Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tea Time with Pink Peonies

Oh boy, we have just had way too much rain lately!

Today it rained and rained - and poured- but then it actually stopped!!!!

And out came the warm bright wonderful sunshine! 


So I made a lovely cup of tea, grabbed a dessert to nosh, 
quickly went and cut some gorgeous pink peonies
that just blossomed a few days ago,
and poked them into a favorite teapot.

I then scurried fast to enjoy my favorite place for teatime
  my covered shady patio
 to watch this elusive and rare sun -
 which I love as long as I am in the shade, haha.

It seems forever since we've had any sun, or sun that I was
 free enough to notice and enjoy (life has been hectic lately!)

That glorious sun:
nearly as rare, quickly gone, and elusive as the lovely peony!

So I share my pics of this moment with you all today,
 and pray you are all well.

I had been waiting (and hoping) I could share them 
with you before the rain ruins their delicate petals.

These are cut from my neighbors garden.
She is out of town and said I could have them all.
I settled for just a teapot full.

My peony has only produced a couple of blooms,
and didn't like the rain - hers are older, heartier,
get more sun and are pink.

I think I may give up on my peony in the spot it is in.
My trees are shading it too much, so I need to move it
or lose it, I'm afraid.

Maybe Ellen will let me just plant it over there -
they love all that sun!

A pretty napkin seems right at home here today.

This very old and very very delicate Bavarian set
 is my largest set (tons of it collected over years)
and is my most feminine and pretty.

It's been a while since I have shared it with you all- 
but I just had to put those beautiful peonies
 in the loveliest of all my china!

I see a varnished gleam in my heart's eye
While peonies are climbing at the gate.
That birds of red and yellow twit nearby,
Enchanting leafy maples, so ornate
Till sun dew bursts of fresh morn, to elate!

~S. Kendrick

Garden Party

Summer breezes gently 
Brushes against my face
Sunlight teases my eyes
Wakens me 
Its morning 
Bouquet of fragrances to my nose
Guides me to my garden
Its there I find my peace
Eagerly stepping onto glistening dewy grass 
Placing myself among the copious of blooms
I sit beneath my maple tree upon a rattan chair
I sip my tea, I breathe in my solitaire
They don’t seem to mind
My company spends time
Creating the sounds of summer
My buzzing bees they notice me 
And thank me for pink Peonies
Butterflies like swimming high
Above their purple Buddleia
Kissing nectar for their breakfast 
As fragrant aromas surrounds me
Infusing my tea while I see 
A white blossom tree
Good Morning Dragonfly perching upon his Goldenrod
Shimmering purple through his transparent wings
Dancing to the waterfall like a King
Dawn brings the cooing voice 
Of music from the Dove
Hummingbirds flying backwards
Display their iridescent plumage
Drinking sweetness from the trumpets
Blackbirds flying downward
Yellow beaks hunting 
Consuming food from falling seeds
Vibrant colors all around
Pleasant sounds resounding 
Grandstand of fragrances 
I refreshingly embrace
A reception of hospitality
Welcome to my Garden Party

~M. Franceschini

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. What a lovely post, Michele. I know the feeling of no sun. I think I run on solar power! Our May was mostly rain and gloomy days! Your teapot is so beautiful full of peonies. My peonies are in need of a move as well. I did get a few this year.
    Sending you sunny days ahead. ♥

  2. Gorgeous! A feast for the eyes.

  3. Your peonies are absolutely gorgeous! Love the poem as glad you had time for a lovely pink tea!

  4. I love pink and I love peonies and this is one gorgeous post. Sweet neighbor sharing her blooms. We've had very little rain, wish you could send some down my way………….Happy week.

  5. So pretty in pink! I adore your delicate and sweet Bavarian set. Congratulations on acquiring so many pieces. The peonies are absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite flowers. I've been thinking about planting some but not sure if we have the right type of soil. Hope yours begins to produce more blooms soon. Happy June!

  6. Love all the PINK!! Beautiful peonies and china.

    Charlotte Moore

  7. We also had dreary, cold, windy May continued from April, yuk. Now we're having hot which can't complain about since I groaned about cold April/May. Are we ever happy with the weather?
    Your teapot is perfect to hold those glorious peonies, so very breath taking. How wonderful your neighbor offered her peonies to you while she's away, you must be good neighbor also. Enjoy them while you can. Have wonderful week

    1. They have 4 young children and I am constantly taking them cookies, cake, pie - I love to bake and can't really eat many sweets and hubs doesn't care for sugar much, so they get all my leftovers from tea parties or entertaining. I think she also knows peonies last about a millisecond, and to give them to me is a good thing. I am going to get some jars today and take a few bouquets to some widows in the neighborhood too to brighten their day. ♥

    2. They have 4 young children and I am constantly taking them cookies, cake, pie - I love to bake and can't really eat many sweets and hubs doesn't care for sugar much, so they get all my leftovers from tea parties or entertaining. I think she also knows peonies last about a millisecond, and to give them to me is a good thing. I am going to get some jars today and take a few bouquets to some widows in the neighborhood too to brighten their day. ♥

  8. What PINK teapot is the pattern? It is simply beautiful! Thank you!

  9. Michele, your photography of the peonies and your pink outfit for tea are sublime! Gorgeous photography and fitting poem! It seems we had nothing but rain while in the midst of of our balcony project, but this past week it was like very hot and humid for us. I was relieved with weekend rain to satisfy my annual plantings' watering needs! Have a wonderful week.

