Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Excited About Christmas Decorating....

Well, I host thanksgiving Day dinner here, per usual-
so I must keep our autumn decor up tioll afterwards...
But I am soooo "chaomping at the bit" to get started
on my Christmas holiday season decorating!

First stop, I made this new holiday blog header-
changing it out to be seasonal for me is quite rare.

I am revisiting some of my more favorite pics
of past Christmases around our nest to share with you.

For those who recognize a pic (or ten)
just pretend it's fresh stuff- after all, it's been quite a while!
And chance are if I have forgotten them, perhaps you have as well!

Denial: not just for breakfast anymore. 

I am doing this to whet my whistle  and try a bit to get myself 
in the Jingle Bell Spirit!

If I am able to inspire anyone else in the process,
than Buddy-the-Elf would be glad about it, too!

Hopefully this will satisfy me for the time being, until I get
all the autumn decorations put away and lug up all the
Christmas holiday boxes.

I tend to lean towards a more Nordic/Scandanavian Christmas
winter vibe, with little touches of natural, neutral, vintage, bright -
with a tiny bit of country farmhouse/rustic thrown into the mix.

Yes, I believe I am the "Heinz 57" of Christmas decor! Haha!


I am not ready for what the holidays take of me to do it all well.

(Do you ever enter your holiday season feeling that way?)

Sometimes I jump in with both feet and all sorts of gusto.

Not happenin' this year. Not yet, anyway. Hopefully it will though!

Plus I have a little time yet-  as we're all just getting started now.

Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration, too.

I keep perusing it hoping my Eureka Moment will happen.

Still feeling nothing.......yet....

One of my favorite things to do to get in the holiday spirit

is to pour over every awesome magazine at the book store.

I've already been there twice already.  Hrm....

Well, I did feel a slight twinge of something resembling jolliness...

it really shoulda worked, it always has before!


My niece said she'd come help me with the tree over the weekend.

I have hired her in the past - and this year I am not climbing a ladder
after my foot being in a boot most of the summer!

She is saving up for a car and I am saving from a broken bone.


I am listening to some beautiful Christmas music right now,
thinking about how truly special this whole season is....

And how it is perfectly ok to enter into it slowly, savoring each day.


I do believe I am getting cheered up a bit
 just looking at all my pics
trying to figure out which ones to share todeay!

Well, I don't know about you all, 
but this kinda helped me feel better today!

Thanks for sticking with me!

Hugs to you!

As always, thank you for your visit!


  1. Well, these photos should get anyone into the Christmas spirit...gorgeous, one and all! Have fun decorating....after the turkey, of course :)

    1. I am taking it slowly too and savouring the special moments of Christmas's past and reminiscing about the grand collection of ornaments each one having its own story. I think it is the time of year for reflection, so take your time and enjoy the moment. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi sweet lady! I think I am like you and am a Heinz 57 when it comes to Christmas decor :) I just love, love, love Christmas and often decorate my craft room in pink, my dining room in red and white, and my living room in traditional or country. My kitchen tends to get the leftovers {no pun intended} :)

    Your photos are so pretty and they got me even more excited for the Christmas season. Love to you!

  3. I have Christmas music on and I spent some time on some Christmas cards for my FB tea pals. The cooler weather showed up yesterday so I'm getting into the mood! The boxes are all lined up in the spare bedroom, just waiting .... Fun post to look back and see all your pretties!

  4. Your images are all so pretty and should get you into the spirit of things. I know I enjoyed them. I'm sure I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to celebrate Thanksgiving this week and then get right into the decorating for Christmas. I think you're wise having your niece lend you a hand. And yes, I did create the wee tree in the bottle as well as the snowballs. I used to do crafts a lot a few years ago. Not so much these days. Thank you for sharing at No Place Like Home and have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving with your family, Michele!


  5. Beautiful inspiration! I usually host as well, so I don't begin decorating until day after Thanksgiving, but I completely understand about your 'chomping at the bit.' Christmastime is magic, isn't it!?

  6. Your banner is so pretty and I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas too.

  7. Well, if all these past pretties can't get you into the spirit Michele (and the magazines) I think a load of the white stuff outside would do the trick. :-)
    I am a magazine junkie and love the Christmas editions, play some Christmas music and sing along while you decorate.

  8. You have so many beautiful things. I like the simplicity of the pine cone in the tea cup! I think I'll do that this year, too. I can't wait to get some pretty things out to enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  9. I am ready to go, too, Michele, but won't hit GO until after Thanksgiving (which will be Wednesday night for me) I am anxious and trying to figure out what I want to do this year. It is going to be a different kind of Christmas for us so I am going to change things up a bit. Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle! I put up my Christmas decor last weekend. This is the first year that I put up 2 trees--1 in my living room and 1 in my kitchen. My dad helped me lug up the boxes from the basement and was like, "You're putting up TWO trees?!?" HA! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor in the coming weeks.

  11. Michelle:
    I totally loved the review as it always brings inspiration! You have so many cute decorations and it won't be long now! Lovely!

  12. Hello, I love all the pretty Christmas decorations. Lovely ideas. Your post is lovely, I will be decorating after Thanksgiving. Have a happy day and week ahead! Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Your post made me giggle this morning, Michele, and really expressed how I am feeling as well. We still haven't brought the Christmas bins in from the garage and I'm easing into the panic of what will happen once we do! I guess "wiggling my nose" won't help, huh? Oh, well, somehow, we always get through, and enjoy it once it's done. Good luck getting "into the spirit". Your photos definitely helped!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. Hello Dear Michele,
    It is lovely to visit you and read your post. Listening to Christmas music usually gets me in the spirit, or maybe a Christmas Elf. May your jolly-ness increase day by day and your holiday spirit rise : )
    Your images inspire me! I love your little green tea cup!

