter pretties. Sounds like you will be having a house full and how fun. These will be precious memories!

  19. What a beautiful set, Michele! Perfect to use for a lovely tea during the Easter season. Lemon bread sounds delicious. I made a lemon dump cake a few weeks ago (gluten free) and my son (who is not gluten free) really loved it. So simple, too, and I need simple when I cook and bake!

  20. What an eggscellent post -- haha. All this Easter candy and tea bread is killing me! Looks so delicious! I will pop over to Angela's blog.
    I am having Easter dinner, but will be a small group, still have lots to do. I know you will have a lovely table; do try to have a few tea breaks beforehand, sweetie.
    Have a blessed Easter. xo Deborah

  21. Good peeps are the best. Your tea set is adorable and I also like the butterfly embellishments. I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday with your family. Your story of the bunny pillow and your hubs was very funny ~ thank you for sharing!

  22. Oh my goodness how adorable. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tea set. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  23. Michele, your Easter tea set is ADORABLE! Love everything about it, from the colours to the patterns to the shapes! Such seasonal sweetness! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a very Happy Easter! Enjoy your feast, then, very ladylike, sip on your clear tea with that gorgeous lemon bread!


  24. I wanted to pop in to wish you a blessed Easter! STill loving this pretty post too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. This tea set is simply lovely...the textures and embellishments are so sweet and sets it apart from the rest. And the glass pot...what a shame, the tea you wanted to use in it would have looked fantastic. Are you going to get another? Well worth it.

    Scrolled back to see your spring decor...so pretty! It makes me feel like warmer days are around the corner.

    Thank you for you kind, uplifting comments on my last post. The lakehouse will be done at some point and we will be happy campers (swimmers) once again! :)

    Have a blessed Easter.

    Jane xxx

  26. I have a huge package of the little Cadbury eggs.... LOVE them. Clever idea to put them in a clear teapot.
    Pretty Spring decor. Hope you have a blessed Easter! :)

  27. Your Easter tea set is just too cute ... so spring like ... brought a smile to my face!

  28. That is the cutest little tea set Michele! Perfect for an Easter tea! Lemon bread sounds yummy. I'll have to hop over for the recipe. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. That tea set is absolutely precious! Love the little clear teapot too :)


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