Friday, July 1, 2016

Shower for Baby Bug ♥ GOOD News!

Have I happy fun news for you all!

I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity
 to share our blessed and joyous news with you all!

I am going to become a GRANDMA!!!!

We are all soooo excited about this!

And of course we had to have a baby shower, right?

I co-hosted my younger daughter Katie's baby shower
a few weeks ago with my eldest daughter Evelyn.

So......what's up with the "Baby Bug" you may be asking?

About a month or so into her pregnancy Katie was reading all about it fetal development.  She was so excited and told me that her big sister said that it is "about the size of a ladybug!"  WELL, as it turns out after that. the wee one inside has been lovingly referred to all of us as "Baby Bug!" And it stuck! (And it may continue to stick as we've used that moniker the entire pregnancy!)

It was fun to give Katie a bug themed summer baby shower!

My elder daughter Evelyn is a talented graphic designer
and designed/made all of the awesome paper products. 

The shower was held at the beautiful historic Worthington Inn -
 a place near and dear to our hearts.

(Our eldest held her wedding reception in their ballroom,
 and Katie's rehearsal dinner was held there.)

Katie wanted it no where but there!

They do such a good job and take the worry out of everything!
(Thank you again, Vance!)

We did an earthy garden-y fresh and simple decor theme.

We used the cut wooden slices from their beautiful wedding that my 
son-in-law Jeff cut from a tree from his old property.

My pics were a disappointment - aren't great -
 all taken with my phone and all too back lit. 

But at least we have them as a reminder of the shower -
 better than not having any at all I guess.  

The party was so much brighter and prettier than these pics show.

There was alsoa big buffet spread
 of sandwiches, salads, breads and fruit.

Not a single pic of the food turned out because the buffet area was too dark-
but it was beautifully arranged and was very delicious and healthy.

I made the above little wooden clothespin butterflies
 and clipped them onto the napkins.

Katie and Evelyn made the below favors 
"Bugs and Kisses" 
containing Hershey's Kisses and candy worms and bugs.

The graphics on the tag is very similar to the invitation
(dragonfly and letter font and paper color)
and tied with a green and white bakers string.

I put pillow party mints in butterfly demitasse teacups on each table.

The flowers were simply done, 
very meadow-like, reminiscent of an English country garden-
natural and unfussy in extra-tall vintage Ball canning jars.

Each table had new crayons and cute alphabet page
for each guest to color - a different one for each - and it was encouraged to jot down a little message for the baby/Katie/Jeff on it. 

Mommy-to-be wants to bind them all in a little book for baby.

We also played a few games;
 one was a fun nursery rhyme fill-in-the-blank game.

The prizes were White Barn Candle Company candles.

BTW- WBCC at Bath and Body Works in here in Columbus.

Les Wexner who owns Limited Brands lives in New Albany - 20 minutes from here.

The delicious and moist cake was half vanilla and half chocolate
 and had a wonderful raspberry buttercream layer.

 Their baker did an amazing job surprising us with this design!

Katie received so many wonderful gifts
and lovingly hand-made items
 to help welcome sweet wee little Baby Bug!

What a joyous celebration and special, fun day this was!

Katie's sister did a great job with all the work involved.

She was so helpful, sweet and attentive.

(They're happily the best of friends!)

I love the happy pic below of them smiling together -
they do that often.  : - )

Of course big sister Evelyn couldn't help but gift
a whole set of onesies in every size that said
"My Aunt is Cooler Than Your Aunt!"


Now being so worldly, big sister Evelyn did some research 
and found info on Finnish Baby Boxes and ordered one for her sister - filled to the brim with homemade and essential items.

You can learn all about these really neat boxes here.

This is a very dark pic but the Finnish Baby Box she ordered
is in the forefront on right.

Katie is pretty much ready so it won't be long now.
Her due date is the 16th 
but we'd be surprised if she goes that long.

Hopefully the fireworks won't bring on her labor -
but we will be ready, regardless!