  15. Hi Michelle, what a lovely Christmas decorations!!!
    Greetings from Italy,
    La Sportina -

  16. All the photos are wondrous - and so inspiring. I tend to get worn out with decorating. I want to finish it all at once - this year I hope to slow down and enjoy the time it takes to decorate. Today I am baking German Stollen - a family tradition since we were first married 51 years ago. The house smells fabulous and that puts me in the mood to decorate - but not until after Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday. We used to bake the first christmas cookies on Thanksgiving night after everyone had gone home - no more of that - we are both ready for bed by time all the friends and family leave - so I get a head start by baking today. Tomorrow I will bake the pies for thanksgiving and cut up the vegetables for a special table decoration - the table is set - I think I have decided on the final version anyway. Happy Thanksgiving - and happy decorating.

  17. It was fun getting in the spirit of Christmas through your post. I'm in your neck of the woods, being with my mom and cooking for her and for her Thanksgiving dinner.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy your decorating and listening to Christmas music this weekend. I also like all the Christmas movies! Love, hugs, and blessing to you.

  18. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I can't wait to see your finished result. You are wise to take it slow, and enjoy the whole process. Nice to have a helper! I'll be starting on my decorating next week. Right now I'm getting food ready for Thursday; looking forward to spending time with family and counting all my blessings. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. xo Deborah

  19. Hi Michele,
    I am feeling like you. I am going to get started slowly but am not quite ready for Christmas music. I think I will wait until December 1st to get out the boxes of Christmas decor. I didn't know you had broken your foot. Poor you. I hope that you can be careful and are fully recovered. I know I must slow down a little as I am approaching 60. It really is such a good idea to have your niece help you. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Karen

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  21. I always love your decorating, Michele, and the header is adorable! I've already warned the family that we are decorating this weekend, so they need to stick around. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  22. Beautiful pictures, Michele! I am also hosting Thanksgiving so there will be no Christmas decorating until after. Happy Thanksgiving! xxx Maria

  23. Lots of inspiration here! I tend to browse through my Christmas magazines and, even more, my Gooseberry Patch Christmas books, to get into the mood. I also have a bunch of Christmas Pinterest boards, and browsing those will definitely help. Not sure yet when I'll start decorating, not until after Thanksgiving for sure. So much eldercare on my plate this year that my decorating and baking may have to take a back seat.

  24. I love revisiting holiday decorations from years past because I do forget them, even my own! I love the header you designed, and I bet you'll get the decorating bug after Thanksgiving. I can only do one thing at a time, and haven't even thought about what I'll do for Christmas yet. You're already off to a great start by inspiring us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Michele, never tire of seeing your Christmas décor from previous years! Love that sweet little gingham stocking. I am hosting this year as well so the upstairs remains decorated for Thanksgiving. But last weekend I started in decking the halls in the basement. I am super excited to get started up stairs and have visions of what I want to do dancing in my head. lol! Never know if it will be as pretty as it is in my mind. ha, ha! Love your new header. I need to make me one for the holidays as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Just thought I would mention that I visited last week and tried to comment on one of your posts and it said comments were closed. Did you realize that it does that? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  26. Pretty ideas for decorating, Michele, you always have a beautifully decorated home. This is the first year I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner at my home. Since I am in the middle of packing and getting ready for the next chapter of our life, my daughter had everyone at her home. It was great and everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am not sure we'll be settled in time to decorate for Christmas.

  27. I adore all these images Michele!
    Just stopping by to say I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful long holiday weekend.
    May you have good food, friends and family.

  28. Scrolling down this post inspired me, though I believe I am ready to get our home decorated and festive for the season of Christmas.
    When I think of all that has to take place with lugging in all the containers it makes me want to do things lightly, but I know that would never feel right.
    I remember doing that one year and said I would NEVER do that again.
    I will put up the tree tomorrow and hopefully have the house in order by next week. I enjoy having the glow of the lights during the month of December in our home as they bring comfort to my soul in preparation for our Saviors birth.
    Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year, isn't it?

    I have enjoyed my special pumpkin gift from you centered on our take with all our Fall and Thanksgiving decorations, Michelle. It fits right in!

    It was so nice visiting with you.
    Much love to you~~ Debbie

  29. Sometimes, for me anyway, you just need to jump in and do it, and then it just happens… I am slow to get going , but I'm starting today. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving… Enjoy your weekend Michele!
    XOXO Mary

  30. Like your beautiful Christmas inspirations, I look forwards for the Holidays.

  31. Sweet Michele, thank you for sharing this lovely post with Roses of Inspiration. It was a pleasure to see your pictures again :) I hope you're able to join us again this coming Tuesday. Hugs and blessings!

  32. Your Christmas photos are beautiful!! I do know the feeling of not having it in you to plunge into decorating mode. Love your header for the Christmas season!
    Mary Alice

  33. Beautiful pictures (both now AND then), and bless you for saying you weren't ready to jump into Christmas decorating yet! I wasn't either, but I started feeling pressured when I took my afternoon walk and noticed almost all the houses in the neighborhood have their decorations up! It's Nov. 30, for goodness' sake, so I'm trying to resist doing my decorating on other people's schedules. I'm thinking the first weekend of December will be just jolly!

  34. I enjoyed looking back with you. I'm doing the same today. :)

    Your new blog header is beautiful! I admire the ability to do that.


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