Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Neutral Autumn Inspiration

It is still very much summer here - is very hot!

I don't tend to decorate for autumm
 until the corn stalks turn.

Our leaves haven't even begun turning yet, either.

I am really not one to hurry and wish away my days,
 so I am still holding on to summer.

However, there is just SO much inspiration in blogland now!

I am wanting to just join in some of the fun...
~and appreciate you joining me~
as I ease into a little touch of autumn...

With a little touch here, and a little touch there...


With much more to follow
 once the earth around me changes its colors as well....

For me, just a little nudge towards the end of a season
~and the start of another new one~
satisfies me, for now.

I am liking the idea of cooler weather,
 but to know what follows autumn - inevitably?

No, thank you! 

I will be holding onto these warm 
shorts-n-teeshirt-wearin' days
 as long as I am able!

But it really won't be long now till the temps drop,
the leaves change color and the nights grow cool again.

I know the world keeps on turning.

And I know we must change with it
as the seasons turn and the days grow shorter...

And I will be waiting for it.

With a sweater on,  a smile on my face-
and a nice steaming pot of tea in my hand.


As always, thank you for visiting!




  1. I'm with you, easing very slowly. It's still full blown summer here in my part of Texas with nary a pumpkin in sight.

    I really like the neutral look you've got going there.

  2. I am so ready for Fall - we have had hot weather for the last 9 months. This week it was in the 100's - way to hot for me.
    Love all your beautiful fall items - they really look good.
    Hope the foot is healing and that you will be running around soon. Take care -

  3. I'm with you on how I approach autumn. I have a new post for tomorrow and I touched on my first fall deco but I kept it light like you did. I enjoy autumn with the wonderful fall colors of rusts, reds and golds but since I keep that kind of coloring out through Thanksgiving im not in too big of a hurry to make the change. It's still summery here but the evenings have begun to cool off. I imagine we're a couple of weeks ahead of you when it comes to autumn since I'm further north. I did a post not long ago using sunflowers. I think they're the perfect transition to fall.

  4. Lovely light touches of fall, Michele! I'm ready for the cooler temps, it been a long HOT summer here in the desert SW! Blessings, Cindy

  5. A little bit of cooler weather would be nice but I, too, know what follows Fall.

  6. I haven't even thought of fall decorating here, what with this heat and humidity. But -- we're heading into mid-sixty degree weather soon, yay!! That will put me in the mood. Then I'll start getting those little white pumpkins -- love them!

  7. I was set on go, but am now moving slowly into my fall decor. As much as I love it, it's hard to be inspired when it's still so hot and humid! lol! Your fall touches look so pretty! Looks like you're off to a great start! ~Rhonda

  8. Michele, like you, I'm ready for some cooler temps. I've not added much for fall, just a few velvet pumpkins. I like your neutral, natural touches.

  9. Your Autumn décor touches are such a delight, you have a beautiful home. Summer has ended here in fact it never really got going but I am still hopeful for a few more sunny days.

  10. I think you are so spot on with the lighter colors with your fall décor, Michele---it isn't exactly raining down orange and yellow leaves here either! And a bit at a time is perfect! We're on the same page,

    Jane x

    Oh---love everything! :)

  11. I am ready for cooler temps...we have had such a unseasonably cool August...which I so enjoyed...Sept has been hot and muggy! Bring on fall...however, like you, not ready for that which follows! All your vignettes are beautifully speaking autumn...and maybe you just motivated me to jump into fall decorating as well!

  12. Summer sticks around too long here in Texas, Michele, and I'm so ready for some relief! I'm like you and have put out a few touches of Fall...sunflowers and some white pumpkins and Fall scented candles. Enjoy the rest of your good weather and shorts and tee shirt days.

  13. Was just thinking about fall decorations before I got out of bed this morning. I always host a large family Thanksgiving, and love the fall colors, but that seems sooooo far away. Decided to wait a bit.

  14. I feel the same...trying to hold onto summer as long as I can! Your fall additions are lovely :-) Have a wonderful day!


  15. I love your "little touches" Michele! I am enjoying a little cooler weather that the rains bring, it's raining a little most days now.

  16. Pretty autumn touches, I just brought someone sunflowers but I took a similar photo to use on my blog in the future

  17. I'm glad our weather cooled down to the 60's after a week or more in the 90's with humidity which kept most people inside the whole time.
    Autumn is my favourite season and after reading your comment on my blog, it really is too bad your Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas. I am so ready for a turkey dinner next month!
    I like the beige and brown tones you have in your plates, decor and the ceramic pumpkin for fall.

  18. I don't rush summer out the door either.

    I love your little touches here and there.

  19. Hello, dear friend! It's so hard not to think of autumn here in the mountains as the leaves ave already turned to brilliant colors of red and yellow and the mornings have been only 36 degrees :) It even smells like fall.

    Your autumn delights are simply lovely, Michele. Hugs to you!

  20. Lovely photos here and a nice tribute for 9/11!

  21. Love your snippets Michele! The mornings and evenings definitely have an Autumn feel here and I am bringing it indoors, but holding on to summer as long as I can out. I love capris and flip flops and dread having to wear real shoes. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Pretty touches for Fall. Looks like a great way to ease into it. Summer is certainly holding on. It is chilly today though.

  23. Such pretty fall touches! It's been an unseasonably warm September here (we haven't even had a frost yet!), but things are finally cooling down.I have done some of my fall decorating but will do more in October, and add a few Thanksgiving touches in November. I love the neutral look but as the fall draws on, I like to add more reds and oranges and yellows to warm up the house a bit.


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