Monday, June 22, 2015

My Friend Linda

I lost an awesome friend over the weekend.

Linda was an amazing woman;
funny, gregarious, interesting, dynamic, strong, loyal, and so sweet.

She was one of my earliest women's club friends.

I bonded with her from the very first meeting.

She had that kind of magnetism; was liked by everyone.

I am sharing a pic of the first time I had her for tea.

She is the one 3rd from the left in pink and black.

Betty   *   Carol  *   Linda  *  Sandra  *  Nancy  *   Karen  *   Me (floor)

[Pic courtesy of MD]

She lost her husband years ago and had no children,
 but had a nephew she adored, and many many friends.

She was a docent at our Zoo,
 and always had such fun stories about life there.

She was taking some folks on a hike in the woods when she noticed
 she was having trouble walking.

 She went straight to the doctor for tests, 
and found out she had brain cancer.

I tell you, friends, she was upbeat and brave till the very end.

I know I could never have done that-
she has gained my eternal respect.

May she rest in peace until the Second Coming of the Lord!

She will be sorely missed.

I ask you if you will please pray for her soul, 
and for those who are mourning this loss, as they are many.

Please say an extra prayer for Linda's best friend Lois,
who needs the healing of prayer for this loss.
It's been hard on her and I know she really hurts.

Thank you, prayer warriors!!

As always, thank you for your visit.


I am keeping this post comment-free
 so you can get to praying right away.
That's what is really important here today.

 Thanks so much.