BTW: they didn't want to know the gender
so at birthtime it will be a big surprise to us all!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Awww...Michele...I am SO SO SO thrilled for you! You are certainly going to be a special grandmother. What is new baby going to call you? I started with Nana because my friend was called Gramma and she said that they always had to say Gramma Smith or Gramma Jones. One day they just said 'We are going to gramma's house' and they stepped out of the car and the little one's face fell and she said..OH! I thought we were going to my OTHER gramma's house' an started to cry. So, because of her input- I became Nana and the other grandmother is Grandma. Choose a name wisely because it will follow you
    Can't wait to see pictures of that new sweet baby!!! Congrats to all of you!!! xo Diana

    1. We discussed it - I never met my grandmothers - and my own sweet mamma passed soooo long ago and Katie just adored, out of memory of my mom, and loving her name - I am happily going to simply be "Grandma!" : - ) Jeff's mom wanted Mamaw - and that's not me. I seriously considered Grandmother but Katie laughed. Nope, Grandma, pure and simple. YAY! Dreams coming true here!

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  2. What a lovely post. Baby showers are quite a new thing in the UK and nothing like you guys do over there but I say what a lovely excuse for a celebration and very exciting :) Thank you for sharing the Finnish Baby Boxes as I am looking out for present ideas for a cousin of mine expecting this september xx

  3. Oh how exciting, I am thrilled for you. This looks like such a fun shower. Congratulations!!!!!

  4. Michelle that is fantastic news, congratulations to you all. Exciting times, a beautiful baby to cherish. My Grandchildren call be Granny, which gives me great pleasure they are indeed a gift from God. Once again congratulations.

  5. Oh Michelle, how wonderful. Congratulations - you are going to be such a wonderful grandma. The shower looks amazing and I know everyone had a wonderful time. All the decorations were perfect.

    So enjoy your new little bundle of joy soon to arrive. Looking forward to seeing baby pictures.


  6. Congratulations to you all! And what a fun nickname...and makes for a novel and charming shower theme! A happy time for you glad!

  7. Congratulations Michelle!!! What a blessed baby to have you as a grandma! The shower was beautiful with so many fun details. Such a joyous season for your family. :-)

  8. Congratulations! I am sure you will make a wonderful grandma. I love the shower cute. Look forward to seeing some pics of Baby Bug!

    Happy July 4th

  9. Dear Michele,

    What fun! Congratulations on being a grandmother!

    Everything looks so nice. I love those blocks! And, oh that cake looks yummy!

    You have so much happiness ahead!


  10. There you are! I was just thinking of you this morning and wanted to pop in and check on you but got a little distracted by my grandkiddies! Oh, congratulations on little Baby Bug! The shower was absolutely adorable in every detail. Your daughters, beautiful. I pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby and it sounds like it will be soon! Yes, yes! I want to see your dollhouse!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Congratulations, Michele!!! This is so exciting! Can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family.

    The bug-themed baby shower is absolutely delightful. How clever of Evelyn to order the maternity box for Katie. The baby box program was introduced in Ontario this past spring.

  12. Such fun - everything is delightfully buggy. What a clever idea. Love all the little details and love that went into the shower. And just wait a little bit now - you are in for the best fun of your life!!!!

  13. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for y'all...can't wait to hear all about the new arrival, smiles. Have a joyful weekend, friend.

  14. What fabulous news!! Love the baby bug theme and knick name. Everything is just darling and the food sounded like it was delicious. The cake is just precious! Can't wait to see the little bug! Maybe it will hold off until the 17th. That is my birthday. :)

  15. Big Congratulatioins to all! Love the theme of the shower and the cute accents. You missed my last two posts which were about the showers we had for our son and his wife. I'm going to be a grandma too in September! Blessings to all for this momentous day that will soon be here!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. You will not believe how much fun this new addition will be. No one can explain the feeling of that first grandchild either.

