Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bridal Shower ~ Brewery Style

A while ago my eldest daughter 
hosted a very unique bridal shower for her younger sister.
Their mutual "bestie" friend Sara co-hosted this fun event.

To truly know my youngest - you'd know 
she just doesn't fit into a cookie cutter world.

(Both my girls are artsy, urbane, eclectic and unique.)

My bride-to-be daughter really doesn't like things
too frilly or fussy.

(In all honesty, she even had to be talked into having a shower!)

Both of my girls' mates - along with Sara's
 ♥ locally made artisan brews,
 and they often triple date and frequent a favorite:
The Seventh Son Brewery.

Here is a pic of the front bar portion.

Don't you just adore their industrial vibe?

The floors are painted concrete.
The tables are real wood.

Everything is just perfectly rustic and shabby.

The shower began when guests came up to this fabulous old 
reclaimed-wood sliding barn door and went inside:

The brewery's spaceous private event area is brick,
with exposed ductwork, windows to let in natural light
and a huge glass garage door that opens onto a patio.

(But was much too hot to open that day, but we had hoped to do so.)

The colors of the shower were pink, white, black and gold
to match the invitations.

Painted bottles, vintage silverplate forks, pink cloth napkins, gold chargers, glass dinner plates,
fun white and black runner, fun "engagement ring" favors and
tons of color-perfect jars on candies on the tables.

Pink flowers all over the place. Love the sweet roses!

Pink lemonade at the dessert table,
with pink plastic flutes with black and white paper straws.

Black white chevron paper cake plates
 and gold plastic cake forks were used for dessert.

A fast and simple clean-up at the end was ideal.

Sorry I had to keep private info private on the invites with smudge-
but that's the way of the internet, one cannot be too careful these days.

A tradition my sister started with HER bridal shower
 and now one that both my daughters used for their showers:

Inside the invitation was a matching recipe card
asking when the guest attended to have filled it out
with a favorite recipe to add to the bride-to-be's collection.

It was so great to see all the wonderful favorite recipes!

My sister brought one in my mother's handwriting
and my cousin brought one in her mother's handwriting-
it doesn't get much more tear-filled special than THAT!

They were all placed in this cute
 personalized wooden recipe box below: 

I didn't realize that Sara brought her potato salad recipe
until I was doing this post and saw it in the pic.

She makes the BEST potato salad, YAY!!!
 I am so happy for that recipe! 

And nothing was more fun than seeing Katie's happiness.

I know she likes trucks and gardening and power tools.

But golly was it fun to see her morph into a girlie girl
and enjoy herself so much.

After the bridal shower and clean up

 a few of us stayed back a while for a pint
 and more than just a few sighs....

The wedding is *THIS* weekend-
 Saturday the 29th.

(I am sorry to have been so MIA, but we've been so busy!)


All pics in this post were taken my hubs and/or son-in-law.

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. This was an absolutely original and eclectic shower!! Lovely and I'm sure it will be Pinned many times over. I'll remember the recipe idea if my baby ever gets married.

    Your daughter is gorgeous and I think I know where she gets that from.

    Love to you and best wishes for a wonderful celebration!

    Jane xxx

  2. Michele, such a beautiful shower and such a lovely idea with the recipes. We did something similar for our daughters asking everyone to write tips for a good marriage in the guest book. Hops all goes well with the wedding at the weekend, wishing them a long a happy life together. Congratulations.

  3. What a fun shower for your youngest daughter, Michele. The decorations and food look fabulous! What a beautiful bride Katie will be! I'll be thinking of all of you this coming Saturday as you enjoy the blessings of a wonderful wedding and the happiness of the married couple.

  4. Beautiful shower, Michele! Planing and preparing for a wedding keeps one really busy! I know it will be a beautiful wedding also!

  5. Very unique and eye catching.. Its good to see someone who follows their own design path!
    Wishing the happy couple and all your family much Joy~!

  6. I bet this was fun! Your daughter is gorgeous. She will be a beautiful bride. Lifting a pint to her (and you)! Happy Happy Happy to all!

  7. That was perfect! I like the brewery and decorations. Have a wonderful wedding weekend!! Congratulations to all.

  8. Stunning colors and beautiful shower, my friend. And your daughter is simply stunning....just like you :) Love and hugs!

  9. Oh Michele, how wonderful!! Everything looks so beautiful and fun! Your daughter is adorable. I love the venue and all the decorations. Exciting times. I will be praying that everything goes well on Saturday. Can't wait to hear all about it! xo Deborah

  10. Hi Michele! Oh, this looks like it was a great shower! Love the decor and what a sweet cake too. Your daughter is so pretty! Some how you just don't look old enough to have a daughter of this age! :) To answer your question, right now Carter is into the American Girl Dolls, well a knockoff one, and Barbie is on hold for a while. Did you go to my sewing room post, the one after the doll clothes? You'll see a little teal colored Adirondack chair on one of the shelves with a little doll head in it. Take care and you're alwsy a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. What a beautiful shower and I love the cake with the hearts.

  12. Very unique location. Everything looked so pretty. Congrat to the bride to be.

  13. I just loved everything - what a great Bridal Shower. The bride is beautiful and I am sure she will be the most stunning bride.
    Congratulations to all and have the best time ever. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
    Hope the foot is better - take care and have a ball.

  14. How sweet and how lovely this was themed. It was a great place to host it, wasn't it? I love the black and white and pink!

  15. Cute theme! Congratulations to the couple!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

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  17. Oh Wow Michele!
    What a wonderful and unique Bridal Shower setting and great tradition! Your daughter is gorgeous! Wishing you a perfectly magical wedding tomorrow Sweet Mother of the Bride! Hope you add some pics afterwards. I am like you - afraid to share too many special family pics. My son got married last June and I shared very few. I have been thinking of selling a few of my treasures on ebay. Thank you for your suggestion to do this and re-affirming my decision sweet Michele! I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Karen

  18. What a wonderful wonderful event, Michele, and a special time in your life. Congrats!

  19. Today is the wedding!!?? Have a most fabulous celebration. I love every detail of the pink and black shower. What a great plan and follow through. We just had a wedding June 27th and it took me a month to recover.

  20. Michele, Thank you so much for sharing your daughters bridal shower! What a great idea to have it at a Brewery. Love the decorations and the cake looks so pretty! Can't wait to see photos of the wedding!!
    Congratulations to the couple!!

  21. I read this wonderful post You are all having a fabulous wedding- and you will no doubt f a l l into bed tonight delightfully exhausted..pleased with yourself and happy for your loved one..Wonderful~such a wonderful setting with your deco` choices..loved it too!

  22. what a fun and wonderful shower! so happy for you and your family! the invitations are absolutely gorgeous. happy pink saturday! xo

  23. Oh my, this is simply perfection! I love it. Our daughter is getting married in December and friends and family are currently planning her shower. So glad I stopped by, the recipe card idea is a must.
    I smudge our private info too, so no apologies needed.
    So glad you shared on pink saturday.
    Happy pinks, and best wishes to the happy couple.

  24. Michele, everything is just perfect! The building is just awesome! I love the colors and the desserts look so delicious. Your daughter is so darling and I wish them Lots of Love and Happiness.. I see that now they are already married. Hope everything went well. I'm sure it was absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. this event is amazing!i love it, i like the style you chose for it!very classy!by the way you can read my new post about weddings and brides!enjoy


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