Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Tea for Young Ladies

A few days before Christmas my 7th grade niece
 and I were texting one another
saying how busy we've been
 and how sad it was we haven't had any tea time together.

And then a thought popped into my head
 and I asked her how she'd like to invite 5 of her friends
 over to her Aunt Shell's house
 for an impromptu afternoon Christmas Tea.

She *loved* the idea and quickly texted five
and all but one said yes!

So with just one day to prepare
 I got busy and set the dining table with love,
and a pretty Christmas theme!

Up till then I hadn't bothered with getting
my Christmas china and glassware out
because my sister hosted Christmas Eve
and my daughter hosted Christmas Day this year.

It is the very first Christmas I didn't prepare
 a Christmas meal since I was just a girl!
I have always done it, almost my entire whole life.

(It felt odd not hosting, but I sure could get used to it, haha.)

I found the most perfect favors for this party:

Matching set of sachets and dress-shaped note pads
 in scarlet red with green ribbon - with mini metal "hangers." 

I love how with being red and green party dresses
they're "holiday" but not too over-the-top Christmas-ey,
so the girls may actually like and use them awhile.

The "welcome to my party" punch drink was a mix of
 apple juice, Sprite for fizz and cranberry juice for a splash of color;
served in etched vintage champagne glasses.

Harney and Sons "White Christmas" was the tea served.


Cream of Potato Soup
(served in vintage milk glass teacups)

Egg Salad Triangles on Wheat
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Ham with Honey Mustard Squares

Jeni's "Salty Caramel" Ice Cream
(Served in vintage champagne glasses)

Tiered trays of goodies leftover from my cookie exchange party

Here is a pic with just a few of the items on one of the tiers.

I laid out all sorts of hat boxes
 for them to try on hats, and wear the one of their choice.


And just look at these sweet, beautiful happy
 smiling lasses in their hats sitting at tea!

Before they finished up I read them Tom Hegg's story book
"A Cup of Christmas Tea."

Then I let my niece take them upstairs to see 
my Cup of Christmas Tea cup and lighted Mistletoe Tea House.

They asked to borrow my camera and took this clever shot.

My niece took the one below, too!

My niece wrapped and surprised her pals
 with "parting gifts" she bought and wrapped herself.

They were these new-fangled lip balm balls -
 guess they're super popular.

The girls loved them.

I had never heard of them, but that's not saying much.

Maybe I'd know if I got my nose out of a book 
and/or a teacup more often, eh?

: - )

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. What a great idea. To sit with people together, which are important for you, is like medicine for your soul.
    Hugs Kuni

  2. What a special day for your niece! It was very sweet of you to host a tea for her & her friends. I would have loved this as a kid! Who am I fooling? I would love it now!

  3. Michele,
    what a wonderful gift you gave these young ladies.. I can only imagine how special they all felt. It was better than being at one of those expensive tea houses and done all with LOVE..
    They will remember this tea and you all the days of their lives and smile.

  4. Now if that's not the sweetest tea party this season, Michele!! I love everything about this...the table, the favors, the menu, and most especially those darling, happy faces. What fun for everyone involved, and such great memories to keep forever!

  5. Dear Michelle:
    You are so kind and generous and busy making happiness for these sweet girls. What precious girls they are and will always remember you and your "event" that you sure made special for them! This was beautiful.

  6. Oh my, Michele, this almost makes me cry! What a generous auntie you are!! Love it all! Those girls got such a treat, one they will remember forever. Love the hats, the pretty smiles, the darling gifts . . . and you read them a story!! Wonderful. Blessings to you. And can you adopt me?!

  7. What a wonderful memory you created for these girls! I imagine it may become an annual tradition!
    What an elegant tea and your niece and her friends are just darling!

  8. An event they will never forget! What a fabulous tea! Loved it all....

  9. Hi Michele,
    I love your Christmas luncheon for the dear young ladies. How I would enjoy visiting and wearing one of your pretty hats as we drank tea and enjoyed treats together. Your grand piano is a beauty too. We do have a lot in common my dear. Do you play the piano too? I don't have that particular teacup but am hoping I find it during one of my treasure hunting escapades. Have a wonderful New Year. I so enjoyed visiting your home today! Blessings. Karen

  10. Michele,

    You have such a good heart! Your niece is so very lucky to have you in her life. All of your creative work (and yes, I know it's really not work!) made for such a great day for her and her bestie. They all look so happy in the photos. Your dishes and treats and favors were wonderful!

    Thanks for your nice comment today---you are right about the baking. I've only been doing it in the last few years, I thought it would be fun since I really love cooking. Nope. Totally different deal! I will continue to make some of the sweets I'm getting good at but only because they bring such happiness to those I love.

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

    Jane x

  11. What a delightful tea party! I love how you're sharing your love of tea time with your niece and her friends. I read "A Cup of Christmas Tea" for the first time this Christmas and now I understand why it spawned the beautiful tea sets!

