Monday, September 14, 2015

A Ruby Pear Tea Party

Earlier this summer I was thrilled and delighted
 that two dear tea society sisters of mine
held a belated birthday party tea
 for another of our society sisters, Karen.

I don't even know quite how to do this wonderful tea party justice!

Every single detail was amazing - and very special to us,
 as it was all about not only honoring our sweet birthday friend -
 but honoring a beloved tea house that closed in 2013.

*Please look for a link of my old blog post
about our last tea together there at the end of this post.

(It deserves revisiting, it was that special a place for teatime!)

You see, the hostesses Dawn and Marina
 were long-time regular customers to the Ruby Pear Tea House,
 and were very good friends with the owners.

A great deal of love went into preparing this tea
 for us to savor and enjoy!

(I am ashamed of myself for taking so long to post this!)


We were greeted at the door with a specialty
wine spritzer with raspberry
which was a perfect cool relief on a very hot June day.

They used only recipes from The Ruby Pear's keepsake book
(and gave us each one as a momento to keep as well!)

Oh, my word, the food was just heavenly!

Karen, the birthday gal gave us all Ruby Pears she bought
from the tea house before it closed a few years back.

Dawn had hers on the table as decor.

Dawn had these amazing and beautiful 
marzipan ruby pear cupcake toppers
specially made for this party.

When we get together for a tea party celebrating a birthday
we try to remember to use a birthday teacup.

We lost our original one. I think it was my fault. 
Mary D came through with another one, she's the best!

I took a few pics of our birthday girl but they didn't turn out.
She was given a sparkly tiara to wear, too!


(At parties what few photography skills I have get even worse.)

Isn't this the prettiest tea cosy?

Here is a pc of our wonderful hostesses in their cute
matching embroidered tea-themed aprons!

   DAWN                       MARINA     

Another favor we were given-
a cute little fridge magnet!

This post has gotten a bit long-
I still have all my tea-themed pics taken around
Dawn's unique and awesome home to share in
another post in the near future!

And if you want a little more reading on RP:

--------> Here is the link to my old post
 about our last tea at our beloved
 The Ruby Pear Tea House
 the day before it closed. 

BTW: Here is a pic of my ruby pear Karen gave me.
It always looks especially great in
 autumn and Christmas time.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. How special! The food looks delicious and the décor is lovely!

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  3. Gosh what an amazing event and lovely menu. I recognized the aprons as being from the Victorian Trading Company if anyone wants one! What great food they had at this Afternoon Tea. I am so pleased you shared your teatime with us Michelle!

  4. Oh how special!!! That is a real treat... the food, the setting... everything looks so lovely. And your hostesses look so happy and beautiful. Congratulations!

    That book is gorgeous! Did they make that book for you?

    <a href="'>Maya from Pretty Nails And Tea</a>

  5. What a lovely birthday tea you all had. Those ruby pears are so beautifully vibrant and really set the stage for the tea. The food looks absolutely splendid and I'm sure was enjoyed by all. The tea cozy and aprons are adorable! Thank you very much for sharing with us, Michele. Have a lovely week.


  6. What a special tea! Looks like it was a wonderful time!

  7. Now that was a birthday tea party to remember!!!
    Love those aprons too.


  8. Wow! What an amazing tea party! Your friends' attention to detail are remarkable!

  9. What a very special day for your friends Birthday. Everything looks perfect - the food yum yum. Love the Ruby Pears. Sounds like everyone had a marvelous time and wonderful memories were made. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    Have a great week.

  10. What a fabulous birthday tea! I'm having a tea at my house tomorrow, so I know full well the preparation that went into the Ruby Pear tea party. A real a labor of love! I have the milk glass snack dishes, and I tell myself I'm going to part with them, but I don't know if I ever will. ;-) I have the apron too. Guess tea lovers think alike. ;-) Thanks for sharing your special event with us.

  11. Oh my, that is so pretty, and so meaningful as a birthday tea! And now I have to go get something to eat because looking at all your great food photos made me HUNGRY! Ha!

  12. You and your friends have the best time together, Michele!! I loved reading this post on your Ruby Pear tea party and seeing the menu, the pretty plating, the food and the lovely birthday teacup. All the touches were just so special and Dawn and Marina were certainly wonderful hostesses.

  13. Just looking at all those treats makes me hungry. Everything was perfect. I am sure your friend had a wonderful birthday. Blessings, Martha

  14. What a wonderful tea, Michele, and it sounds like you all had an amazing time. : )

  15. Impressive, not only a wonderful display of food but the décor was stunning too. A beautiful tribute to your friends birthdays. My favourite part of an afternoon tea is the scones and they looked delicious.

  16. Oh my how special! They presentation was wonderful and the menu sounds wonderfu. The pictures of the food make me hungry!

  17. What a lovely remembrance for you all. Special time!! A very delicious array of foods you all had.

    Charlotte Moore

  18. What fun! A great way to remember good times, too. Love those pears!

  19. Such a lovely tea party for a friend. The Ruby Pear sounds like a very unique place. Those ruby pear mementos are great. Yummy food at your tea party!

  20. What a beautiful tablescape and tea party! It looks like you had a fabulous time!

  21. What a gorgeous tea party Michele. And how thoughtful and special of these two wonderful ladies. Every detail is magnificent.

    A very impressive and scrumptious display of food. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.


  22. Michele, it was so nice to see the birthday tea you attended - your friends thought of everything! Your group sure does things over the top when entertaining and I'm glad you share with us.
    Our local beloved tea room that closed about 5 years ago was called The Princely Pear.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  23. I very much enjoyed reading about your tea party. How fun to go to tea with friends...the pears are all so pretty.

  24. What a gorgeous tea party! Everything is soooooo pretty....what a great way to spend time with dear friends!

  25. It looks as if it was a wonderful time! Gotta love the tea sandwiches ….Happy almost Fall Michele.
    XOXO Mary

  26. Just lovely. The details and care given to the presentation are wonderful...a perfect way to honor friendships.

  27. Wow! This was super fun. I love that you celebrated a former tea room, bringing back old memories. In a similar fashion, I once had (a former) tea group, gather together at a favorite tea room to celebrate a friend's birthday. The friend had moved away, so I had each lady open the gift she had brought, and I video taped it. We carefully re-wrapped all of the gifts and mailed them to her along with the tea time video. She was overwhelming surprised :)
    Thank you for sharing. I will look into the other post and the etsy book :)
    Have a blessed day! Heather

  28. What a wonderful tea. Everything looks so lovely, and beautifully presented. What a delicious-looking menu, too! And cute aprons. Such a fun thing for you and your friends to do.

  29. Sweet friend, what a lovely and charming tea! Everything is simply perfect :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with Roses of Inspiration. Have a lovely week, dear Michele! Hugs!

  30. I would have loved to have been there, it look's like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


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