Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Lamb Baby Shower Luncheon

My-oh-my did I attend the best baby shower of all time or what!??

It was hosted by my mother-in-law for my sister-in-law.

I am so happy to (finally) have a moment to share it with you!

It was held at the beautiful historic Tudor-style home
 called The O'Neil House
which is now a Bed and Breakfast!

It was built by the early rubber magnate William O'Neil,
 who started the General Tire Company in 1915.

I encourage you to read up on these histories above
after you finish reading my post, of course.  : - )

(This lovely B and B host tea parties, too!)

Sweet soft fuzzy lambs were everywhere - such a cute theme!

I am embarrassed - I forgot my camera and had to use my phone,
and the lighting was difficult to work around.

I just needed to share it regardless, it was such a lovely event!

See what I mean?
 Isn't this little lamb plushie adorable??!!

We dined in what they refer to as
The Garden Room - which is light and airy and lovely!
(It was once perhaps the conservatory? Not sure.)

The tablescapes were gorgeous and sat 8 gals at each.

Here was mine and where I sat,
 along with my two daughters and my mother in law.

Gorgeous matching antique chairs, fresh garden roses, 
silk pin-tuck tablecloths, crystal, carved wooden chargers....
silver-plate sugar and creamer, every nice thing.

Close up of the adorable favors my MIL made:
Little milk chocolate lambs
made specially for her by a family favorite chocolatier
from my in-law's hometown of Erie, PA

It's soooooo good,
 and Ginny always gets some for us on Easter and Christmas.

The food was so good and so beautifully presented!

We started with a palate cleanser;
I had this clever frozen orange sorbet
using a hollowed-out orange as the dish holding it!

Next was Italian Wedding Soup -
 a favorite of my husband's
very Italian family.

I was halfway through mine before I remember to get a pic.

Our main dish was grilled chicken breast with reduction sauce
 over brown rice with veggies
and a small salad with fresh berries.

You will notice no strawberries as my sister-in-law is allergic
(as is my husband!)

This food was totally scrumptious!


We finished with a decorated  Tiffany Bakery party cake!
(Another family favorite for all important occasions!)

Originally the baby shower was scheduled
 weeks before the baby was due...
and they didn't know the gender of the baby....

However, she came very early and Momma and baby 
were in the hospital during the shower!!!!

So Angela participated virtually on Skype
 while Papa unwrapped all the baby gifts.

He was such a trooper - even wore a pink shirt
in celebration of his newborn baby girl!

He really got into it after a bit of time
and warmed up to the whole shower thing
(his best mate was there too, for moral support!)

Action shot taken by MIL's phone used with permission

I have a few pics to share of the historic Tudor home
in a post tomorrow so be sure to come back!

This post is getting too long.

I close with a picture of my little baby niece's
gorgeous birth announcement I received yesterday.

And to my other two sisters-in-law: 
I am so sorry I never posted about your wonderful baby showers.
I do the best I can with the time that I have is all.
There's just never enough time, is there?

Hugs and love to all!  

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. What an adorable baby shower! All's well that ends well. And the food looks delicious! Yes, there are times when blogging is the main thing, and then there's LIFE!! Busy times for me right now too. Thanks for your visits! Happy summer days!

  2. I am bookmarking this baby shower blog post because I love lambs, have real live lambs, and always have a relative due to have a baby. Love, love, love !

    Congratulations on your new niece too.

  3. What a sweet theme! All the d├ęcor is just beautiful. Precious little baby girl.


  4. An elegant baby shower Michele and your trusty phone shared the day with us quite well. The lamb theme was cute and the food looked scrumptious.
    Your niece is adorable, congratulations auntie!

  5. What a sweet baby shower theme, Michele. Congratulations to the parents on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!!

  6. Oh what an elegant baby shower. She is a beautiful little baby. Love the theme and all the decorations were wonderful. The food looked so good and scrumptious. Love all the little lambs. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful baby shower. Congratulations to the proud parents.

  7. I love the little lamb theme, so very cute, especially if you haven't been told the gender. Thanks for sharing the sweetness! Blessings, Cindy

  8. What an absolute delight this whole shower must have been...every thing is just out of this world beautiful. and those little lambs....OOO, so sweet.
    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful time...I was smiling all the way thru.
    xoxo and hugs for the new baby girl and her daddy wearing a pink shirt...I am glad to know he is
    MAN ENUF TO WEAR PINK. :) it all.

  9. Wow this was quite the shower. So cute & congrats to the new parents.

  10. Oh, Michele, what a darling baby shower. I love the little lamb theme and the candy looks marvelous! How sweet of the daddy to be there and open the gifts! The sweet new little darling is just adorable and she's smiling! ;) I've missed you and have been thinking of you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. She is beautiful, a very pretty niece to treasure and spoil. A stunning luncheon in such amazing surroundings, you are truly blessed.

  12. That is the most elaborate shower I have heard of. Beautiful!!

  13. What a delightful shower,Michele. So nicely done and your baby niece is just adorable!

  14. Lovely! She's a cutie pie and I think she has wonderful parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles!

  15. Yes - that was surely darling and what a precious baby!

  16. I love the theme. So sweet. Little lambies.

  17. How the theme and the food looks great!

  18. Oh my, what a precious baby shower! The lamb theme is just too sweet :) Thank you for sharing this special time with us. Happy weekend! Hugs!

  19. Adorable theme and precious baby. And, what a wonderful father to attend and dress the part! Congrats to your family on the arrival of its newest addition! ~ Donna E.

  20. What fun! I love all those lambs ... precious! And the new arrival is adorable. Happy Tea Day!

  21. The lamb theme is too cute! Your camera phone takes pretty good photos.

  22. Everything is beautiful from the venue to the little darling! This will be such a memorable event for both the mom and the dad!! Congrats and best wishes to all. Linda

  23. I love the lamb theme, the elegant venue, the delicious-looking food, and most of all, that picture of your beautiful baby niece! She is a little lamb for sure! (I always think of the line in "Gone With the Wind" where Melanie says, "The happiest days are when babies come." Indeed!)


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