    Charlotte Moore

  17. So so so happy for you.


    What an amazing day and you will be the BEST GRANDMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy day friend!

  18. Oh how exciting for you Grandma, congratulations. And you also get the bonus of being surprised. I can't wait to be a Grandma also.

  19. I am so happy for all of you, especially that you are going to be a new Grandma! Congratulations! What a sweet baby shower - love all the darling details. Such a happy time! xx Karen

  20. Hello sweet Michelle, I've been missing you!
    Congrats to your kids and to the happy new Grandma for the upcoming of 'surprise baby' too.
    The baby shower looks like it was lovely and fun.
    Much blessings to the mother to be, you and all the family.
    Happy 4th. of July too.

  21. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that what you're about to experience as a grandma will never compare to 'almost' any joy before; it's a UNIQUE experience. CONGRATS AGAUN!

  22. Congratulations Michele, joining the "Grandma Club". It is wonderful, you never think you can love anyone more than your children, until you have Grandchildren! God Bless, and I can't wait to hear the gender!

  23. What exciting news you've shared, Michele! Congratulations to Katie and Jeff and you, also. You're going to love being a grandma, as it is the best! How fabulous to have the shower in the Old Worthington Inn. The invitations were just precious and your butterfly clothespins were adorable. I know you can't wait to meet Baby Bug in person!!
    I am in Columbus, but have spent all my time with my mom for her 87th birthday. Hopefully one day we can meet up, but right now I felt like I needed to be with her. Love and hugs to you!

  24. Congratulations, Grandma!!! So excited for you! And what a fabulous baby shower. Blessings to the new parents and their expected baby! Hugs to you too!

  25. Congratulations Michelle! Your daughters are as beautiful as you and with the sweetest smiles.
    What an amazing shower every little detail was just perfect. That cake looked and sounded delicious.

    Praying for the safe arrival of your little "Baby Bug"

    Love and blessings~

  26. Congratulations Michele, you will love being a Grandma. The shower looked awesome and I love the 'baby bug' theme.

  27. Michele, Thanks for sharing your exciting news! Congratulations on being a Grandma ♥ The baby shower was just beautiful and I loved the theme of the party, "Baby Bug". I'm looking forward to hearing about the new baby!!
    Hugs, Jody

  28. Congratulations. What a darling shower theme! I bet you can't wait for the little bug to get here.

  29. Indeed wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. The shower looks lovely with all your touches. I hope delivery goes well and that you enjoy every moment with your little one!

  30. Congratulations Michelle! I am so happy for you and your family, you must be so excited. Love the little bug theme for the shower. Beautiful cake and flowers, I'm sure you were thrilled with how lovely it turned out.
    Happy 4th…….

  31. Congratulations to you and your family, Michele! You are going to be in love with your new grand. It is just the best! Your shower for your daughter was lovely with every attention to detail. I'm so happy for you! Enjoy every moment! ♥

  32. Congratulations! Being called grandma is just the best name! Lovely shower, too!

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  34. Congrats Michele!! So happy for you and your family!! So many things to look forward to!! What a sweet shower theme too!! Just adorable!! xo!! Jina

  35. Wow, you are going to be a grandma! Speaking from experience, it's absolutely the best thing ever! Congratulations! Love the whole bug moniker. My daughter's "nickname" was *bug* from the day she was born, and 35 years later, I still call her that. I am so happy for you and your family.

  36. Becoming a Grandma…how exciting for you Michele! The shower looks like it was lovely full of wonderful personal touches… Love the cake design too. Congratulations!
    XOXO Mary

  37. Oh Michele what WONDERFUL news! What a special time and truly it looks like a wonderful day. I can't wait to hear more. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  38. Oh Michele!! I'm so excited for you!! What a wonderful time in your lives. And to be called Grandma, and have your two beautiful daughters nearby . . . what a blessing! The shower looked beautiful, with such a cute theme. What a great cake, too! Keep us posted, and I will pray for Katie and little Baby Bug. xo Deborah

  39. What a special event in your family! The shower looks as though it was a great success and both of your girls look like they're having a blast! There's nothing like being a think you can't love anyone more than your kids but I think God gives us another heart when the grands arrive. Eve did such a beautiful job on the decor and I know the food was awesome!