  10. As always such a great joy to visit. A beautiful feast for the eyes. Hope all is well with you, take care.

  11. They are the prettiest shade of pink and so ruffly! What a beautiful bouquet they make! Loved your post...could stay here all morning! Hugs!

  12. Aren't peonies the most romantic flower? You're so lucky to be able to cut your neighbor's, my friend! I had to pick some up at Trader Joe's. Your Bavarian dishes are so delicate, dreamy and feminine, and I just adore them. You've certainly shared a beautiful tea for us to enjoy in the sunshine.

  13. Oh my, what a dreamy post, Michele! I love the pink peonies and had we been staying here, I would plant some. I adore your Bavarian china. It is so girly and delicate, perfect for a lady's tea! Your neighbour is so kind to share her peonies with you. I'm so happy you were able to snatch a few moments in the sun and share this with us. We are getting rain today and will for most of the week. Our temps are very cool. I need sunshine!! Have a beautiful day, Michele, and thanks for linking with me.


  14. Ooh . . . peonies are one of my very favorite flowers! So lush and gorgeous! Yes, wish they lasted longer. Yours are just beautiful in that teapot. I have a plate in that pattern, and I love it. So feminine and pretty. Sounds like you are a wonderful neighbor Michele, but that doesn't surprise me. xo Deborah

  15. You are definitely pretty in pink, the flowers and china are lovely.

  16. Your peonies are beautiful, Michele! My peonies are nowhere near as fluffy and pretty as yours. Do your peonies attract ants? My peonies are located by my front walk so every spring, I have ants crawling on my front porch. Bah! I've tried without much success to repel them with vinegar, baby powder, lemon and paprika pepper.

  17. Hi: What a lovely post! The peonies, the china and the lovely poetry. Everything is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Blessings, Martha

  18. Oh Michele,
    This post is absolutely breath taking! I love the pale pink of your beautiful peonies with your Bavarian teacup and pitcher. Everything is just my taste! Such gorgeous pics my dear friend! Thank you for sharing such beauty! Blessings, Karen

  19. Beautiful shade of pink, Michele, and that pie has me drooling!

  20. Such delicate beauty, Michele! The peonies and lovely tea-set seem made for one another! Such sweet poetry, too. I do hope that the sunshine stays a while....sending you hugs and blessings. xo Karen

  21. Beautiful Michelle. I can't grow peonies in south Alabama and my garden is so shaded I couldn't grow them because of that. I think they are gorgeous flowers. My daughter had them in her wedding and the fragrance is etherial.
    Delightful pictures with your delicate teapot.

  22. What a beautiful post! The peonies are gorgeous. We are also hoping the sun comes out and stays for a while. Crazy weather! Take care, Maria

  23. What a gorgeous spring tea! Love that teacup and beautiful napkin.

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  25. Love that beautiful china and of course the pink peonies too!

    I went from being concerned it was too dry here to thinking enough
    Hope you get sunshine soon.

  26. Oh my, Michele, your china teapot and cup are gorgeous. Adding your neighbor's pink peonies takes my breathe away. I enjoy the scent of peonies. Such a wonderful shaped teapot. Once I hosted a small bridal tea and used teapots with flowers for the centerpieces. Thank you for having a beautiful post.

  27. What a beautiful post. I love the shade of pink of your peony. So delicate. You set up a pretty tea on your patio and I understand celebrating the sun as we also had a week of rain and clouds.

  28. Hello Michele,

    What lovely pictures and oh such a delicious dessert! I love peonies, too - such absolutely beautiful flowers!


  29. Just beautiful my friend! Peonies are my favorite flower. I wish I could get ahold of them but it is not very often I see um in the stores around here.

  30. Michele this post is pure pink perfection! I adore every single element. I hear you about the rain. Living in Texas I thought I was going to have to build an ark. :)
    Happy Friday!

  31. A lovely moment to just 'BE'! I hope you fully enjoyed a peaceful setting and delicious looking dessert! Blessings, Cindy xo

  32. Dear Michele:
    What a beautiful post you have here and a lovely setting. My peonies have all bloomed as they were early on. Don't we love them so! I also love, love that teapot. I would love to have you post this at my "Tea In The Garden" from yesterday if you can. Thanks Michele for posting and linking.

  33. Michele:
    This will be one of the special features tomorrow on my blog! Thanks and congratulations!

  34. Michele:
    This will be one of the special features tomorrow on my blog! Thanks and congratulations!

  35. Hello Michele, what a gorgeous post! Your china is just stunning. I am so glad you got a chance to go outside for tea. The peonies are beyond gorgeous and so delicate looking. Wow! I have had two bushes for two years and have yet to have one bloom. They are in a shady place too. Maybe we need to move our bushes?

  36. What a beautiful post Michele!! Thank you for sharing your Bavarian set and the lovely blooms!! You've inspired me to share some of my pretties on my blog!! Thank you!! xo!! Jina

  37. My dear, sweet Michele....I MISS you! How are you, dear friend? I hope you are well and enjoying these delightful days of June.

    You have been in my thoughts and on my heart. Much love to you!

  38. Absolutely beautiful!! I love peonies and the delicate pink looks gorgeous in your lovely tea pot. Wish I had a piece of that pie! :)


  39. Such a gorgeous post! Did June just fly by? Yes. No peonies so far for me. So nice to have a visit from you! Happy summer days!


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