Friday, July 8, 2016

Beverly's Pink House

Hey Gang!

Don't forget what fun it is
 to see all the Pretty Pink 
at How Sweet The Sound!


My little post is just to remind you it's a fun thing to do -
and sharing my "colorizing" Beverly's childhood
pink Florida home.

Bev is our sweet host for this fun weekly linky party.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and prayers!



If you missed my super good news check out my last post!


  1. Beverly will love this. No doubt it will be her eye catcher. Clever idea.

  2. That's fun! The house my grandfather built in Florida was a pinkish/coral colour, wonder if my grandmother picked it out?

  3. How sweet!

    I've seemed to have lost my way to email, Michele...something to do with my knowledge of a Mac! I want to thank you for your visit today and if I haven't told you how excited and thrilled I am for the upcoming wedding of your daughter (today, perhaps?), then I'm sorry. Belated blessings!! And thanks for all the love and kind thoughts about my dilemmas and also the love of my life, Elsie!

    Jane x

  4. Love that retro pink and turquoise Florida house!!

    Any news yet?!

  5. Ooh, Michele. You made my day. How fun is this!!! Of course, I had to show my husband. Thank you for the big smile.♥

    Happy Pink Saturday. Your post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye". Thanks for the love.

  6. Oh how cute! Love it and I know Beverly will too!

  7. Good morning Michele,

    Old photos always look like a world so wholesome, clean, and happy. I just know that a young couple with sweet children live here.



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