    I can't wait for each of you to meet this baby bug!

  40. Ohhhhh, Michele, congratulations! To quote Melanie in Gone With the Wind, "The happiest days are when babies come!" Your girls are beautiful (like their mom), so I can just imagine how adorable this sweet little bug or bugette is going to be. Love this unique theme for a baby shower and how personalizd it all was. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Now I cannot wait to hear that the little one has arrived!

  41. CONGRATULATIONS GRAMMA!!!!!!! How perfectly wonderful! I'm so excited with you. You will have such fun. What fabulous news.


  42. What wonderful news! Congratulations!

  43. So happy for you, Michelle. Congratulations, Grandmother to be!
    Adorable shower. Cute as a bug in a rug.

  44. What wonderful news! So excited for you Michele!

  45. Great news! congratulations, Michelle. Cute baby shower!

  46. Exciting news! What a cute baby shower theme!

  47. Michele, congratulations to your daughter and your whole family! Baby Bug - how cute! And I love the shower theme - it all looked amazing, especially that cake (love your teacups with mints too). I can already tell how much fun your life is going to be, just in this one celebration! Keep us posted, please.
    Rita C at Panoply

  48. What a darling theme for the baby shower, Michele! I'm thrilled you're about to become a grandma! Next to having your own, it's the best thing ever. Congratulations and thank you for sharing. The cake is absolutely adorable! Have a lovely weekend.


  49. Michele, congratulations!! This is so exciting for all of you. :)

    The baby shower was adorable. I just love the Baby Bug theme.

  50. Absolutely awesome shower theme....LOVE IT!!! So happy for you...and of course, your daughter. ;-) I just know there's nothing like being a Nannie. We have four and love them all dearly! Thanks for such a sweet comment my yesterday's post....and thank you so much for your precious prayers.

  51. What a sweet and fun shower! I call my oldest granddaughter K~Bug, so of course I love that theme! Looks like you had a great time planning and enjoying the event! Praying all goes well in the days ahead, Grammy! Blessings, Cindy xo

  52. Congratulations! I know you must be so excited. I love the theme for the shower and the story behind it. If she has a boy, a bug themed nursery would be cute. Loved the cake!

  53. My heart is full of joy for you and your family. This is the greatest joy of all. I love being "Grandmom". My grandson will soon be eighteen, and I adore him.

    The shower is perfect. Bug made me smile. It is a name my grandson had for a while. We went through many names at different times. haha

    I am pretty good in Photoshop. Let me know if you want any help brightening some of your photos. Just e-mail me the file.

  54. How exciting, Michele!! The shower was beautiful...such a cute theme! The bond between your daughters is wonderful. I love seeing sisters who love each other like that! So happy for you all!

  55. Oh how exciting. Congrats to you all, Michele! The baby shower was so precious, full of love shared. The theme bug and colors are so adorable.....Christine

  56. MIchele, that is the most gorgeous baby shower I've ever seen! And what an exciting time for you all. Lucky Bug, to have such a wonderful grandmother!

  57. Precious, Michele - so delighted for you! I look forward to being a grandma!


  58. So sorry to have missed Katie's big day!!! Thank you so very much for the beautiful pictures...over backlit or not, they perfectly captured Katie's happiness and joy and that of the day!!! Love you all and heart bursts with happiness for all. (And as usual and without surprise, Eve did an AMAZING job!!!! She is beyond creative and talented!!!) <3

  59. That was a beautiful baby shower put on by you and your daughter. I tried checking into one of those Maternity boxes from your link and am I understanding it correct that you have to live in Finland? If not how did your daughter go about getting one for her sister in the U.S.? Those are the neatest gift I have ever seen. Once again, Congratulations Grammie!


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