Saturday, November 21, 2015

Velvet Pumpkins Surprise Gift!

Debra over at Common Ground recently had a give-away
of gorgeous velvet pumpkins that Becky at Timewashed made.

I wanted to win sooooo badly.

The winner was Jane at Blondie's Journal. 

Lucky lady!

Well not long after the above giveaway Becky had posted
 about these really awesome keys
she had made and placed in her Etsy shop called Timewashed.

 Oh, they are beyond stunning, too!
 (I will share after Thanksgiving sometime as my decor refreshes for yet another new decor season, Christmas and winter!

For her post about these beautiful keys, click here

So I just had to buy one, you know!

I REALLY wanted to snatch every single one of them all up,
 but alas I showed some rare restraint.


Yesterday my pretty new crafted key arrived... 
but what ALSO arrived were 2 of my very own velvet pumpkins

 as a "random act of kindness" gift from Becky!

Oh everything was so beautifully packaged and special!

She made me feel like a QUEEN!

 What a SWEETHEART of a blogger - 

                           oh, my gosh, they look so perfect in my
neutral colorless universe!

Right now they are in the foyer area-
but they'd look good in about every room in my house.

Thank you so so sooooo much, Becky!

I love my new pumpkins!

(Becky informs me she is now out of stock for her velvet pumpkins,
but does she have (and creating new things regularly)
an amazing array of lovely items in her shop!)*

Each item is so perfect for winter, Christmas or gifts!


I guarantee you till love every single item in her shop!

Thank you, Becky, for my lovely fresh new autumn decor.

I am beyond pleased to be chosen to receive
 such unexpected sweetness. 

Just wow.

*I was not compensated of course, for this endorsement;
 just appreciative, and wanted to spread the word to my readers
 of her kind generosity and share with you the beautiful items
 in her Etsy store...
waiting just for you!

Sorry for the poor lighting in these pics - my foyer is narrow and dark, plus today it's
very dark grey and raining today,
 but didn't want a day to pass before sharing this seasonal post. 

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. Those are cute pumpkins Michele and a nice gesture from Becky. They'll look nice when you have your Thanksgiving celebration.

  2. Oh- Those are a gorgeous, Michele. I made a bunch for my family here but those neutral colored velvets are almost impossible to find...even online is sketchy. Enjoy them- they make me smile!!! xoDiana

  3. I own a couple of Becky's pieces and absolutely Love them! So kind of her to bless you with those treasures!! Blessings, Cindy

  4. What a sweet thing for Becky to do, Michele; the pumpkins are lovely!! I can't wait to see your key, as well. :) Thanks for the heads up on Becky's shop; I'll definitely pay her a visit.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving too!



  5. What a lovely gift from Becky, the are lovely. Looking forward to seeing you key. I am going to pop over to Becky's and see all her lovely items.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Wow - what a lovely gesture - we all can take a lesson from that. I love her etsy shop - haven't decided what I want to buy yet, or should I say, haven't narrowed it down.

  7. I really the to say I didn't know of Becky or her wonderful etsy shop until I won the giveaway, and wow, I love everything. She is unbelievably creative and that's the joy in shopping etsy. My daughter did 95% of her shopping at etsy sites last year and her gifts were extraordinary. And she told me she actually saved so much than compared to the years before. Win Win!

    I'm so glad you have some of her pumpkins ...they are exquisite! Can't wait to see your keys!

    Thanks for your visit and giving me a little link in your post! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Jane x

  8. What gorgeous pumpkins, Michele! Wasn't that the sweetest gift to receive and enjoy for your Fall decor??
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. What a lovely community the blogging world is. They are indeed gorgeous, but it really is the act of such kindness that impressed me so much.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I love those pumpkins, and they are arranged so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  10. That was SO sweet of her to surprise you with those pumpkins. I love those velvet pumpkins too and don't have any. Maybe one day I will. I know you will enjoy them for at least one more week until next year.

  11. Gorgeous, sumptuous pumpkins! What a lovely surprise. I popped into her store. She has a lovely green velvet pear I have my eye on! Thanks for sharing her etsy store with us. I agree, support our blogger friends!!

  12. oh Michele, how sweet is this surprise, and it's just like Becky! She is one of the sweetest people ever...really and truly, she's the real deal. I love every thing she creates, she puts her heart into it! Love the keys, and I'm excited to get more of her precious, luscious pears!

  13. Aw, I am so glad you love your pumpkins, Michele! I so hoped you would. They look lovely in your home. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that your holiday season is filled with joy!



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