  12. Such a lovely tea party you have served up for those precious young ladies, Michele.
    You are a beautiful Aunt with a big heart.
    I loved your party favors, darling!
    I see you have a grand piano, is it you that plays?
    Your niece and her friends will remember this special occasion and what an impact I'm sure it left on their hearts. Bless you.

    Much love, Debbie

  13. What a lovely post with some lovely ladies! How fun with a tea party!
    Nice pictures too...
    Best wishes for a happy new year!

  14. Season's greetings, Michele!
    What a lovely thing to do! You have created a memory they will always treasure.
    LOVED your post.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. Oh, Michele! How lovely! I'm sure your niece loved every minute. Everything about the tea is lovely and fun. The girls are all so cute! You have a budding photographer in the family. Happy Tea Day and Happy New Year!

  16. You definitely get the "Best Aunt Ever Award". Everything was just perfect, and the girls are darling.

  17. Wasn't that the sweetest tea party, and with hats too! Not hard to tell your niece thinks like you Michele and I am glad I was invited to see the party through your photos. A very clever shot of the girls in the mirror and nice table gifts.
    I suggested to my granddaughter that we do something like this next year but she said she doubts any of her friends drink tea. :-(
    Happy New Year my friend!

  18. What a lovely thing to do for and with your niece. The young ladies looks so sweet in their hats. The table is gorgeous and perfect for a young lady tea. You are so very thoughtful.

  19. What a sweet and precious thing to do for those young ladies! Your impromptu tea party looks as though you planned it for weeks and spent hours upon hours preparing for it...everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Love those adorable photos of them in their party attire too! I'm sure this just made Christmastime all that more special for all of you!

  20. This is such a sweet way for young girls to get together and enjoy the holidays together - I am sure they will always remember that you did this for them!! As I was reading the post, I was thinking "Oh, I hope she reads them A Cup Of Christmas Tea" - one of my favorite holiday stories!! The photos she took are perfect!! Happy New Year!

  21. Michelle this may just be my favorite post I've read this month! How very sweet. What a great idea to have the tea and to do it so last minute makes it all the more fun. The mirror shot is amazing, what a wonderful memory for you, and for the girls. The menu sounds yummy. They will always remember your tea I think. And I hear you about not feeling tooooo badly about not making Christmas dinner. After doing it all for so many years, times are changing and roles are changing and we find ourselves at our kids house more. I miss doing it, but also am happy not to have all that work. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  22. Hi Michele! Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for your visit...because I got to come over here and see your lovely Christmas tea. That menu looks so yummy and your table wonderful. It looks like the girls had a great time...and wow that teacup shot! Between that and the mirror shot, she is a definite budding photographer :)

  23. What a wonderful Aunt you are! This is so fun and aren't they just the cutest ever with their hats?!! I love that they got into it - taking a photo of themselves in the mirror. Everything was just perfect. Tell your niece she did a great job taking the photo and spoiling her friends.

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  25. I don't know what happened, I thought I already commented on this adorable post! I will say though, you are the coolest. Aunt. Ever! Just too cute, and they are beaming they are having so much fun! Blessings to you in the New Year!

  26. You are the most amazing aunt! They are such adorable little ladies. So pleased that there is a new generation of tea lovers coming along!
    Have a happy and blessed new year!

  27. Michele, how lovely! I love seeing young girls started off on the afternoon tea life! :-)

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  29. Michele,
    What an adorable Christmas Tea for the Young Ladies,dear one!!!
    I loved seeing those smiling faces in their "chosen" hats!!!
    Thank you for keeping the 'Taking of Tea' alive to a younger generation!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    May all your hopes for 2016 come to be!!!

  30. What a wonderful holiday tea party you gave your niece and her friends. It's a special memory they'll never forget! Love your New Year's post too! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! ~ Phyllis

  31. How lovely, Michele! I love the little favors you found and what a great picture the girls took in your mirror.

  32. I lovely! Happy new year sweet friend. Here's to another fun year of blogging! Hugs, Diane

  33. Wow Michele what a lovely party you prepared for them! They will always remember this (and perhaps want to repeat this again) forever. How fun for these sweet young ladies. Love how you served the potato soup! Wishing you a bright and Happy New Year!

  34. Your tea party looks like such fun and my how lovely it is! What a sweet thing to do for your niece and her friends. The girls look adorable. Your home is so beautiful!

    Happy New year!

  35. What a heart warming to see this kind of gathering. Family gathering is the real essence of Christmas and Holidays and those beautiful preparation are a plus for this season.

  36. You have got to be the most perfect Aunt! The cute girls will not forget this fabulous tea. We all need to take time and do impromptu things that make a difference in others life's! I have had those lip balm balls and they are pretty snazzy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. DELIGHTFUL from A to Z!!! What a perfect way to pass on traditions and make the girls feel special!

  38. How much fun is this!!! Hope you all had a nice time!


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